Discussion on RealHomes - Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme

Discussion on RealHomes - Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme

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I want to sort by price and square (for listing). Is it possible?


it is not available for now.


Hi, 1) Sorry, I did as you said… but, “Slider Revolution” is not displayed on the page. http://prntscr.com/30qgkq. For me, still does not work “Slider Revolution”. And what to do if I want for each page to have its own slider (Slider Revolution), instead of a banner?

2) If I change some code, then it looks bad for phones. What am I doing wrong? Or what line of code do I need to change? http://prntscr.com/326i25


1. You are doing it wrong. send me screenshot of code that you modified and I will guide you from there.


You can also download the latest theme and learn about the related code from there.

Here is the list of files that you will need to run revolution slider on homepage and other pages.

1. template-home.php

2. framework/admin/theme-settings.php

3. banners/default_page_banner.php

4. framework/meta-box/config-meta-boxes.php

After following the code of these files you will be able to select revolution slider from theme options and provide its ALIAS there.

2. I hope your issues will fix after following the above guide lines.


Hi – is there any way for the admin, or a (registered) user to mark a property as sold/rented, with that causing an icon or message to appear with the affected property’s photos? Like an ‘out of stock’ message in an ecommerce site.

This would be a useful feature if available or coming soon, as means the site remains full (with sold/rented property set to private or deleted at the admin’s discretion)... Let me know please, thanks.


A property status can be changed from “On Rent” to “Rented” and it is visible already. New statuses can be added easily from admin side.

if you want to hide the property then its publish status can be change to draft and it will not appear on website’s front end.

So, I think the feature you are looking for is already there.


Hello, Can i show last date update in Property detail? Thanks


Hi, this new feature Additional Details is nice but i can’t find the string to translate it. Why is that? I am using WPML String Translation.


You can reduce the font size by using following css in “Theme Options > Styling > Quick CSS”

#overview .property-item h4.additional-title {
font-size: 16px;


Please also share your site URL as people what to know how others are using WPML plugin successfully.

I will when everything is done and the site is fully functioning. I am on a test server now and don’t have my own domain. WPML is working fine except for that when i translate strings “property-type”, “property-status”, “property-city” the site goes into infinite redirect loop and is not functioning. So these strings have to be in english – the slug is partly in english and partly in other language. I think this affects the SEO. But i can live with that :), because the theme is wonderful.

Hi – is there a way to take out the ‘leave a reply’ box that seems to be at the bottom of some of the pages I have created ??


can you please tell me if a table or something can be added to a page – to add columns of text separately to images – ie the home page

with respect to a property Additional Details are already supported with latest version http://alt-realhomes.inspirythemes.com/property/15421-southwest-39th-terrace/

for a standard page you can try adding caption text to images

Pre-sales questions:

Do custom listing parameters flow into search forms automatically, manually or not at all?

Does the theme have the ability to modify search parameters and refresh the listings displayed?


Search form passes form fields parameters using URL query string.

One can change the parameter in URL query string and results will change based on that.


Sorry, but this doesn’t even begin to answer my questions.

If I make custom attributes to use on my listings, will those attributes be reflect in the search form? If so, by what mechanism?

When a user performs a search, is it possible for them to alter the search without rebuilding their search parameters from scratch?

I am assuming that from attributes you mean search form fields and not their values.

new fields will not be reflected on search form and if you want to add those then you need to modify the related code and after that you also need to modify the search code.

but, new values of a field will automatically populate in search form.

for now the search parameters are preserved by the search form on search results page and user can alter the required parameter/field to refine the search results.


prebuy question: Is it possible to add other search fields?


Yes, but that needs code customization.



Just a quick question, not sure if it’s the best spot to post this but, no one is replying to support tickets.

How do you access a property’s type(s)?

Many thanks.

nvm all resolved


I am about to buy the Theme. But I would like to know if I can make the site more simple by changing some things. For example:
  • Get rid of the user sing up
  • Get rid of the Advance Search and instep use a small search bar
  • Get rid of the Re Captcha
  • Get rid of the Latest Tweets
  • Change the menu when get to mobile (can this be possible)



1. user signups are not enabled by default, so it is already what you want.

2. you can modify advance search from theme options

3. you can disable re captcha from theme options

4. tweets are disabled by default

5. menu design already changes on mobile.


pre purchase question: upon reading the forums, it seems that in able for me to add sliders in the homepage, i need to add a property and set a slider image to be appeared in the home. what if i just want a slider and doesnt want to include that slider to my property pages? is it possible? thanks

You can add revolution slider which comes included as part of this theme, here is its demo URL


You can add almost any type of contents in it the way you want.


