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I really want to buy theme but I only want little change that I really need to have.

Can you turn address area to selective like Status area.

Hi biyup,

Yes, we can. There is an option for that.

We look forward for your purchase :)

Hi there,

I like your theme, please let me know do you have a built in page builder or supported builder?

Hi akhilng,

Built in page builder no, buat we can use Visual Composer or other builder within the theme.


The theme just stop working admin and frontpage doesn’t seem to work after the last upgrade, you can check out http://www.estatetify.com/ i delete wordpress installation and start again, same problem. even the image preview of theme doesn’t show in wp theme admin. Your theme is buggy, i delete browser cache, see that i am not the only one facing that problem,

Hi tomawebdev,

Sorry for any hassle

Lets solve your problems asap.

Please create a ticket to our Support Center: http://support.minimalthemes.net

And try to download the latest package again.


Ticket id #499 i download and install a new wordpress, and new package. still the same problem iv added wp admin and password to check yourself, thanks

Okay, we will response asap.

Please notice our working hour at GMT+7.


Hi, please am interested in your theme . but i have some issue which i want you to solve for me . i already have wordpress website already hosted but i dont like the design . can i but our own theme an replace it on the hosting site. and can you do it for me. thanks

After purchasing the theme, please contact our services team: services@puriwp.com

They will provide the next steps.


pls, just bought the theme and installed . but can not see exactly the theme on the site preview, how can you help me out?

Hi 4teeproperties,

Have you contacted the services team?

Hello, i think theres an issue with the latest update. The frontend seems fine but the issues come up at the admin panel. I cant access the theme options. And is there any plan of making the theme (especially the home page) more flexible with page builders.

Hi kozansoy1311,

Try to clear the browser history/cache and open the site again.

If you still face the problem, please create a ticket to our Support Center http://support.minimalthemes.net

And yes, we have plan to rebuild the homepage using Visual Composer (page builder) plugin.


Thanks, That worked

We are glad to hear that :)

Good day , am finding it difficult to edit the menu, after uploading to wordpress. customize not working, menu not working, Pls help

pls , search could not find any property search

what can i do

Hi 4teeproperties,

Please make sure you have setup the search result page URL from the theme options.

If you still face the problem, kindly create ticket at our Support System: http://support.minimalthemes.net


Will this theme work on the Equity Framework or can it be modified to do so?

Hi wpshophost,

Equity Framework is a WordPress theme. We can’t use it with Real Expert theme.

How about to develop a child theme of EF ?

If you are interested please contact our services team: services@puriwp.com


Hello i’m trying to add another Properties Type but is not possible… http://postimg.org/image/o9e3b3djf/ I have created the Property Type , i have also created a New Post for this Property Type and i have put the name of Property Type here http://postimg.org/image/lneno9363/ and when i go to home page the category is visible http://postimg.org/image/s4ue3ofgr/ but when i click the category to filter by property type it shows “Sorry No Results Found” Can you help me please Thank You…

Solved…Thank You

Hi ledio-minimal,

We are glad to hear that.

Please create a ticket if you face any problem: http://support.minimalthemes.net


how to change the image under map in front page?

Hi ditatambunan,

You can replace the image here: http://demo.minimalthemes.net/realexpert/wp-content/themes/realexpert/images/headline-bg.png via FTP

Please contact our Support Center for more help http://support.minimalthemes.net


Hi, I am having trouble finding where to edit the top-menu? http://screencast.com/t/qkHECTqBqg0. I do not see this area in widgets, theme options, or as a menu location? Let me know what I am missing!

Hi ddandreo,

Please create a ticket to http://support.minimalthemes.net

Our support team will help you asap


Hi, I am having trouble finding where to edit the top-menu? http://screencast.com/t/qkHECTqBqg0. I do not see this area in widgets, theme options, or as a menu location? Let me know what I am missing!

Hi ddandreo,

Please create a ticket to http://support.minimalthemes.net

Our support team will help you asap


Good day, please i can mot upload picture when posting property. please what is going wrong?

Hi 4teeproperties,

Please submit a ticket to http://support.minimalthemes.net

Our support team will help you to solve the issues.


Hi There is change in Google Maps API recently..

For that reason, Maps are not working for properties. Can you tell me about where to fix this.

Regards, Jaswinder

Hi jaswinder0091,

Please create a ticket to http://support.minimalthemes.net

Our support team will help you.


Hi team,

I would like to buy your theme but I would like to know if I can use my payment gateways with woocomerce ?

In effect, I’ve open account on your demo and I only see a Paypal button when I submit listing.

1- In my case, I would like to have checkout page of Woocomerce because in this page I can display several method of payments : bank check / bank transfer / paypal / payment gateway of my bank

2- Can I used coupons code for woocommerce ?

3- Another question : how the expiration listings is managed ? With plugin like WooCommerce Subscriptions ?


Hi stane,

Sorry for any delay.

1. Correct. We can use that as theme default.

2. Yes, we can use coupon code.

3. No, we built a custom expiration listing feature.

We look forward for your purchase.


wildme Purchased

Hi I want to buy this theme. Just want to know if it can be box and not only wide layout and can I reduce the home bg to be the size of search and map? so that the Featured Properties will be seen when you visit the site.

Hi wildme,

We have replied your email.



wildme Purchased

I have not got any email from you and it been one week now I bought this theme and the bug has not been resolved. As admin I can not login when the theme is activated.

Hi wildme,

We did replied you 12 hours ago http://awesomescreenshot.com/08662pf905

Please send your WP Admin & FTP login to support@puriwp.com


Hello, I want to buy this template, but I need another size images of the property, not 770px x 386px. Any solution? Thanx!

Hi medusacr,

Yes, we can help you with our custom services.

Please purchase the theme and send the request to: services@puriwp.com


Hello Sir, Thank you about this good theme, we want to purchase it but want to ask about some points before purchasing

- Can we add extra fields to the property submit fields and show or hide the newly added fields to the search form? Also can we delete or edit any field from the default ones?

- Can we make the fields conditional, for example, if we want to show specific field to the form if specific option selected in other field (drop-down menu)?

- Do you have any page builder in this theme (if not, how we can add/edit sections like the demo)

- Can we show properties according to specific categories (taxonomies) like page show “For Rent” or other one show “For Sell” properties

- Can we show/hide any data about the properties (either from the default ones or the newly added ones by admins) from the front end view of the single property page?

- Can the user which register for free and have the role subscribers submit properties from the front end with full options?

Looking Forward For Your Reply


Hi saadtaher,

1. No. The fields are premade. We need to customize the theme files in order to customize the fields.

2. Same like point 1.

3. No. We can use theme options & page template.

4. Yes, We can use the defaul filter feature.

5. Same like point 1.

6. Yes, we can turn off the paid options for Property Lister account.

We look forward for your purchase :)