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hello, logo logo login fiv icon are they restricted to any size or format ? I’ve tried few size still not working. thx

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hello! wonderful theme! I would like to ask you if it is possible to set the same ‘hover effect’ of the gallery items in the portfolio items ( i mean the impagination like

-- item name


Not sure that answer will be clear for you, but i hope so! thanks a lot

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Sorry i can’t figure it out in the comments

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

This theme is absolutely beautiful and stunning. Simple and amazing. Thank you Pixelwars for that. Please don’t stop to create such themes.

There is only 1 thing you need to fix, you should make more detailed documentation on special characters and typography. We need examples in documentation )

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Really nice layout. I’m looking for a multi-author theme for writers, do you think this will fit my needs? Will the ABOUT THE AUTHOR will permit to have multiple authors and display them? I mean one by post… but still different authors. Thank you !

Yes, of course.

One more question, is this theme WPML ready? Thanks.

Hi, we haven’t tested the theme with WPML plugin, but we have coded this theme in wordpress coding standards.

Just purchased the theme and am having a little difficulty in putting it together and finding certain things; I am trying to set my blog up to look like the sample template. Where are the “20+ social icons”? Also, do the icons that are shown before posts on the sample template (i.e., finger, pencil, camera, quotation marks, etc.) come with the template? If so, where can they be found?

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

How do you switch to masonry blog style?

There are tons of stuff missing in the documentation. Best example is for posts. The “continue reading” link for a post is not automatic like every theme I’ve used, it has to be done manually. And the short code is not even listed.

Hi, we will release a new update in a few days, documentation is also updated. More tag is for “Continue reading” button and it is a default wordpress feature not a custom shortcode we have wrote. You can switch to masonry layout in “Appearance > Theme Options > Blog > Blog Type > Masonry.”

Also please use our support forums for future support requests, thanks.

Hey team,

I just installed this theme on my blog lazycontent.com. I still have the dummy content up because im struggling with finding time to get started with it. But i find the website/theme takes a hell of a long time load? Im a little worried, i dont want a slow website to deal with.

Hi, i checked your site, it loads kinda fast enough, also please use our support forums for future support requests, thanks.

Good evening. One single question before purchase just for knowing if your nice theme will suite my needs:

1. Could I write a text after the title and before the filters in order to introduce my Portfolios/Galleries?

Best regards from Spain.

Hi, we have added this feature in v1.1 which will be available in a few days.

Thank you for your answer. Two more questions: Is it possible to add a filter to the galleries as you do in the portfolios? Shall we be able to share galleries and pages in the next update, as well?

Filters are not available for gallery pages. Share will be shown on blog posts – portfolio posts – gallery posts, will not be available for standart pages.

Hello, few questions before purchase:

1. When you upload all the pictures that appear in a gallery page (ex. travel to moon), how are they sorted in FTP: by gallery name, by ID or by date?

2. Is it possible to add the SHARE buttons for each portfolio item as you do with your blog posts? Maybe with a shortcode?

3. I see I can create multiple portfolios; is there a shortcode to call various portfolios in the same page?

4. Can I filter the portfolios by tags?

5. Is there a limit with the words that I can write for a picture’s title in a Gallery? I’d like to use a sentence instead of one or two words as you show in your Travel to Moon gallery.



1-) They are sorted by date, newer date at first.

2-) That’s a nice idea, we will add this feature to next update which will be available in a few days.

3-) No this feature is not available.

4-) Portfolio items can be filtered portfolio categories (departments).

5-) There is no limit for gallery title.

Hi there!

I just purchased your great theme. Everything runs smooth an beautifully, but for some strange reason the facebook-button i get by hovering over the share-button is displayed in the wrong language. In my case in turkish instead of german.

how can i fix this?

thanks for yor kind help!

(the twitter button is correct though.)

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

And see this post about your problem;


Thanks! It works now.

How come my posts/pages load with something like /.UVb_JKs4V8s at the end of the URL and then when I try to reload the page, I get a 404?

Please help! Thanks.

Test site is doublestoptest.com/mm

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

hello, my post share links ..are in different language don’t know what it is ! when the picture is big the social share disappear behind the image . in Firefox Facebook share does not show. thanks .

Any idea when the new update will be ? i discover that this theme has some plugin like twitter, social , flicker , etc . but in documentations does not tell from where to get them ..and they are not shown in the widget area .. thanks

Hi, we plan to release the new update in this week. Also please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


What are the advantages of having the wordpress version, over the HTML version?

Hi, html version contains just static html pages, it needs to integrated with a CMS in order to work efficiently. Wordpress version is ready to use with wordpress admin panel.

Also could you you add an instagram gallery that automatically updates from a set account?

Hi, this is not available by default, i will keep this in mind for future updates.

Hi Pixelwars I have a pre-order question.

1# Can a slider be added below the menu?

2# Can the content be displayed in a 2 column format

3# Can widgets be added to in the right column?

4# Can the homepage menu be stationary? For example, it stays put at the top so that no matter how much scrolling you do, the homepage is always there.

5# Can I add the facebook, instagram, twitter etc. widgets to the top right of the page (where the homepage menu would be)?


1-) This can be done with a little modification, explained in our support forums

2-) Content on which pages ? There is no two column layout (except page with sidebar) by default.

3-) Widget can be used on right sidebar as our preview site.

4-) It is not possible by default, needs further customization.

5-) You can only put widgets to sidebar or footer locations.

Sorry, I didn’t explain that well.But I just went to the preview again and I clicked on the home tab side bar selection and see that is does have a sidebar.

This seems like a wonderfully clean website. Thank you so much. I will continue to play around with the preview to make sure this is a great fit for me.

Thank you for answering my questions! :-)

thanks, good luck.

Beautiful theme, thank you for making!


I know WordPress allows you to use whatever home page you want, I just wanted to ask in the design of this theme is that possible? If so, can you add other things like Flexslider?? Just checking to reassure a client,


I wrote a post in our support forums to add Flexslider.

How to Add a Main Slider to Read WP Theme?

I am quite taken by your novel theme layout variations and menu options/effects, such as under the HOME menu and the Ajax-Single Ajax & No Ajax effects/options, but I don’t understand all the implications of the web code and style options. Are these Theme Options that I will find in Theme’s control panel or would I have to research implementation of them if I wanted same effects?

What exactly do these “Ajax” features add to the Portfolio and photo galleries of your theme? I see images “fly around” into place and such as presentation. Is that the point of using them?

Are the HOME menu options, “Blog Masonary” and “Num Pagination” your made up terms or “Theme Option features” that I can just add/turn off as I wish?

If I buy the theme will it come with the dummy content and Menus currently in your demo so that I can play around with changing one or another menu option or effect without the whole visual layout of the demo being non visible when I first start off?

Really very creative thinking behind your unique theme. I hope you will continue to refine and add to it for awhile. That could be equally rewarding for users as well as for your own creativity.

Thanks much,

- They are all built-in theme options.

- There is a dummy content data in the package.

Based on your prompt reply and answers I intend to purchase your theme ASAP so I can review more of what other theme users are discussing at your support forum.