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I purchased this theme earlier today as I liked the look of the demo site – especially on mobile – however, I am having problems and need help please as there is no video instruction or docs to look at.

1. The layer slider keeps rendering itself at the bottom of pages – don’t know why?

2. How do I turn the style (wide or boxed) pop out widget on mobile permanently – it is a problem on mobile. This irritating box has got to go completely please?

3. Theme is not holding steady on an iPhone and is not fixed – as it is on your demo?

4) a) Menus are causing problems and I can’t hover over top one and get to the secondary nav – like in your demo.

b) Secondary nav is not working off the home tab, even though set up in menus? I can’t drop down and select sub nav

5) I want to get rid of all the login/logout words from top bar right and replace the telephone number with mine?

6) I can’t select Rent or Sale in search option to show as tabs along top of search feature without 3 lots of tabs all showing – there is a problem with the search feature. In the end I can only put one tab along the top ?

7) Can I get the custom CSS to fade the shade on the search box please when showing on the slider – I need it more transparent.

8? I’ve really got to get a lot of properties on here but I can’t do that until I sort out the structure problems.

9) I want to use Header 1 template similar to your demo here but can I get my social media icons in the top right along with my telephone number to replace- login etc.. – I don’t need any of that. If I can get a bit of custom CSS for that or pointed in the right direction, I can then get most Nav into a mega menu (if it works).

10) Finally for now – setting the parallax BG image ?

I spent quite a while today looking through your demo especially on mobile as I need the landing page set up right for mobile ” Click to Call and Find Property” are key to me going any further with this theme. After going ahead and purchasing I am disappointed so far so hope you can help and reinstate my confidence as I need to deliver this site – cheers site here:


Hi Guys, thats great – thank you. I would just like to say that the difficulty in you getting access to the site to make repairs was my fault and not yours. So if anyone reads this – these guys have addressed my problem and the theme looks great – thank you

Thanks for the update :-) Let us know, if you find any issues in future..

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

You’re welcome – Did you receive doc I sent via Skype re some small custom work – additions ?

I just purchased your theme and I am not sure if everything was done correctly in the setup. Can you make sure the dummy account was uploaded correctly and everything looks correct. It appears I am missing some things.

I also wanted to know if there is a visual builder that you could recommend that will work with theme

Hi., Just add a custom menu with the link url as which will list all the agents added to your site.

Replace the domain name with yours.

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

Hi., We have our own shortcode builder which will list all of the available shortcodes used in our theme. We have not tested our theme with any external plugins like visual builder.

How do I add the secondary text on the Menu? It won’t allow me to add anything unless its a sub menu.


Hope that the following screenshot will help you get a clear view.

I purchased your theme and finally installed wpml to work with. The questions i have are these:

1.) How can I translate e.g. Area, Floors, both on the Search Module and on the Properties data.

2.) I want to have an Area From… and Area To features on the Search Module, instead of Beds and Baths.

Is it possible to do these changes?

Thank you/

Thanks a lot for such great loving appreciations !!

Let us know, if you find any issues in future..

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I did :)

Thanks a lot for such great loving appreciations !!

Note: Please feel free to rate us 5 stars, if you haven’t done it yet.

Support is super. they help me a lot in setting up the website.

Thanks for your appreciation…

Let us know, if you find any issues in future..

Note: If you like our theme and happy with our support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) which would be much appreciated and helpful for us to proceed support you all forever…. thanks in advance

Hi, Where can I chance the phonenumber in topbar?!

Hope that the following screenshot will help you get a clear view on changing phone number on top right header of this theme.


1.) I want to make a page with map like your’s in HOME -> Home – With Map, so to show the properties i created, On the Map. I saw some other comments and i found this:

I see a difference in this picture compared to my Wordpress editor. It is the “revslider” in the editor’s tab and some green little houses next to it. How can i make it to work properly?

2.) Can i find somewhere icons of the Map Locations like yours?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, i figure out how to show the properties in map, but i have to unzoom to find them, it takes me to another place of the map. I guess it has to do with google maps plugin.. anyway, i’ll find it


Try to set the Map default latitude and Map default longitude from Dashboard -> Real Property -> Property to a value near to your property values.

