Discussion on Real Estate - HTML, Angular & RTL Listing Template

Discussion on Real Estate - HTML, Angular & RTL Listing Template

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no angular inside package!!!

Please need answers on questions for this project

-What is the programming language used to create the website/script? -Is there is a framework/s used in the implementation? – if yes, What? -What is the frontend technology used? -Is the source code will be provided? -What is the integration capabilities to get the listing from another application? -Is there is a templating used to easly change the look and design of the website? -Is there is a technical documentation for the website? -Is there is a production customer uses this website? – if yes, What is it? -What is the DB engine used in the website?

Hi is there a live preview of this template ?

Would you create a angular 7 version of this template

hello. we cant see pereview. its broken link

Hello, where to add google maps key, not working for me

Hi, would all the pages be RTL if I buy this package?

Can you please tell me what version of Angular it supports?

i buy admin kit but there has not angular file. where can I get the angular file?

I’m buyer of this theme. It looks amazing the first time, however, like most of people, I did not read the feedback carefully before making my decision.

The code contains a bundled script to work at the first time, any customization would requires you to build it, and you are going to the hell with a ton of knowledge that you may not know and it is still a puzzle.

Anytime, I have spend hard time to understand the code workflow and do the customizations, so I want to share to someone the summary if you get the same situation like me.

You have to know about gulp/grunt, bower, node and Browserify to get through this theme.

The comment area is short, and I put my explanation on stackoverflow. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41289482/real-estate-theme-questions/41289483#41289483

Hope this help.

Hi, I bought the “ThemeKit – Bootstrap Admin Theme Kit”. When opened the index.html and try to open Angular version of Real State it redirect to this template. So I bought it. After a walkthrough inside code I notice this is not an Angular template, just a wrapper and I must program all code from scratch. How to claim refund ?

Hi – I downloaded this a while back but I don’t see the zip file to upload this on WP. Pls advise!


Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately it’s not a WordPress theme. It only includes static files, HTML and such.

New comers, look carefully into the comments! Don’t buy it if you want to use its AngularJS backbone. It’s nearly useless. Many purchased customers asked to get refund, and the authors did not offer a satisfactory explanation.

If you are looking for design inspiration, just skim through the Live Preview. It’ll be just enough.

fyi http://google-maps-utility-library-v3.googlecode.com has moved so the bower install will fail and google maps will fail to load

Thanks for letting us know

how long before a fix is issued ?

Hi, I liked the real estate template for my usage. But I am more Interested in Angular JS one. But as you pointed it’s Just a boilerplate compared HTML Version. So,

1. could you explain the Differences in HTML vs Angular Template. 2. Incase of HTML , is it a jQuery based Template or Pure HTML5.

Based on these inputs we can base our decision.

i want refund too this is not angular template like stated in the title… Real Estate – HTML, Angular & RTL Listing Template

This is not a real AngularJs template. All is bundled together in a jquery template impossible to integrate into your angular-project boilerplate. It just wasted my money. Please refund.

Hi, i need some help.

I have no idea how these works and i just bought it. some one can help me with please


Thanks for your effort

Is there a way to do cluster (when there’s many markers that have the same (longitude and latitude), they aren’t represented with just one marker but a marker where we have the number of markers in this location…) look at this image for more explanations .. (http://www.argus-immo.com/arch/image/markers.png)


We are using this template and have encountered many issues regarding angular compatibility. We are receiving errors – for example (but not limited to) – “cannot read property “prototype” of undefined” and “this.val is not a function”. Any suggestions on what is the best way to deal with angular issues on this template?

Thanks in advance!

To fix the 2nd error (this.val), open js/app/app.js, find the definition for $.fn.tkFormControlMaterial and replace it with the following https://gist.github.com/lazabogdan/94dff42e6ab8bcb47aa3 that should fix it

Just made a revision to that gist, make sure you use the last version.

Thanks! It worked for this.val solution! We were able to find a workaround for the second error, so – thanks for prompt assistance!


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