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Awesome work! GLWS!

thank you :)

I sent you an email and I just want to verify you received it. You don’t have to respond to it I just want to make sure you in fact got it and it didn’t end up in your spam folder or anything. Thanks.

I received your mail, I will reply your mail in the earliest time, thanks.

Cool design. will there be a WP template soon?

thanks man, WP template coming soon :D

yeah! thanks guy

Great design. I wonder if you could advise me. My current site is build using asp. Would I be able to hook up this theme to the access database feeding my current site, or would I need to create a new system. Thanks.

This is the only html version, we have documentation of the use, you can easily use it for code

Need this to work on WP…will you have this available soon?

One more wish; any way of getting the site populated from www.realtor.ca feeds. I know someone had made a plugin that was working with crea feed but it’s outdated.

Agents have access to the local mls where they create a feed but it’s primitive.

Hello, how can i send email to you pixelgeeklab?

Awesome work! Is it your search form able to search? I’ve tried to search something in your real estate html template, but no results comes… I’ve tried to search proprieties, but nothing… Thanks

This is the only html version, search form isn’t able to search. Search form is able to search in WordPress version :)

when you say soon… how soon will your WP theme be ready ?

Hi, WordPress version could be available on weekend

Hey Just wondering if you’ve got an estimated time for the wordpress theme? I’m ready to buy right away :)

Hi, WP version will be available on next week. You’ll definitely be informed. Thank you.

Hi can I create my own WP version of this if I’ll buy it?. Thanks

Hi, You can create your own Wp version for your personal customers. But you can not create wp version to sell on the Themeforest and other markets :)

Hello, very nice, as is updated WP page if not I have not much knowledge because in this.

I don’t understand, can you tell more detail ?

THIS TEMPLATE HAVE A Content Management System? THANKS

This is the only html version. Content Management System will be in the Wp version. Thanks

Hi there

Does this theme have an ‘agent’ page as when I currently click on it, it doesn’t show up.

Cheers, Rags

Hi, We are updating a few more pages and will submit soon, thanks for comment.

Awesome thanks, any word as to when as I would like to use this asap haha thanks

Hi there

Sorry in the home page theme agents section isn’t responsive. Can you update this please ?

Cheers, Raphaël

Hi, Agents section is responsive. Can you show me the screenshot ? Thanks

I send the screen shot at pixelgeeklab@gmail.com your right but on mobile the agent info disapear …

I was tested on my phone

and at http://www.responsinator.com, info of the agent appear :)

Please check again on a few other phone devices

Hi pixelgeeklab,

Your template was great!!. I just bought it and wish to implement it to my website. I would like to know why the main menu link is not working, when I clicked the menu it just show up the dropdown instead of redirecting to link page. Could you please help me to make it work I really need this working.

Thanks in advance for your help :)

Hi pixelgreeklab,

Yes, I did that, I already edited the template and put my own links however for some reason it wasn’t work. The parent menu link is broken but the sub menu is working great. How is that?


Hi pixelgeeklab,

Please ignore my last question. I got it work.

thanks :)

Awesome work. Can you tell me where i can buy the slider pics and the pic cat picture.


the about_us.html is NOT included in this theme.


The about_us.html is included in this theme. Pls, check again files or you can download it again :)http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/660/0649833955.png

Not only is the about_us.html not included but all of the css associated with it is missing.