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Hi; Can this theme work with dRealty module? I am very interested in this theme, but i have to decide if i should get this or just go with the HTML only. Best regards

Hello, i dont know the module so there is probably no integration. However if you want dont want to spent lot of time fiddling with configurations, creating map views etc, you should go with drupal version and integrate dreality as you need.


sorry i didnt understand, what i purchased is not Drupal? it is right? it shows all the files, folders as Drupal standards.

No, you bough drupal, but you mentioned you are deciding between drupal and html : )


Just bought the theme but when I extract it on my server and local(windows OS) computer there seem to be no files in it.

I also need to know the installation steps.

Forget about that I was in the wrong folder.

Good news, everyone… Cheers:)


On the installation of the demo. I have gotten the database and setting.php set up. I have copied the demo folder to the web root. I get a bit lost on the renaming bit and getting it to actually run. Do I require a fresh install of Drupal – I already have drupal installed on my site.

Hello, you dont need fresh installation. However its highly recommended – as styling and functionality is based on lots of configuration – views, views classes, views template overwrites, there is custom views formatter for grid, for maps, fields are placed according to some names… etc. If you have already content best option would be to create our demo installation and import your data in it. There are lots lots of modules which can transfer content from one drupal installation to other.


Hi; i received this error message:

PDOException: SQLSTATEHY000 Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of path to folder/includes/lock.inc).

Hello, you database connection is not setup correctly. Please go to sites/default/settings.php and adjust your database credentials to match your database server.


hi..still not working :( i went to where i installed the demo ( http://www.mydomainname.com/folder/demo/sites/default/settings.php), then inserted these lines (as from your documentation ) $databases = array ( ‘default’ => array ( ‘default’ => array ( ‘database’ => ‘database_name’, ‘username’ => ‘database_user’, ‘password’ => ‘database_password’, ‘host’ => ‘’, ‘port’ => ’’, ‘driver’ => ‘mysql’, ‘prefix’ => ’’, ), ), ); of course i did put the correct username/password/database name & user) i did this installation 5 times with the same result :(

Also i was trying to register with the support forum but i received this message “Unable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists.”

2 questions :p How do you put some things in the ‘overview’ on the property page? Also How do you create a map with all the listings of a part. area like example New York, and then do the same for like an other area.

Grts William


You need to edit node template in theme – its placed in ‘realia/templates/node-full.tpl.php’ probably and there you can render field in overview area you will see plenty of examples there.


Map is implemented as view. so it should be fairly easy to create a new view with map of properties and filter the results on some taxonomy condition – you can create vocabulary like ‘locations’ a put terms in it like ‘New York’, ‘New Jersey’. Then you will attach this vocabulary to property trough fields and thats basically all you need :)


hi, i want to add another filter on my webpage (not the same one, with advanced futures) http://s9.postimg.org/9felkhpzj/image.png

can you help to find any documentation to manage this ?

and one more, how can i select specified options for on term, example:

in this form: http://themeforest.net/item/realia-responsive-real-estate-drupal-theme/full_screen_preview/4489600

for location: Malibu Ca - > Property type only apartments and Cottage

Hi, can you please send a link without themeforest bar? I don’t know which exact page do you mean. You need to develop your own functionality to the filter, or you can hire a developer.


well advanced filter is very generic, however all filters are done via Views so you can manage them easily. If you are not familiar with views modules, you can read official documentation on drupal.org or search for some tutorials (there are plenty online)

2. You can’t , i dont know about this option, it would probably require some custom coding – its very specific request for functionality

Hello I am interested in this module, however I don’t know and there are no screenshots about how properties are administered, if there´s a module at the backend about this. Can you please give me more information about that part? thanks in advance

Hello I’ve already bought the template. I have another question, how can I get this versión translated to spanish? Thanks in advance

Hello, here is the official site for drupal translation teams. You need to go to admin confing -> language settings, and enable spanish language, then import the translation files you can find of drupal.org


How do you make the Apartments – listed grid – slider and map blocks from the apartment views. I have been able to get the view but cannot make those blocks.

Well there are 4 kinds of views – master, page, rss and bloc. You need to create BLOCK view, the option is available when editing particular view on top of settings

Hi Aviators, good job!

I have a question. How to configure Front end submission system in “List your property” ??