Glad that you have figured it out. Thanks…


I am very interested in this theme, and there are a few before I decided I want to ask:

1. Whether the listing can be in moderation by admin (approved by admin)?

2. Whether the support of social media sharing?

3. Whether any property listing is no ID?

4. Whether the listing can be set Featured / Premium Listing (spesial Listing)?

5. Whether the images are sent in each listing can be restricted for each package members?

6. Whether the menu can be hovering like in Real Estate – Responsive Real Estate Theme

thank you


Hi..! Thank you very much for purchase our theme….

Yes please..!!!.. Let us know, if you find any issues in future..

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

I read a lot of comments that the technical theme settings, this would probably be better if made the manual, so that the same cut no questions asked return.

Thanks for your kind suggestion anyways!. We already have the documentation sent to each customer along with the theme files. May be we will update the documentation to some more.

I just purchased your theme and so far so good. I have run into a small issue.

On a specific agents page I have add 3 or 4 paragraphs about that agent. Which is what I want. The problem is when I assign the agent to a property I am getting all three paragraphs in the agent section of the property listing. Is there away to attach the agent to a listing without all of their profile information being added as well?


Thank you so much for your purchasing…

The Agent info in the property listing page comes from wp-content/themes/realproperty/single-dt_properties.php, line no: 209 – 246. Remove the info that you dont need and upload it to the server.

For removing only the description, just remove the line 246. Let us know if you have any questions. Check the attached screenshot for reference .

Hi, I purchased the theme. I want to split the location to country, state, city etc. They all should be dropdownlists. When the user selects a country, it should populate the states in that country and when the user selects a state, system should populate the cities in the state. How can I make these changes? Any idea? Thanks,

Hi., Sorry., We do not have that option in our theme. Thanks for the information, we will consider this option in our future updates.


I just purchased the theme and have gotten to work with it.

A couple quick questions:

1) On the “Property Search Result Template” page, (a) How do I remove the options for Grid View vs List View so that it only shows the List View option that I chose from the New Page settings; (b) How do I change the header image out for something more SeaSide? What are the dimensions needed; (c) How can I add an image tab that is red and says SOLD, so that I can show both sold and available listings?

2) On the Property Details page, (a) How do I remove the “Type” and the “Posted On: Date”; (b) How do I change the background color of the “Price”?

3) On my Homepage, (a) How do I add a “More Details” link like on the Home Search Template page- list view; (b) How do I add an image tab that is red and sys SOLD, so that I can show both sold and available listings?

4) On my Homepage’s Testimonial section, How do I add an image or remove the image feature altogether and just have a testimonial and client’s name?

I’m sure I’ll come across more as I go, but for now this is what has me stumped.

Thanks in advance and I hope this helps others as well!

Also how do I remove or change the “Follow Us” image with the arrow located in the footer? Thanks

Hi!., You can change it from the file wp-content/themes/realproperty/footer.php. The arrow is a background image comes from the css file wp-content/themes/realproperty/style.css line no: 1310 approx. The css class is ( #footer .footer-links p )

Hi!., To make the search results page default to list mode refer the screenshot. For removing the grid view, you need to edit the php file wp-content/themes/realproperty/tpl-property-search.php. You can remove the code from line 108.

Hi, First of all nice theme. Like to know if its possible to only show the properties when you are logged in (if you got the membership) and that only agents can respond on the properties? Thanks

Hi., Properties can you viewed by all the users (logged in and not logged in). Only the logged in users can add the property from the front end depending upon the membership added in the backend. You can set the membership limit from the backend options.


I have to change some menu items in the Italian example and description in the Description of some of the content of the pages






Posted ON


Agent Information

Location Info

Where can I find the code to do this?


Hi., Have you purchased and installed the WPML multi language plugin. If yes there will be options for translating the menus from Appearance -> Menus. Please check it. Let us know if you have any questions.

Hi I installed WPML plugin but I can not find the solution

Hi. Thanks again for your very nice theme.

