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can u share psd file please ?


Hi, psd is not available.


in panel admin “portfolio” if i activate “ajax – YES” nothing appear in portfolio page, why ?

I ised last WP version (3.9)

see here : http://piletarchitectes.www6.produweb.be/?page_id=101

Thanks for help.

I have tried to customize the CSS codes and it is impossible so far! Nothing takes effect and I don’t know if it is either fault of my server or the theme itself with Wordpress 3.9 – Please, if you can take a look at my site I would really glad with this theme.

I customize through the Theme Options and Custom CSS and nothing, I try to modify the size or something and it stays the same! it is like I am not modify anything at all and if I open again the file, the edits are there, but it is like Wordpress is not reading that, like a caché, and I don’t have any plugin for caché. I sent you over the forum my query, so please I will be waiting for your response.

New version is available.


What’s modified in this new version?

Improvements behind the scenes.


Does this them offer auto-updates?

I’m trying to figure out if I need to purchase the theme so I’m notified by ThemeForest of any updates, or if my client needs to purchase as they could handle the 1-click updates.


Hi, yes themeforest has the option to notify you when a new update is available for a theme you have purchased, and it is easy to update the theme. Your settings are saved in the new version.


A quick pre-purchase question: I had a look at your screenshots of the control panel, but couldn’t really tell if it’s possible (in a simple way) to change the background color of the entire theme. Is it? I’d like to change the white background to a slightly greyish hue.

Oh, one more thing: on the Home page, is there an option to have the entire blog post content show instead of “Continue reading ->”?

Thanks for your time!


- It is easy to change the background color with a line of css. We will help you in our support forum.

- Yes, there is an option.


Excellent, thanks very much for your speedy reply!

Hi, After extensive research for a new site I am building, I am considering your theme. Before I purchase, I had a few questions I hoped you could answer.

1. It’s seems like a really simple straight forwards site, which is what I am looking for. But it doesn’t say it will load on IE7 properly, why not?

2. It seems really clean and simple, I thought the load speed would be blazing fast, but the load speed on GT Metrix is 80% which is pretty good but I thought it would be better do to lack of images and extra stuff. Do you know of anything that is holding it back? Maybe something I could disable in my version of a very simple blog.

I know nothing about what it takes to build the back end of a WP theme so please don’t take any offense. But the reason I am buying this theme is strictly for quick load time and great Google rankings (and AWESOME readability). So I just wondered if you could shed some light on if it’s gonna be good for that.

Also, do you have plans on any updates anytime soon to maybe enhance the load speed issue?

Thanks so much.



1-) IE7 is not supported, because it is not a standards-compliance browser and it is really old (8 years old). It even can’t handle some basic css rules.

2-) Yes i agree, it can be better. You may increase the speed by excluding the scripts and styles that you will not use. We are includi

We will try to increase the speed, by including some scripts only in some specific pages not in all pages. Thanks for the feedback.

Hello Pixelwars, thanks so much for the reply. As I said, I don’t know much about some of the back end stuff. Thanks for clearing that up with IE7. I work a lot in the 3rd world and it still lingers around down here.

I wouldn’t really know enough to be able to go in and remove any scripts or styles so it would be great if you could release an update with the scripts and/or extra styles on separate pages. That would be really nice because, from my understanding, it would dramatically increase initial load time for a static simple text page.

Everywhere I go on the web, your theme is review as one of the best and most readable, the only issue was page load speed so that would be great.

Thanks again. I look forward to using this, assuming my client continues to trust my opinion. :)


I was wondering: is it possible to scale the column size, making the chunks with text less wide? For readability purposes I would like to lower the amount of words per sentence. And if so, is this easily adjustable through an interface?

Good job on the template!

Hi, yes this can be done easily with a single line of custom css code. We can help you on our support forums with it.

When I use the ‘more tag’ in a blog post, the ‘read more’ button on the home page vanishes. When I remove the ‘more tag’, the ‘read more’ button pops back up.

How can I use the ‘more tag’ while keeping the ‘read more’ button on the home page?

Hi pixelwars,

Thanks for the awesome theme. I just wanted to make sure I can use it on my own website, which I myself am coding, rather than using WP.

Thanks again! Fouad

Hi, this is a wordpress theme. If you are coding your own CMS, you can think of integration the html version of Read to your CMS;



Oh, I didn’t know you have another version for HTML. I’ll check it out, thanks.

Hi guys , I just purchase your theme, I want to make blog exactly as your sample, but there is nothing in your documentation.

I’m getting this message as I attempt to upload my theme: “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” I have tried unzipping the file, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hi, please unzip the package. You will find the theme under Theme folder.


Hi there, i am about to purchase ready WP theme and i wanna ask some 1-could i make little change ? like change SHARE BUTTONS place or add more ? is that allowed ? 2- my blog is in arabic is there default po. file that i can translate it ? 3- what about RTL lang ?

i just PURCHASED it :)

Thank you! Don’t forget to check out our support forum.


Hello there,

I’m considering purchasing the theme. I was wondering if it is possible to modify the navigation. For example, if I want to have something like “Testimonials” in place of “Portfolio”, can that be done? How easy/difficult would it be?


Hi, of course, it is easy to modify navigation as you wish.

Thanks for the quick response.

I was also wondering:

1. How are comments implemented (is it using Disqus or some such platform)?

2. Is it possible to split a blog post into pages using “nextpage” and can the page placeholders be custom styled?



1-) It uses wordpress default comments and supports disqus and jetpack comment plugins.

2-) Yes it is compatible with “nextpage”. What do you mean by saying page placeholders?

A question about support after purchase and level of customization: I’m looking to buy a theme with help to alter the navigation. Would it be possible to add a second row of navigation that can be hidden and made visible? So for instance, the first link in the navigation would be “Filter” with a little button with a plus sign. Then when the button or the link is clicked a new set of links appears in the line below (and the button turns into a minus sign). The thinking is, the new links will be tagged categories so that only a certain category of posts will now show. This looks like a great, clean and simple layout! I’m just not in need of the hover/drop down menu.

Hi, it is not available by default but can be done with further customization.

Thanks for the quick response. I guess what I was mostly wondering, is if you offer support for something like that. In terms of helping me customize the theme.

sorry we don’t provide further customization service.

Hello, this theme is touch-friendly? (gallery, portfolio)

partially,for gallery single yes, for portfolio you need to click/touch arrows to navigate between images.

I uploaded the new theme update because I had a problem with Event Organizer pages displaying blank, and hoped that would resolve it (switching to different templates did)–and it did, but the new theme is a wreck! It put a widget item above the menu bar plus added extra columns :(

Hi, I just downloaded the theme. Can you please help me in configuring the blog post to be displayed in full width page mode.


im sorry but i cant access you Support at this moment – the password doesn´t arrived at my mail yet. I installed the German Version of Wordpress, the Dashboard is at German too, but the theme itself / my Homepage is all in English, hope you can give me a quick hint to fix this – great theme by the way!

Hi, check out the Localization section in the theme documentation.


New password sent to your email.

Im trying to get this theme to work with WooCommerce and almost Everything works but on the Product page the widgets from the blog shows. Is there a way to remove this?

Great theme!

Pre-purchase questions:

1) does it support greek?

2) is compatible with woo-commerce to create a shop page?



1-) It should support greek if you choose an appropriate font.

2-) not tested with that plugin.