Realia - Responsive Real Estate Drupal Theme

Realia - Responsive Real Estate Drupal Theme

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Flat, modern and clean design
Reasonable use of UI elements and whitespace.

100% Fully Responsive
There is no limitation in viewing Realia on any popular device. Realia is fully responsive from small smartphone screen to big desktop monitors.

Retina Ready
Realia looks great even on Retina and high-resolution displays. Every graphic element is sharp and clean. No blurry images anymore!

Color variations
You can choose from 20 color variations. Every color is precisely picked to retain the content to be readable and usable.

Background patterns
10 background patterns included in theme.

Header combinations
3 color combinations for header.

Translation support
Realia has also native built-in support for different languages with easy administration.

SEO on-page optimized
Realia is ready to put your website on higher ranks. Every line of code was developed with SEO principles in mind.

Developer friendly code based on Bootstrap and SASS, so editing and adding your own content is quite easy.

UX ready
We have created Realia theme with strong focus on User Experience in every detail. Every element is designed to work well on any popular device.

Touch Friendly
Browse easily on your smartphone or tablet. Huge enough buttons, balanced typography and responsiveness gives you desktop like browsing experience.

  • Flat, modern and clean design.
  • 100% Fully Responsive. View your website on any popular device.
  • Retina Ready. Sharp graphics on Retina and other high-resolution displays.
  • Color variations. 20 prepared and precisely picked colors.
  • Translation Support. Native built-in support for different languages.
  • SEO on-page optimizated. Every line of code was developed with SEO principles in mind.
  • FAQ module support.
  • Drupal 7 support.
  • Bootstrap. Developer friendly code based on Bootstrap and SASS.
  • UX ready. Your user will always know where he is and where to click.
  • Touch Friendly. Easy browsing on touch devices.
  • Integrated google maps.
  • Integrated slider.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Gallery carousel.
  • HTML5, CSS3 and SASS built website.
  • Multiple typography options.

Support for Drupal modules

  • Views
  • Views Carousel
  • Simplenews
  • Webform
  • Views Slideshow
  • FAQ
  • Font your face
  • Colorbox
  • Superfish

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v1.1.0 – August 2th, 2013

- Updated modules
- Adding option prefix/suffix for filter currency ( Can be found in theme settings )
- Adding Russian currency
- Removing 404 caused by loading css from GoogleFonts
- Removing strict warnings from Aviators palette module
- Removing notices - Notice: Undefined index: heading in theme_links()
- Google visual maps - Updated maps rendering
- Removing gmap3_tools module from update
- PictoPro icon set included. Adding Aviators PictoPro module for UI icon selection.

Manual update for backward compatibility needed!

1. Enable module Aviators PictoPro
2. Navigate to admin/structure/types/manage/call-to-action/fields
3. Create a new field with Machine Name 'field_pictopro', field type 'PictoPro', widget 'PictoPro'
4. Navigate admin/structure/types/manage/call-to-action/display/cta
5. Enable PictoPro field for display & hide the field label

v1.0.3 – May 7th, 2013

- fixed admin settings for color variant

v1.0.2 – April 25th, 2013

- removed old not working installation profile
- fixed property detail page carousel flickering

v1.0.1 – April 14th, 2013

- Currency for filter fix (Appeareance - Settings - Currency)
- Mobile version horizontal scrolling fix
- Image upload through Mediabox fix

v1.0.0 – April 12th, 2013

- Initial Release