PS: it is based on following plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380

another question…

do you do custom work ?

For customization you can use services like https://codeable.io/ or http://werkpress.com/

If you like I can connect you with a support developer and you can hire his services to get this theme customized to your needs. You can message me from my profile page for this purpose http://themeforest.net/user/InspiryThemes


before purchasing the theme…

When you filter searching a house for example… the results can you display them instead of 4 per page as on demo , are you able to display 10 or 15.

and also display them instead of 2 colums in 1 or 3 ?


You can configure the number of properties to display from theme options.

Only 2 columns are available for now.


Hello, thank you for your Support so far. But i still have some Wishes on my List, such as:

1) Is it Possible to Display a Google Map with a Marker ONLY on the Page of the Property (not in the header e.g). Because I have only a few Properties where I want to publish the Adress

2) On The Property-Page at the “Gallery”. Here the images are always “cut” and “zoomed in”, and vertical images are left-bound (not very pretty…) Is there a possibility (or a code-Snippet) where the images will be displayed in total and in the Center.

3) In Germany the amount of “bedrooms” is not really important. Our Clients always look for “Number or Rooms”. Is There a Way to Change the “Bedrooms” in “Rooms”. ( I though of simple rename the Tag with Poedit and use another icon.. Would that work also with the Search?) And is there a way to add another Field/Tag/... . I would like to have another “Size”-Field (Size of Living Space)

4) You Already said that you are working on the listing-by-price. Thank you and Hang in There!

Thank You Very Much for your Help =)


For all these points I will recommend you to hire a customization service like https://codeable.io/ or http://werkpress.com/

If you like I can connect you with a support developer and you can hire his services to get this theme customized to your needs. You can message me from my profile page for this purpose http://themeforest.net/user/InspiryThemes


Hi, how you doing? I wanted to know if the theme supports the ability to add new search fields, and also if you have the ability to add new fields of characteristics, such as garage, yard etc.. Regards


you can enable/disable existing fields. But, you cannot add new fields without modifying theme code.

if you really need to add new fields then you can get this theme customized to your needs by hiring a WordPress developer.

For customization you can also use services like https://codeable.io/ or http://werkpress.com/



is it possible to sort properties by name on listing-properties page? Thanks!

Thank you for the fast answer but it does not work. I added the two parameters in childtheme in listing-container.php. Is there another solution?

Here is the code:
property_listing_args = array(
                                                        'post_type' => 'property',
                                                        'posts_per_page' => $number_of_properties,
                                                        'paged' => $paged,
                            'order' => 'ASC',
                            'orderby ' => 'title'

but it is working fine on my side :)

Hi! I can see in the new update that you can assign an agent when submitting a property. A problem is that I want several real estate firms to add their own agents and properties to the site. I want the firms to add agents themselves, and only be able to pick their own agents when submitting a property.


You can already do that by assigning a better role like “contributor” or “author” to their user. You can study about WordPress roles from here http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities

The only issue will be to filter the available agents to the ones that are created by that specific users and for that I can help you, Let me know when you need helping code in this regard.


Left right arrow is not working in home page slier in FF browser.

I am a developer, and i am working on this theme.

In this URL, button is not woking http://guamrealestateproperties.com/dev1


looks like somebody has added the play & pause button later on as it is not provided with this theme.

You can read more about flexslider from http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/


Used latest flexslider lib.

Buenas tardes unas ayudas 1. Cómo subir imágenes como el tema locality – drag and drop? 2. Colocar slider diferente en cada una de la páginas nuevas? 3. La imagen destacada de cada propiedad sale debajo de la galeria de imagenes de la propiedad?

Good afternoon about aid 1. How to upload images as the subject locality – drag and drop? 2. Slider placing different in each of the new pages? 3. The outstanding image of each property goes below the image gallery property?


1. You can upload the property images from property edit page as displayed in following screenshot http://goo.gl/KdGvgq

2. to place slider on each page you can use revolution slider alias in banner settings ( this is available in latest version of theme )

3. gallery is basically property gallery not a regular gallery, so it works the way it is.


Ok that works fine only one little problem. If i choose the revolutionslider from theme options it break down the css of the advanced search form.

with normal slider it doesn’t.



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