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1) How to set up the search function that demonstrated? When you point at search->, it appears as a search box. 2) How to set up the arrow that appears at right bottom? When you click on the button, it sends you to the top of the page? 3)How to set up the social media share button as demonstrated on this page: http://themes.pixelwars.org/read-wp/adaptive-vs-responsive-layouts-and-optimal-text-readability/ and this page: http://themes.pixelwars.org/read-wp/about-me/

The problem is my spam folder is empty no matter how much I tried on request the new password

Hi again, just send us an email via our profile page including your purchase code , i will manually register you.

thank you

This is my post: http://curiousachiever.com/keep-failing/ How can I make it into full-width page and take out the comment box?

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

How to change the font size and spacing?

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi if i buy this theme, where would the social icons appear in the menu? :)

Hi, social icons appear under the logo and above the menu.

can this be made for infinite scrolling?

Hi, it is not a default feature, but it might be possible with a plugin.


Hello.. This theme looks beautiful. I have a few pre-purchase questions to ask. Could you please answer them for me? I have three websites, so all questions need not be for the same website.

1. Can I have a static homepage with widget sidebar? 2. Can I include a image logo plus a blog title in the same line? I would like an image logo at the left corner, while the blog title should appear in the middle. Is this possible? 3. Can I have a 2 column blog with a widgetised sidebar? 4. Is it possible to have a ‘featured post’? 5. Will this theme support the WooCommerce plugin? 6. Is it possible to have a ‘Services’ page? 7. I may use this for 3 websites of mine: a personal website, a professional website and a magazine. Do I need to buy three licenses, or just one is enough?

Update: I wanted to also ask you, if it was possible to change ‘portfolio’ under ‘about me’ in the alternate version to show 3-4 services. And similarly, below that, a ‘notices’ box. Is it possible to do this much from your side?

In fact, I forgot to add that I want the front page like ReadMe theme, with a logo/image and brief description, list of 3-4 services, and the latest from the blog. If a ‘notices’ box can be fit in, that would be great. If not for these, I prefer the way the simple Read looks.


1-) You can have static page with widget sidebar as your homepage.

2-) By default, you can either have text logo or image logo.

3, 4-) sorry it is not possible by default.

5-) not tested with wooCommerce plugin.

6-) this theme doesn’t have a service page.

7-) one licence is for one domain, if you have 3 site on 3 different domains (not subdomains) you will need 3 licences.

You might look for a theme under Creative / Portfolio category to find the features you are looking for.


Hi, Is there option to disable sidebar only on specifis post? Some theme has option to disable sidebar in Post Edit page. Thanks!

Hi, sorry it is not available by default.

Thx, is it planned to add it in some next version?

not making any promises but we might add it.

who limited blog a page index?

Hi, sorry i couldn’t get what you mean, can you describe it in other words.

My blog (www.aiux.cl) my blog shows all entries, I need to show <x> quantity

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


I am about to buy this theme. There are some pre-purchase questions that I have. Kindly go through them and reply.

1. I don’t know much about latest version of wordpress. Is this theme updated ? If not once it gets updated do I have to change the customizations I did? How does that work out ? I am basically looking forward to a hassle free theme with little or less customization needed (once I am done with setting it up).

2. I believe this theme supports advertising and banners. Right?

3. Should I work with a child theme. Is it a good idea?

Please ensure a prompt reply. Thanks.

Hi Team, a quick and prompt reply will be much appreciated. Thanks


- theme is compatible with the latest version of wordpress, you don’t need to do the settings again in each update, your settings are saved.

- by default banners can be replaced to widget areas (sidebar and footer), you may use a plugin for adding banners to other places.

- if you need to make changes to the theme files, child theme is a good idea to keep your customizations when you update the theme.

Have a nice day.

Could you please explain why I cannot get into support. I am using my username but not matter what email i use it does work. There should be a better way of relating the login and username structure in Envato.

