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Hi, can I know where is the linkage to include a node as a slider and what is the max default number of sliders that can be included?

I also noticed that by default, the features include nodes that are not ticked as “featured”. I have included the filter for the (field_featured) in views to get this to work. Just FYI.



please kindly post your question on our forum. You can access suport forum at http://byaviators.com/forum

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It is a great theme, but I have had some problems. First of all the map is not full-width. Secondly proprety listings is not grid. And agents in sidebar appears under the recent properties instead of appearing next to the “recent properties”

Hope you can fix these problems, Uras


please kindly post your question on our forum. You can access suport forum at http://byaviators.com/forum

Don’t forget to insert your purchase code into correct field in profile. This purchase code will allow you post the questions.


I have tried to get support at http://byaviators.com/forum yesterday and today; your account creation / login / “Item Purchase Code” process is all whacked – respectfully :)

Item Purchase Code: 00f3c3ef-379a-4552-9f22-02d671507f3e

My email is doug@webbydoug.com

Please create my account, verify and enter my Item Purchase Code”, set a temp password

And then email me my login credentials (un & pw) to above email address – so I can gain access to forum so I can get support.

Thank you and kind regards,

Is your Drupal and wordpress theme is identical with features? if not then are you going to make it identical when it comes to features in future?


the themes are not identical with features. For each group of users we are implementing different features.


Sorry this update support also maintenance offline page?


I’m sorry but we are not supporting offline page, yet.


Dude, your fantastic work.

I am interested, however I have no experience with Drupal.

I wonder if you plan to release a version for Joomla?

If not, I have much experience with joomla, would have trouble working with Drupal? I intend to translate the entire site into Portuguese, mecher not want anything else, because it is perfect.



we are not considering Joomla version cause lack of experience with this CMS. I think that Drupal will be okay for you but you must to study little bit how Drupal is working cause it is much more mature CMS than the Joomla is.



What happened with the theme REALIA for WOrdpress? will it be available again for purchase?


our item was approved. Cheers

thanks. purchased :)

Thank you very much. Cheers

Hi, I left a post on your forum, I’m looking for the sample images that are supposed to be provided with the zip, but I can’t seem to find them, any help in this regard would be great. Thanks.


we can not provide sample images because we don’t have rights to resell them.


I tried to configure the slider on the home page and i cant get it to work.

Can i get some pointers please. Is the slider responsive ?


Sorry for delay. I had a little vacation :) Anyway. are you talking about homepage slider ? Most common mistake is that Slide consist of Image and property reference. When property reference is not set, slider is not displayed. As each slide drags some information from property (location, bathrooms, bedrooms). If this is not the case, can you provide me with bit more specific description of problem ?

Im in structure and i dont see any blocks by the name of slider. Any help appreciated.

Hello! I have a problem width jQuery UI Slider Widget in Better Exposed Filters. The slider work only width Price field in “Listing grid filtered” view. When i try add new field to the filter e.g. “Area”, or other new integer field width operator “Is between”, the slider not work. The slider not working also when i add “Price” field again.. The new field settings is similar how in old field.

Hi, this wasnt integrated in views as we didnt think its so generic functionality it should be implemented as separate module. The code for this can be found in javascript file realia.js in the theme folder.

Its really just couple of lines and all you need to do is copy+paste and change the selector for it :)


Thanks a lot! I solved this!

glad to help :) We have also support forums where you can post you questions – byaviators.com.


Great theme. I’m trying to add some custom items to the responsive slideout menu. Is this a custom implementation? If so, where can I access the files, so I might be able to add elements to it—like a search box, etc?

I want non-standard implementation. Like adding Drupal’s search block to this area…so it goes beyond the UI, possibly into the tpl files.

Well yes then. If you want to add some elements at menu level you should edit the page.tpl.php and create new region there. Also define the region in relia.info file.

So yes, basically you need to play a little with templates and info files, beyond the UI. :)

I cant really be specific because i dont have any picture in mind of what you want to achieve.

What number can I call to get further details on this? I am looking for a them exactly like this but for a different concept. Thanks! Im really interested.


this video might give you introduction – or just search for ‘views exposed filters’ tutorials / documentation


Cheers :)

Nice! So I can create my own filters and make it look like the one you have?

Also one other question, When I buy do you guys help install and or provide assistance to leave them just like you guys ahve inthe demo?

Well we provide support and also some customizations for fixed hour rate – if you have just small requests which can be done in minutes it will be of course free of charge :)

Dear sirs, what is the main difference between Wordpress and Drupal versions, in theme and logic functionality not in CMS :) may be some features works only in Drupal or WP ? Thanks.

