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Why is it that private unpaid properties still show up on carousel even though they have not been approved and are not paid for? I don’t want any property to show until they have paid. Great theme by the way, 5 stars ;-)

I believe there is published filter by default. But if not just go to structure -> views open up carousel or property view (dont remember exact name ) and add ‘Published == yes’ filter :)

I kinda have feeling that you are not talking about Drupal, as our drupal sites dont offer payments for properties…

I’m trying to change the location of the map on the homepage, I’ve changed the longitude and latitude in structure/views/view/apartment_map/edit but the maps not changing on the home page.

Am I missing something?


Hello Anyone There?

Hell you answered yourself right afterwards – quoting

“It’s not missing, the apartment map is overriding the different homepage states”

Send us access to your site to info@byaviators.com and we will check it.

Map was ignoring latitude/longitude in short time between updates. at September 17th was issued and approved update for fixing the view

Hi Aviator, Sorry your correct I did answer my own question, what I should of added was, how do I fix it to show the slider, I’ll send you access to the site then maybe you can look at that also.



I am using Simple Hierarchical Select module but the dropdown for that field isnt working the way it should for the exposed field, I mean the styling is there but the options are not showing in that field.

You can have a look at: http://virtualrealty.co.in on the front page exposed filter block

Can you please have a look.


Well it seems that chosen plugin doesnt get initialized right. You can either try downloading ‘chosen’ drupla module and configuring it, or you can simply define own drupal behavior to initialize this.

Here is little introduction to behaviors https://drupal.org/node/756722

Hi there, can anyone tell me the default username and password for the demo site. I installed fine, but would like log in credentials for user/1


admin/demo : )

Its in documentation :)

Anyway, just a tip – if you have database you can replace the login with you own directly in database – just create new user, see the password in db, a replace the admin password with the same.

hello there,

before i decide to buy, i would like to try the admin login demo. would you tell me the username and password for the demo user please? (like the one at properta theme).

regards, xmmx.


There isnt a frontend submission for realia – thus there is no demo user – just admin.

But if you are concerned about administration and flexibility, i can assure you that everything is done by proper drupal standards – views, plugins, field formatters, field definitions – everything is perfectly flexible and pluggable, no hardcoding :)

1. Please guide me how to show the item in front-page slider 2. there is a problem when i add image slideshow for property content type :

“Y1 cannot be longer than 15 characters but is currently 18 characters long. HEIGHT cannot be longer than 15 characters but is currently 18 characters long.”

please help to solve this

Hey there,

I purchased this product recently and I must say I am very dissatisfied with it, the installation process was a nightmare and I’m getting an assortment of constant error messages. I would like to exchange it for the Word Press version if I am able?: http://themeforest.net/item/realia-responsive-real-estate-wordpress-theme/4789838

I’m happy to provide my purchase code and license for this product if that helps?

Thanks for your time.


Drupal version is giving you troubles ? You just have to copy the demo folder and import the database.sql placed in demo installation. There is no need for manuall installation. I believe there is some kind of misunterstanding of installation as there are 350 copies sold and very good rating so far, we are tracking no issues with installation.

However we respect your opinion if you want to switch to wp, but you need to contact envato for refunds of the theme – i believe you can refund directly from your user interface, and buy wordpress afterwards..


Webform with date type is not work.

Webform_conditional is not work.

:( Could you fix this ?


Change the jquery ui version you are using. There is no good way to fix this. Lots of drupal modules are dependant on jQuery of higher version than the defaul actually provides. However Rules are using deprecated function, so in fact its rules error. However You can go to admin settings for jquery update and downgrade the version of jquery used.

I switch between jquery versions, but it still does not work. It works in Bootstrap and Bartik. When I disable Chosen, date type works. But Webform_conditional still do not work.

There has to be error in javascript console, copy it for me please.

Hi, I bought the theme, but I have a problem: I can not upload image inside the ckeditor, ie, the popup does not display the button to upload the image. Please help me!

Hi There, How can I download the trial version? Or how can I test for my requirements? I want to buy Realia theme (Drupal). Would like to see if its suitable for me and if I am able to place the properties on map properly.