Hi, can you check your spam folder for the password mail? If you still can’t sign in please send an e-mail titled “can’t register to the forums” via the contact form on our themeforest profile page, I will manually sign you up;


I will gladly give you 5 stars for the theme. But you have to understand my complete frustration on the lack of documentation on how to display and use the galleries. If you do have it I cannot for the life of me find it. That frustrates me. Please send me a link or pdf file with detailed documentation on how to use the gallerie and I’ll gladly change the rating. If it is not your plugin then please make a reference somewhere on the site or in some documentation where and who made the plugin so I can access the information I need to create a gallery of images.

Hi, please just create a new topic about it on our support forums, our support staff will gladly help you about it;



Avast throws a virus warning with this theme in regards to modernizr.js, and I haven’t updated in a while. Has modernizr been updated recently so there’s a reason for me to update?

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

My support has expired. But since I see the version in the latest version of the theme is old, you might chalk this up as a bug report for the next update.

ok, we will check it, thanks for the feedback.

Hi, I’ve filed a support request nine hours ago at the support forum. Avast is giving a big malware warning on modernizr.js – and since this is a serious issue (a lot of users have Avast and will get scared, not to talk about the risk of actual malware infecting the site structure), I post this here as well. Please fix this with an update as soon as possible!

Hi, we replied in your ticket.

Updating here, so that your potential customers can see. Got a response from the Avast support team – and it turns out it was a false positive. See their full answer below:

It was a false positive. It should be fixed in the new virus definitions update. To update virus definition: open Avast and go to > Settings (gear icon) > Update > Virus Definitions – click “Update”

note: if it is still detected, please allow few hours (up to 24 hrs) and check again

Working fine now. Theme is highly recommended! Very stylish and easy to use.

Hi, great to hear that, thanks for letting us know, we are glad you liked the theme, also please don’t forget to rate the theme on themeforest.

Have a nice day.

Hi there. I was just wondering how you can change the ‘portfolio’ element of the slug/permalink? I’m renaming the demo ‘portfolio’ content to ‘cast study’ thus wanting to force the slug/permalink to reflect this.

So from this ’.../portfolio/machine-workers/’ to ’.../case-study/machine-workers/’

Many thanks

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


Hello, can I update to Wp 4.5? Thanks. c

Hi, we will release an update for the theme in a week. Thanks

Hello! Checkbox and radio button look exactly the same. How can I disable piece of code that applies custom css to checkboxes, radio buttons/buttons? I need to display standard style for web UI.

I ended up editing jquery.uniform.min.js. Checkboxes and radio buttons are fixed. So disregard my request.

Hi, happy to hear that you have sorted it out.


i have 2 questions before buying ;)

1) can i use the title and an logoimage? or must i make a logo include the font?

2) can you show a screenshot or something where i can see the footer section with widgets? everything what i see is witout the footer ;)

manny thanks for your help ;)


wow your support is great and realy fast. thanks for the infos. i wait just for the update of the theme and then i buy it.

im realy happy to find this theme ;)

thanks, we are glad you liked our theme ;)

Hello guys,

i have seen a little problem with the theme. today i look the theme with my android mobile phone. there is a problem with the navigation menu in header. i can open it, but i cant klick any link in the menu.

tested on your demosite with google nexus5 and newest android and chrome version.

did you fix it in the release this weekend? pls? ;)

Hi. Same problem here. Could you tell us how to fix it now? I mean before the update. Thanks and sorry for my last message. I made a mistake.

Hi, we have just fixed it and it will be available with the next update, about in a few days.


Just got an email to update, but there’s no indication of the current version number (my installed version is 4.3.4). What’s worse, after downloading and unzipping the complete package the Theme directory is empty. Suggestions?

Hmmm. Apparently, you can download the theme by selecting “Installable Wordpress file only” from the download dropdown. If you choose “All files and documentation” you only get the documentation. You should fix that.

Also, FYI, the latest version is 4.4.3. You should make that obvious rather than having to open the style.css file.


- we have just updated the changelog, and when you download the theme you always get the latest version, indicated in the change log.

- I see the issue with the zip package, we will fix it immediately, thanks for the feedback.