Drupal is more minimalistic :) Provides core functionality for real estate agency, views, entities etc. etc. But form assumption that drupal users are bit more experienced in web building, you can build great things with Drupal. However if you are not experienced and looking for more or less ready to go site, you should go with wordpress

There is not much of logic differences. Wordpress offers more widgets and features i guess, but you have to check there, cause i am responsible only for drupal and i dont have this insight :)

why wordpress version is removed from envato? our user is fidansercan and we can not get any help from your side about wp version.

WP is back online.

Think its another soft rejection from themeforest ….

They got rejected with the previous update too ….

Many users complain of the CSS & Layout giving issues with the new wordpress 3.6 so it might still be that problem ..


we were rejected cause of dsIDXpress plugin. Users are not aware that this plugin is payed. Anyway our item is back.


Don’t understand why im getting nothing but the page.tlp.php rendering, no header at all ..

I read up and replaced the $breadcrumbs variable for print render($page[‘header’])...


OK, having done some investigative work, the /sites/all/themes/bootstrap folder had not copied over, which i corrected, and now I have a rather attractive website to play with :D

yeah, the theme is dependant on bootstrap theme :)

wasnt 100% sure what that was, having built numerous things for and with Drupal 6, then moving into Magento development for the last 3 years, the Drupal 7 thing as a new direction for me. Have no prior experience of bootstrap theme :O – I’ll say again though, a really great theme :D

Hopefuly this will stand as a monolith to those who may also fail the way I did ;)

Bought the theme on here, and I have a display issue with IE10 not displaying the footer where it should be, and I registered with byavitors but its asking me for “Insert purchase code” for iot and I can’t see where that code is…

please help !!!

Hello, i honestly didnt do any IE10 testing so far so i need to take a look at it. You can find the purchase code in ‘downloads -> click on download near the item -> purchase code & license’. there you will find your code :)

My Friend thank you so much

You are welcome


i ordered and installed the theme this weekend. Now are two important features missing which the map in the demo-version has implemented - the different markers - clustering

I tried different things to fix it, but it doesnt work at all. Can’t you send me a copy of the database of your demo-page?

And another question. I would like to let implement a searchfield. User can put in his zip-code / city and the search results will be listed to distance. How much would cost this feature? Can you make me an offer?

Best regards

Hello. Yes the db dump was not updated in latest release. However. have you tried following this instructions ?

1. Enable google_map_field and aviators_map modules
2. Run update.php
3. New view Apartment map V2 is created
4. Navigate to structure -> blocks and enable the Map block V2 instead of old map block. ( If you want to use new module )

wow, thanks a lot. How about the offer for the search-feature?

Hi, i guess it would be at least 2 days of work – but however i am not so familiar with google api in this detail. Contact us for hour rate by email info@byaviators.com

Has anyone used Rules module with this theme. Somehow the actions in Rules doesnt seem to be working. If I add a action to a Rule and then click next it just does nothing and stays on the same page. The theme looks great but with such a issue with module like Rules has stuck me with no place to go.

I hope you can help me out…


Steps to replicate this problem: 1. Extract the zip provided by you. 2. Install the drupal site 3. Install Rules(7.x-2.3) Module 4. Add a new rule with any event and then add a action. 5. New action that is added it doesnt do anything and stays on the same page as i had mentioned earlier.

As you can see I havent installed any contrib or custom module. If you want I can share my dev site link with where I have followed the steps above and getting the issue

Yes please, send us login details to info@byaviators.com – please put ‘Drupal’ in subject of email. Thanks

Hi, very quick check shows “Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘once’” That means you have wrong version of jQuery. Anyway you can navigate to admin/config/development/jquery_update and remove “admin/*” from forbidden paths and it should work. However there might be problem with other modules. There is a patch for jquery update – choosing different versions of jquery for frontend and for backend. But i cant find it right now. I am sure with bit more of searching you can find and update it :)



I’ve made a complete mess of our website, so have decided to start afresh, but everytime I try uploading the site I keep getting this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home3/hosttra2/public_html/mysite/includes/form.inc on line 2153 Any ideas whats going on? would appreciate some help Thnx

Hello, this seems like very basic include for drupal forms. make sure that form.inc is uploaded correctly. Or download a fresh drupal from drupal.org and replace the file – one you are having is obviously corrupted. Cheers

Great reply Aviator, replace the file and that done the trick. Your a star Thnx again

Welcome ;)