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Hello and thanks for this nice Theme. I installed the demo files, nothing more. Everything ist fine. But I have problems with the update. . When i use drush i got error messages, when i use the drupal update, also. What can i do? Thanks for your help!


Great theme which I have enjoyed deploying. The client is very pleased.

I have an issue, and whilst not major, I cannot find a solution. My client wants the label “Area” changed to Size. Not a problem on the content type property, or on the latest properties view which appears on the home page. I cannot however change it for the list-row page view. All of the fields are excluded from the display, and it seems as if the output is being themed. But I cannot find the view tpl.

Can you advise how to change this label? Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, I missed that. Our support for Drupal is limited. Isn’t that “Area” field a setting in Drupal dashboard somewhere?


The label for Area can be changed on the content type for property, but the view is over riding it. All of the fields on the Listing-Row view are excluded from the display.

I have however determine what is happening. For any one else needing change this label, from within the List-Row View, under Fields, click Bedrooms. Click re-write results. You will find all of the fields output here in HTML. Along with the label Area.

Should have looked there as soon as I couldn’t find the view template! :-) Solved.

Thank you for your solution ;)

Which IDX platform is compatible with this theme?

Theme does not have support for IDX.


I have installed the demo installation. But there are a lot off updates to do. After running these updates the demo site is not working correctly any more.

Do you have a install package that is more up tp date?

Thank you

Should I update to Bootstrap (Theme) (Unsupported) 7.x-3.5 ???


I installed the theme with required custom and drupal module. But here i am getting error Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\xampp\htdocs\checkyards\includes\module.inc on line 1141

How to resolve this issue??

essential map in home don´t work, do you have aviators module with a more recently update?

Hi, unfortunately not.

Any luck to get this theme to work in drupal 7.5?

Hi, unfortunately we don’t plan to support this Drupal theme anymore, sorry.

Hi, I install the theme, but the map in the main page is not displaying, how could I fix that?

Do you see any error either at page or in JavaScript console? Have you set your Google Browser API key? Btw. please extend your support for this item, thank you.

Hi, will your Properta and Realia Drupal themes be updated to drupal 7.51 and also be able to use Bootstrap 3? https://www.drupal.org/project/bootstrap The Color module used is also outdated.


Hi, unfortunately no, they won’t.

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I just bought the theme. Where do I find the custom reuired modules? I could not find on drupal.org

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Hi Aviator, I really like the theme, in fact I am 90% decided to purchase this. I just have one reservation. Is there a function/module/plug-in here that brokers can register an account and upload their listings? if this theme has, kindly shoot me an email instructing what are to download and how to install. locationwise.ph@gmail.com

Hi, fronted submission is available. You can check it out in our demo. Registrations are open to public.

Hi Aviators,

I have bought your Realia theme and I’m working with it. But several modules are out of date. Like the bootstrap module 7.x-2.1. There are security updates.

Is it save to upgrade the theme with bootstrap module 7.x-3.8?

If we stay with the bootstrap module module 7.x-2.1, will there be any security risk concerning using your theme??

Thank you.

So any idea’s or advice about these security updates?

Hi, our Drupal theme is not supported anymore. I suggest you to choose our WordPress version instead:


On your preview site, you have a slider with propertys. See http://preview.byaviators.com/drupal/realia/homepage-1

I have installed your theme, but I cannot find the slider.

How can I activate this slider?

Hi, our Drupal theme is not supported anymore. I suggest you to choose our WordPress version instead:


That is very disappointing. I just bought your theme for a few months now. Are there refund possibility’s? if I need to buy a new wordpress theme now?

Hi, sure. Open a refund request and point to this conversation please.

Hello, i cant setup the map in my site, after reading the comments in this sections, i saw that there is not support… i need a refund because i cant launch a new website with a theme like this…

Hi, I just bought the Realia theme but it is impossible to install it. It also seems that some modules are missing. Do you maybe have an update available? Another question: do you have a version not including Drupal that I could download (a version with just the Realia theme and not including Drupal)? Thanks for your reply and help and best regards.

Can you please give me a link where to ask for a refund. Thanks

Hi. Sorry for your troubles. Yes, we have a WordPress version as well. It is maintenanced regularly. It is available here:


Hi, I do not want the Wordpress version, thanks. Just a refund of the Drupal one. Can you please give me the link for the refund request? Thanks.