Real World Admin

Real World Admin


Real World admin is a multi-theme administration interface template with fixed and liquid layouts. Every page is designed to be as close to a real-world scenario as possible. 7 Full pages are provided. The template is easily extendable and well-documented. Layered PSD files for all 3 themes are provided.
Below is the full list of features:


  • 3 Beautiful Themes – Sleek Wood, Clean Grey and Abstract Blue
  • Fixed and Liquid layouts
  • Mobile Version using brand new Jquery Mobile Framework
  • Valid XHTML Transitional code
  • Layered PSD files for all 3 themes
  • jQuery and jQuery UI powered
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • IE6 Blocker script for this outdated browser
  • Sortable widgets with drag & drop functionality
  • Numerous charts for your reports
  • 2 types of calendars – full & inline
  • Modal windows with ajax functionality
  • Enhanced Forms via Uniform Plugin
  • Sortable tables
  • Interactive messages
  • Week calendar with events
  • 2 types of tooltips – as a regular tooltip and as context window
  • Tasks management interface with expendable rows
  • Interactive filterable lists
  • Sortable tabs & lists
  • Tree hierarchy interface
  • Theme switcher with cookies
  • CSS3 buttons and comment boxes
  • Interactive progress bars
  • Good Documentation
  • and much more

Version 1.1 Updates

  • Added Mobile Version of template
  • Fixed issue with dropdown menu blinking
  • Fixed issue with footer not sticking on bottom
  • Fixed issue with IE7 Magnifying

For Live Preview of mobile version visit with your Iphone, I-pad or any other mobile device