Best Regards

I am sorry this version does not contain front end submission system. However in drupal its easy to allow users with some permissions to create and manage their content, but i believe styling won’t fit exactly, so some minor styling might be needed.

I realize it might be bit confusing when there is a block about frontend submission, but i really really don’t remember putting it there : |


I've bought this theme yesterday tonight.
I've tried to install it, but it doesn't work. 
When I try to open it in my browser, I've got an error "PDO Exception...", but I have edited the settings.php with the goods informations.
Is anyone could help me please ?
Another question : I've created an account on http://byaviators.com/forum?envato_item_id=4489600, but I don't kwow where I can find my number licence. Idem, is anyone coulp help me please ?
PS : I'm french, so if I don't write very well, please apologize me.

Hi. Can you provide a link to your website? Here are the instructions how to find purchase code: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/simple-generic-envato-purchase-code-instructions/57593


one question, how can I change currency indicator in form (I tried in template appearance, but there is only USD, EUR and other known types, i want to set GEL (Georgian lari)) here is screen what i’m trying to change:



Oh yes, we used a 3rd party plugin and it seems it has some currencies missing. However you can go to the realia theme


On line 70 is starting list of known languages, just copy one line and add your language :)


Hi, Thanks for the theme!

1) Is this theme IE 8 compatible? Header area and menu in IE8 doesn’t looks good and all responsive blocks are not working.. Not that I like IE much, but is’t still important :(

2) Having troubles with responsive full-width images in FF and Opera. When width is below 770px, image not resizing and breaks the window. It’s ok in Chorme.

After download the package and import database.sql. The website can view but all links fails. The login page also fail to display anything. Do you ever encounter this situation ? Thanks


would you mind to send me the link?


Sorry to bother, I use MariaDB will have this issue but it is fine when use mysql. I will use mysql to test first. Sorry to waste your time. :(

Sounds like clean url problem to me .htaccess ?

if you can access ?q=user but cannot access user then you probably are missing htaccess or your mod_rewrite module might not be enabled..

Hi Aviators, when you plan to update to Drupal 7.24? Next week, next month, when?

Also: i need to remove the 2 map module – what is the best way to unistall it? What are the module to unistall?

Many thanks for now.


we have no plan for 7.24. Do you have problem with 7.24 version? You can uninstall module from admin’s “Modules” section.


Many thanks! What modules i need uninstall?

There were 2 modules managing maps. Old maps – without clustering – are managed with old module – realia_utils – however i wouldnt shut it down because it manages lot more of functionality than just maps, If you dont like old maps, just remove the views.

The new maps are managed by module aviators_map. This map manages only the new map – with clustering, and its perfectly safe to shut it down without affecting other functionality.


Can we do this following outline using your theme? http://oi39.tinypic.com/2ahzgw7.jpg

Waiting for your response. Thank you.


as I know this outline is not possible to do without programming skills. Cheers

I got 2 questions:

First there is a bug in the apartment map.

When we got 2 properties or more close to each other they overlap instead of showing a number icon!

www.eaglesestate.com/new – The link to the site.

2nd Question goes for taxonomy.

We want to translate te amentities but when we do so it doesn’t localize the taxonomy instead it diplays all of them in both languages

Thanks in advance!

Hello, you are using old version of realia, download the theme and do the update of old files. You can either do new installation – import new database, or follow backward compatibility instructions which are on product page



Thanks for the fast response. As i understand i got the 1.2.0 version and 1.2.1 has those bugs fixed.

I’ll work on updating the site to the latest version.

Have a great day!

Yes, in the update instruction is last line -

After updating you wont have to use the new map system. The old one will be still working. Using new module is completely optional.

So you might already have a new map, the view is just not displayed. SO you can check that or follow the instructions to upgrade from old map – i am not 100% sure, but perhaps i have left old map system in package for reason – not to confuse user who already have their installation with old map they like

Question about agents:

Is it possible to have multiple users who can upload properties and edit their own?

Eg. Agent one uploads 5 houses and can only see/edit those?

I want to be able to let people upload their own properties too.


users are able to modify only their own properties.


Hello, I am new to CMS world. I have installed drupal and downloaded the realia but I have no clue where to go. I dont see any document in the zip file about setting up (installing) this theme

Will this theme work well with 10000+ properties ?

Is there a website that is using many properties to see it ?

Best Regards


we have no limitations regarding the amount of the properties. Everything depends on your server.