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Hello, This is one of the best themes I ever saw, good job!

Besides, I think It nould be very good if there is a lights-out mode or anything that makes background black and texts white for night reading :)

It is easy with some lines of css.

Maybe you can place a button for this on the page, those who prefer to read it in the lights-out mode :)

I will think about it. Thanks for the feedback.


Very nice theme, could you please update your change log for 2nd June’s updates.


Hi, thanks for this awsome theme.

Why do my posts show in full, instead of only showing a teaser + read more link?

View: www.jobouchard.com/blogue


Also there’s something wrong with this post. Can’t figure out why the side bar shows at the bottom…



Great Job and I love it. RTL support is ready?

Not tested for RTL.

Hi, to reduce load time and improve the performance:

- isnt it possible to publish your theme with minified versions of all js-files (like main.js) and css files? you could ship the theme with both versions, but only use the minified in the theme. - maybe (if possible) exclude sendmail.js and other js-files if you do not use the contact-form in your theme. i think it is unnecessary then(?)


I don’t need support, this was a suggestion.

Hello. Theme has Cyrillic?

You can add it manually. I will help you in our support forum. And also will add an option for that on the future updates.

Just purchased for my wife. Looking forward to setting up her site with it and she is very exited to learn how to use WP. Thanks for doing such a remarkable job and making her happy to get started.



I like this theme. One question: is it touch friendly? Thank you :)

Yes, it is.

I can’t seem to imbed my vimeo videos very well. I’m trying to use your documentation for inline_media, but it’s not working for me.

Has anyone had any luck imbedding vimeo videos with this theme?

Thanks so much.

Love it – bought it! :)

When importing the dummy data it works but gets lots of “Failed to Import Media…..” from lightbox to icons

like 100 things missing. How can i fix? thx alot

Hi, Please answer to my question at support forum. I’m waiting for two days! Thanks

Hi! This them looks awesome and I am keen to buy it. Perhaps a dumb question, but how adjustable is the header / logo at the top? Can you load up a colour block as a type of jpg “banner” across the top in place of “Read”. If so, how big can it be? Or do you have to write something in the same font? Thanks so much!

There are options for header in the custom settings panel.


After updating to WordPress 3.5.2. Portfolio is not working well. Direct URL, short description of an new project can’t be saved.


Thank you – this template is just great and has been so easy to set up all by myself without any tech skills!

Just a question – I would like my blog http://hamidaparkar.com/ to have similar layout as the one give in your theme example http://themes.pixelwars.org/?theme=read-wp... here blog posts show up as excerpts and then link to the blog page.

Is this possible?

I’m having the same issue as Hamida; I’ve trued to register at your support forum but I never get the email with my password.

Please try “Lost Password” service to get it.


can somebody look at the support page. I don’t recieve a password. I tried several times, several names etc…


has been done.

Did you receive the mail? I like to get in the suppport forum, I have a question, that is getting urgent.


Has been done.

Just stopping by to say how much I like the theme. It was exactly the design style I was looking for. Also, I really appreciate the updates you’ve been putting out. It’s nice to know the theme is receiving continuing support. Thanks!


Thank you

Hi! I keep getting an email at least once or twice a week with a theme update. Do I have to re-install the theme every time there is an update?



Hello - ‘m building a site predominantly for use on mobile - wanted to know how simple it would be to disable the iPhone scroll wheel menu and replace it with a simple 4 option drop-down?

Can you provide a screenshot?