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thank you drupalet

The most complete theme on Real Estate niche, provided with complete features like the Agents list, Agencies and properties, excellent project without any exaggeration.

Thanks a lot for such great loving appreciations !!

Dear Author,

Please rename your theme as you used the name of my top selling theme “Real Homes”

It is not good to copy the name of a famous item to get good search results.



Changed the name and updated for review :) Forgive us for the issue!

Okay. Thanks.

I will check back tomorrow.



Why it is not changed yet ?


The Design is perfect but why always the focus on real estate??? I am still looking for a well designed directory listing theme where I am able to list everything I want. But thats not possible with this one… again… its so said. A lot more people would buy a theme if they could use it for more than one purpose. The only Theme which was like that was the spotfinder theme which isnt available any more. :-/

Best regards and good luck with your sales.

We will consider this and we will be happy to deliver a focused directory theme.


Beautiful looking theme, just a few queries:

Front end submission and Edit system – can you provide a demo login for this or screengrabs as to how this looks?

Payments – are payments included in the submission form, and if so are they linked to individual plans (e.g. ‘Gold – 12 months, £50’)?

Renewals/subscriptions – how are these handled, does it include recurring payments or automated expiry notices?

Recurring payments – are these included?

Automated plan expiry – is this included, so accounts/listings by advertisers not renewing their subscription are automatically disabled?


Here are the demo login details for Front-end submission and edit system

Username: test

Password: test

And of course, thanks for the notice anyways !! We’ll consider including those options, while integrating the payment modules in future theme updates surely.

Thanks, the dashboard looks good and I like the way the map’s integrated. Have bookmarked your theme and will check back for updates to the payment system, design-wise it looks great though.

Hi Nice theme, can you add features like short let I havent seen anyone do it here.

something like

where yo have check in dates, number of nights, number of guests.

please let me know if you can add it so i can purchase. OR does anyone know a theme that does that?


Thanks for the suggestion…we will come-up with a property booking / hotel booking theme ASAP.

It is a payment system included in the submission form?

Not in the Current Version…We will update this feature.

Hi, love the look of the theme. I have just a few pre-sale questions. I’m looking to use this theme to promote/hire holiday accommodation in several countries.

Are the property types able to be user defined? and can un-needed types be edited out, or will they always show in the drop down menus?

Can the amenities fields be customised with fields added, or some fields removed, or is the selection permanent as in the demo.

Likewise with the location menus, are they user definable, so that countries, towns can be added/removed as needed?

Lastly, on the demo, property values are shown as $. Can these be redefined in other currencies? especially £ and Euro ?

Hope you can help, Gary

We have designed this theme specially for Real-estate. So we can customize to your requirements…kindly check the below answers

Drop down can be managed, but property types are defined by us…un needed can be edited out.

Amenities fields have multiple attributes, but customization should be hard-coded by us. Not possible via admin panel.

Location menus are user definable, so that countries, towns can be added/removed – Yes!

Lastly, on the demo, property values are shown as $. Can these be redefined in other currencies? especially £ and Euro ? – Yes!

Hi, thanks for replying so quickly.

On two of the answers to my questions, property types/amenities, you say that property types are defined by you, and amenities customization should be hard coded by yourselves…...

how does that work? if i have purchased the theme do you log into my site and make the necessary adjustments, or do i download a modified file? or am i way off track?

also, are those sort of customizations part of the theme price, or if not, what cost would they be?

Thanks again for your help


Hi Gary,

If you’re interested in customization, you’ll just need to send us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins).

Then, we’ll help you get them work and make changes as you needed. However, you should pay our minimum cost ( $ 20 – 25 / hour) as we normally charges for such customizations.

Thanks, DT.

Hi, Is there any way to change “location to zip/post code ”” I mean search box.

Currently, we’ve added the location only as an option, and if you really want to change it, we can help make it possible with customization.

Nice theme! But look like haven’t anyone answer comments!

Thanks for the appreciation… There will be no delay from this moment :)

Hi I really Love your Theme, I have a pre purchase question, I had bought a real estate theme about a week ago and I been having problems that are a nightmare. We are using an external XML feed to add the content (all information and images), is this theme working fine using external feeds? Do you offer any support if need it on this? I been using wp all import plugin to add the content and I just want to make sure that will work, to not commit the same mistake again.

Thanks in advance

Yes, of course !! This theme works fine with external XML feeds you’re about to be imported.

Please let us know, if you have any difficulties while setting up this theme in that way.

Wonderful theme, I will purchase today! When you do setup a payment for submission, I would love if you can have more then one option. Every theme on Themeforest use Paypal only, but I currently use Stripe to charge my clients.

Just an idea.

In the initial update, we’ve planned to include PayPal only. Then we’ll try to integrate more payment modules on future updates.

Okay. If I choose to charge to list, then I will use Quickbook.

great work, gud luck :)

Thanks a bunch, mate !!

Nice job, good luck :)

thanks MiMi


Nice template !

Is it RTL compliant ?

Is it possible to display the properties in-line on this page .

Thanks :)

Nope, this is not a RTL compliant theme. Since, you can use any RTL plugins instead to make it supported.

And sorry that we can’t get into your second query clearly as what you’re actually asking for. So please help us get a clear view on it by getting back with any screenshot like references.

How to change permalinks? http:/


Ok, waiting for your reply to my email now. Thanks

Hi, I’m still waiting for your help. Please check your email. baier.f (eta) gmail(dot)com

Hope you’ve got the update we’ve sent through the Mail itself. Kindly check your site now, as we’ve changed the links as you asked thereby.

Hi Great Theme, pre purchase question are you able to link to an external page from featured properties portfolio items, or can you link only to internal portfolio page


Sorry that we have just made those items to be able to link for internal pages only.

But if needed, we’ll help you get it work on the way you asked, with the help of customization.

cool i will purchase theme and be in touch, thanks

Thanks !! Looking forward your purchase happily :-)

How long it took you to finish this masterpiece 8-) ?

Great theme! Can the user compare properties? And can Point2 be integrated?