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Hi everybody,

Read WP v1.1 – Released!

- added: post sidebar on/off option
- added: about the author module on/off option
- added: title show/hide option for posts
- added: 2x thumbnail size option for gallery page
- added: lightbox featured image portfolio item type
- added: inline lightbox shortcode
- added: drop caps shortcode
- added: share links to portfolio single
- added: share links to gallery single
- added: new archive template
- added: instagram social icon
- updated: documentation

Hi Pixelwars,

I’m considering buying your theme but I have some questions that might sound very simple to you, but that I need to know before I decide. Some will be helping me setting it up, but I need to sort these doubts.

1. When I go to the gallery single ajax, could I set it up so that the images don’t appear on a lightbox but on a new page or redirect to a blog article?

2. Also on gallery single ajax, how many pictures can I add until I have to go to second page?

3. Can the images be tagged?

4. What kind of sizes can the images have on the blog?

5. On your demo for blog you have the text that is cuts at the end, and then to see it all you have to click on read more. Can I post the full article on the main blog page without having to click on read more?

6. Can the text and whiter image that appears when the cursor is on top of the image be disabled?

7. Can survey plugging be added to this page?

8. Can a subscribe button be added on the blog?

9. Can advertisement be added to the side bar on the blog?

Thank you very much for your time. Your work is amazing!

1 – Lightbox on gallery single,

2 – what you want,

3 – ???

4 – @2x size for retina ready,

5 – you can,

6- you can,

7 – not tested,

8 – ???

9 – Yes.


What I mean with question 3 is that if every image can have taggs. I know that tags can be added to post, but I was wondering if in this theme you can do that with every image.

Thank you.

I din not hear an image tag before. Is WordPress allow this? Did you use image tags on another theme?

And just to clarify your answer for question 1, if I select gallery single ajax, or gallery single no ajax, if I select the image I won’t be able to redirect it to a post on the blog. Is that it? I will only be able to see the image larger on the lightbox?

thank you

You can add content to editor if you make a redirection.

Sorry, one last thing, can you clarify answer 4? Thank you!

1200px width.

Sorry, I don’t understand your respons , and I really need to know before I purchase. In gallery no ajax, can I click on a picture and be redirect to a blog article?

No redirection.

Hi, I very much like would like to purchase this template but I have a few questions before I make the final decision.

I’m interested to use the Blog with sidebar template. Can I change the placement of the logo (Read) and the navigation below it to the sidebar? This is because I wish to put an image logo on the sidebar and do not wish to have anything on the header, and that includes the navigation in the center. Will this affect how it would look like on mobile? Or is there a separate file to edit the mobile version? Thanks.

You can use Custom Menu widget in the sidebar.

Hi, i appreciate your theme but i really can’t understand why the EXCERPT feature (default wordpress) doesn’t work. In the HOMEPAGE type BLOG SIDEBAR i keep seeing the entire content of the post instead of the EXCERPT and a link to the single post… can you help me, please?

Please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

I found the answer in your forum. Thank You;-)

Hello, I was waiting for your update and I would like to confirm if we can write a text or just a sentence, after the title of Portfolio/Galleries, in order to make a little introduction to them.

Is it possible/difficult to have a normal layout for the portfolio items (not the wider one)?

Is it possible/difficult to show in an ipad the sidebar under the posts with the blog+sidebar layout?

Is it possible/difficult to add the share button to pages?

Thank you very much once again.

1 – Possible/easy with a line of custom css code,

2 – Sidebar possible,

3 – Possible/easy with a line of code.


I’ve a problem to set up a homepage like your “latest from blog” page in your demo: when I use a static page with the homepage-template I get a page with all my posts.

Please, how can I get this page with the last 10 posts, and how can I get a link to a gallery-page instead the link to the portfolio like in your demo? Also I want to know, how I can create the tagline “Hi! I am a theoretical physicist developed …”.

Thanks and regards,


Sent email.

Thank you. I’m there now, and wait for a helpful answer to my problem.

Amazing dev team and great support. Highly recommend these guys! Great theme and thanks for all the help!

Thank You.

Hello Beautiful!!! Before buying Just one question can I insert easily a slider instead of the home page logo? Thanks

You can add a slider/sliders to any of a page, also I’ve written a tutorial in our support forum about how to add the built-in slider functionality to blog page.

How to Add a Main Slider to Read WP Theme?

My images in portfolios are not appearing in a light box.

Please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

I am unable to log in because when I go to my downloads to get the purchase code, there isn’t a “licence certificate” link.

Click the “Download” button:

licence certificate link


I just purchased your theme and I love it!

However, I have one question: where do I get the Let’s Socialize!-widget that the themepreview shows?

Please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hello again,

You can disregard the last comment. I just found out it’s done with the provided shortcodes.

I’m done making my blog, I have made a few adjustments, which you are more than welcome to take over into your own design, such as the ability to add extra custom fields for usage as contact info in the ABOUT THE AUTHOR-box. If you like you can have a look: http://www.daanvandenbergh.com/poetry/1612/guardian/

Please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


I have downloaded your theme to use on a clients website, however have come across a couple of issues that are hard to work around. For some reason I cannot login your support forums, could it be I am developing the website offline?

1. The “ajax” on the theme I am using is not functional, when I click on an image it does on activate the grey navigational layer with arrows to use when navigating the gallery. All it does is, when I click on an image it simply opens the image on a different tab with the bland white browser background.

2. I had a problem with removing the content on the footer of every page (comment box etc), however I removed the comment line on the pages.php template for every template, however there is content like the “date published” that is not going anywhere on the home.php template.

3. Another issue is, I am not a coder, I mainly get by by reading tuts and editing the code here and their, however, I am finding it extremely hard to edit your CSS (what is “em”?), I would like to make the space in the header smaller to create more space for the body, which in turn reduces the need to scroll down.

Please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

I’ve recently purchased Read, you can see it in action at www.rossmcculloch.com

There’s a few things I’d like to do, I’m pretty sure it just requires some CSS tweaks:

- Is it possible to make the blog post titles change colour when hovered over? It’s a bit too subtle as it is.

- Is it possible to have a divider under each post, similar to the one under the blog text logo in the header?

- I think the blog titles centred looks great using the standard theme. As I’m using the sidebar option I worry that the blog titles being centred actually looks a little odd. What’s your opinion on that?

- I’d also value your opinion on my font pairings.

Please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hello I dont know why the black arrow that allow you to quickly go to the top of the page doesn’t appear. Do I have to set up a specific thing to get that feature? Thanks

Please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Love the theme and am interested in purchasing:

1. would you please advise if it is possible to add a slider ?

2. Is it possible to add full width images ? i.e. on Homepage ?

thank you for letting me know ASAP.

thank you, so the same applies to adding a full width still image on the homepage ?

Quite taken by the theme, couple of questions though.

1. Can the content area be widened fairly easily? (I’m guessing that’s a case of messing around with the content width % in the CSS?)

2. Have you any examples of what the theme looks like with 2 sidebars? Either Sidebar/content/siderbar or content/sidebar/sidebar.

3. I take it this is fully supported along with future updates?

Thanks in advance.

1-) You can control CSS manually,

2-) I don’t have,

3-) I’m releasing updates if necessary.