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Nice. Pre-sales Q please: Is there a way to access post types in a menu? eg. Menu > aside, quote, link, standard, video etc available so clicking on Aside for example displays all Aside posts?

Hi, yes it is possible.

This theme is awesome, with great features and options. I’m really enjoying using it to build a newspaper-style website. Thank you!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Hi there,

First of all, great looking theme!

I was wondering: can I connect it with WooCommerce? I know most blogs can but just to be sure.


Thanks for your reply. Do you expect it to work when you’ve built it in coding standards?

I don’t see any reason not to work.

Hi! Purchased it yesterday, I like it! Found two “issues”: 1. The layout on single posts and pages is fixed in width, on portfolio overview & single, and blog (full and with sidebar) it’s full width (i.e. it expands like the navigation bar). Was this done on purpose? 2. The “next/prev entry” and “next/prev project” show in different sizes (although in the code it appears they have the same classes?!?). On the portfolio single the next/prev is larger and in caps, in the blog it’s smaller and in “normal” letters. Again: definetely like :)

Hi, thanks.

1-) Pages that have readable content has fixed width so it becomes easy to read rather than full width paragraphs. So it is designed on purpose.

2-) This is also designed on purpose.

Clean and lovely, but also great features.
Good work.


Hi, nice theme :)

Could you please create some template page ? it’ll help me to create my website.. :)

Hi, what do you mean by “create some template page”, please describe in details.


Just create some layout, as pages of a site: for example, create a page by using the shortcodes various to present various layouts.

Here is a link of example or we can reuse various layout of Homepage ( http://www.mnkystudio.com/promotion/home-example/ ) There is several Homepage proposed, thanks to that, I can create my new pages by using those already created.

Do you understand what i meen ? thank you

This theme is under Blog Magazine/Personal category. So it doesn’t have various homepage layouts as in corporate/business or creative/portfolio themes. And also we want to keep things simple and effective on this theme.


more that ONE h1 header on the main page? that cannot be a SEO ready theme :(

Hi, we have a very similar html structure with wordpress’ default TwentyTwelve theme which was built by a team of very experienced people. And they have used multiple H1 tags on the blog page. Yes it is bad to use multiple H1 tags in a page hierarchy, but html5 has powerful sectioning elements, and it is common to see H1s used for each section of a page.

google.com/webmaster – More than one H1 on a page: good or bad?

@osocom this theme is using microdata – rich snippets, and both h1 don’t have the same data:

first h1: h1 class=”site-title”
second h1: h1 class=”entry-title”

so for google, there is no problem..

Yes, you are right, thanks.

Hi can you please advise how I can change the main header – e.g. “Read” font size? I couldn’t see anything in the doc. Thanks

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Love this theme – great work! Quick question – is it possible to create Galleries from my Flickr albums without manually setting those up, with this theme?


That’s a nice idea. I will have that in mind for a next update. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for considering this! I would Love to just put in my Flickr username and let that be a gallery. Looking forward to the update, will buy it as soon as that comes through.

Hello, really nice theme! Which fonts you can set in the option menu (Google fonts? I need latin extended for a czech language. Or Georgia?)?

Hi, you can set any of 600+ google fonts easily via theme options, or add custom fonts via External CSS/JS box in theme settings.


Great theme,

I just don’t understand how to do the Galery page. For example, in your live demo, Gallery – Gallery Single Ajax- “Travel to the moon”... we can see pictures (thumbs) with description, with a sort of masonry effect / auto-adjust, and when we clic on a thumb we have a sort of pop-up which open the big picture, with a black low opacity background. I do what you say in your documentation, i try to see theme-settings… always the same problem : i have thumbs, but like a Table, squared thumbs, no descriptions, and when i cloc on a thumb, it open the image inside the page with two left/right next/previous buttons…

Sorry to be so stupid ^^ but i can’t figure it out… Help me please.

Best Regards

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Beautiful theme – Happy to see there is a sidebar option in admin screenshots – is the anywhere in demo that shows what the blog page that lists posts looks like with a sidebar? Thanks

Hi, we already have “Blog with sidebar” page as sub menu item under “Home” link in navigation in our live preview, Here is the direct url;

Blog with sidebar

Thanks! Purchased – Is it complicated to reduce the relative width of the sidebar, say by 25%,, so it’s there but does not detract from the main content? Thanks!

Hi, there is a topic with solution to this in our support forums.

Sidebar with


Really, it’s a very beautiful theme, but, after purchasing it, what if I need some customizations on the header and/or tweaks, would I have them with your support? Thanks.

Hi, thanks, we can help you with minor cutomizations on support forums.

Hi, how do I use the lightbox setting in the portfolio page?

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

How do I disable the post a reply from the home page. Well for any page really. I do not want any of the comments/posting functions visible.

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Absolutely fantastic theme, great theme to build upon and the support is second to none – even if you’re new to the CSS game the support here is excellent.

I love that this theme is responsive, but to make it readable for my content (short paragraphs) I would like to set a max-width for all layouts, like the layout for single posts and pages. Is this possible? That would definitely convince me to buy this theme!

Hi, yes it is possible, please create a new topic in our support forums about it after you have purchased.

Awesome theme! Simple yet full of features! Great work!

Kinda of confused on how you setup your demo. Did you create a blog page to be a homepage? (No sidebar homepage). If you setup a page using a homepage then go to Settings>Reading, where does the blog/news posts go? Am I missing something? I can’t find it on your instructions. My posts seems to go somewhere else or it needs a separate blog page? I’m confused.

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.