Is it possible to make the preview pictures of the properties clickable? So that user will be forwarded to the property page?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for notifying it :)

Actually , the preview pictures of the properties are clickable only. You can check it in following pages

In Locations page: In Property Type page: In Contract type page

But Not in , we will fix this issue in next update.

MeanwhilePlease mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located @ So that, we can update it in yours. Then we’ll help you get rid of it ASAP !!

Note: Please feel free to rate us 5 stars, if you haven’t done it yet… thanks in advance…

Thanks, but we will wait for the official update

Hi., Thanks for your patience !!


I think i have some problem wpml/translation related because when i change language it breaks some pages, check it please: With portuguese default language it’s all good. I can give you admin access if necessary

Yes .. of course … Please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located @ So that, we can check and have a clear look on our end. Then we’ll help you get rid of it ASAP !!

interested in theme and looking at a few. We have only 40 specific properties not through the MLS. Can we utilize this site, manually add our properties with the specific categories etc and will they show up on the map / clickable with information, by having them manually added – without going through IDX press etc? Please confirm, thank you!

Thank you! What about the available maps with properties? Is that in a shortcode or widget form to where we can place the property map on various pages?


1) Each property has option like “Show in Map”. Enable this option – refer snap1 2) create page and choose “Map on Top Template” – refer Then you can view properties on map

Let us know, if you find any other difficulties!

Hello developers,

1.) I’m trying all day to find why the shortcode [dt_sc_fullwidth_section backgroundcolor=”#00000” backgroundimage=”image.jpg” parallax=”yes” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”left top” paddingtop=”50” paddingbottom=”50” textcolor=”#ffffff” class=”dark-bg”] does not becoming black. It shows the image i put, but the class “dark-bg” seems not to working.

2.) How to make use of FlexSlider you have on your sample Home -> Home – Property Slider. Do I have to buy the product from WooThemes to activate it? I saw that there are some .js and .css files related to flexslider but i can’t understand how to use it.

Thanks in advance.


1) You dont need to purchase anything. Just use the following shortcode. The ids mentioned in the shortcode are property ids. Edit the values so that it has the values from your properties.

[dt_sc_property_sliders animation=”fade” easing=”swing” slideshow=”true” slideshowspeed=”7000” pauseonhover=”true” randomize=”false” direction=”horizontal” reverse=”false” animationspeed=”600”]

dt_sc_property_slider id=”1996” address=”show” excerpt=”show” data_top_position=”” /

[dt_sc_property_slider id=”1982” address=”hide” excerpt=”hide” data_top_position=”” /]

dt_sc_property_slider id=”1981” address=”show” excerpt=”show” data_top_position=””/

2) Please mail us the page link in which you used that shortcode along with your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located @ So that, we can check and have a clear look on our end. Then we’ll help you get rid of it ASAP !!

Hello, i figured out how to use the flex slider. As for the dt_sc_fullwidth_section, i will ‘disturb’ you again when i will upload to a server. For now, i work on local.

Thank you!

Glad that you’ve solved the problem now !

Let us know, if you find any other difficulties.

Can I translate theme from easy way? I need to translate: area, baths, etc. Can I change URL: dt_properties?


1) We are not clear with the query that you asked in the screenshot. Please be more specific, so that we can help you better.

2) Please check the attached screenshot, for the files in which the placeholder images are present. Replace it in all the pages shown in the screenshot.

Hi., 1) – Yes you can change it from wp-content/plugins/designthemes-core-features/custom-post-types/dt-properties-post-type.php , line number 118, Check the screenshot for reference

2) – For changing the placeholder images you need to update it directly in the php files. Please check the attached screenshot for the files that needs to be changed.

3) – Check the attached screenshot

Hi. Is it possible to use the advance filter to search for agents dealing in a particular location, instead of properties? High priority. please help with instructions or code.

hi , how to create custom taxonomy under agents and property ?

unable to find register_taxonomy function as in other themes!!

please help!

PS: I have purchased the theme and have the license files and corresponding purchase confirmation emails. I am a buyer. please help.


Hope that the screenshot will help you get a clear view

thanks desingthemes :) , it helped us a lot

Thanks !! Looking forward your purchase happily :-)