Where is the drupal theme for Realia?


what do you mean? You can’t find it? Try to use this link http://themeforest.net/item/realia-retina-responsive-real-estate-theme/4489600


Hello. I would like to purchase the Real estate Theme with you. I would like to know if you have someone who can help me answer a few questions or who could work with me to install from A to Z.

Do i need my own hosting or do you have hosting included? If i need my hosting, can it be godaddy? Do you have someone who can help me set up the theme even for extra charge?

another important thing. I want to make multiple sites like 5 of them with their own domain and own wordpress plataform for different areas but would like all these sites to PULL listings from one main wordpress site so I dont have to upload them 5 times on all 5 sites. can this be done? please put me in touch with a WordPress expert i am ready to begin working with you.

Another question is. What is main difference from Drupal to Wordpress and which one should I use?

Hello, i am bit confused now ? Do you want drupal or wordpress ?

Wordpress is more end-user friendly, however drupal offers better flexibility and scalabitlity. You can add functionality faster, especialy if you are looking for some customizations, Drupal will be much better for you. However learning Drupal can be bit tough from beginning, as its fairly complex. If you are willing to learn, Drupal will be great choice for you – in functionality there are not big differences.

If you want to do 5 installations – you need to purchase 5 theme licenses.

We don’t offer hosting, you can go with whatever hosting that supports mysql and php 5.3 – GoDaddy is fine, but if you want 5 installations i would choose some multihosting service or some virtualhost, to achieve best performance adjustments.

If you want to pay for installation contact us on info@byaviators.com for our hour rate.

Cheers Aviators

I am unable to install theme to my server. I bought drupal theme. I dont know where I am going wrong.


You have to copy demo folder on your hosting

Import database.sql into database ( located in demo )

Go to sites/default/settings.php and setup your database connection data



Hi Aviators, compliments again for this work! It’s great!

The question is: why you use bootstrap 2.3.2 and not 3? B3 is more easy to modify and more light.

Your next upgrade could upgrade to bootstrap 3? Many thanks!

Hi, the theme is out for some time, and users are accustomed that whole theme is in bootstrap 2.3. Of course, our new themes will be made in Bootstrap 3, but we want to keep the Realia as is


hi everbody. 1)i have my database table which consist of agent information and other table consist of proprty information.i want to access information from my table rather than realia database table. where to change the code. 2)how to reduce the search form size? plz help me on above issues. thanks in advance.

Well that will just break the whole system. You have to migrate the table you have into Drupal objects – agents or whatever you need. I would suggest you to take a look at some migrating modules – like module “migrate”.


Hi, How to connect my existing database to the search query? Where is the search query located. I want to modify some part to suit my requirements.

Search is done using views filter parameters. You can modify views, or hook up on some views alter functions

How do I use my existing database? I want to customize search and am not able to move forward. Please let me know how it can be done using my own database and where are the changes to be made to customize my search? I have my own admin panel to add/manage properties and wish to use the same database. Possible?

Good day, I can not remember my password to the site http://byaviators.com/ doing recovery but the mail does not come anything. login remember – mrbogdan on what precisely do not remember much. If you can as you restore or provide temporary please write.

Hi, can you send me an e-mail on info@byaviators.com with your login name? I will reset password for you and send you a credentials. Thank you

This is a fantastic Theme and the support from the Aviators team has been really helpful. We would recommend there services to anyone.

Thanks Guys ;)

Thank you, really appreciate that!

Some questions before I buy the theme:

1. Will i have any problem with geolocation request limit? (Google Map)

2. I plan to use the theme for a store location site, so would i be able to remove price field, area field, bathrooms and bedrom fields? And then add other fields that I might need?


thank you for your interest.

1. The limit is 2,500 requests per day.

2. Yes you can remove it, but if you want to add own fields, you have to be familiar with wordpress developing

Thank you

Hi, I would like to return the Drupal CMS and go for WordPress. I am facing difficulty customizing the theme to suit my requirements. Would like to work on WordPress as I am familiar with WordPress. Please guide me.

Well thats up to envato, you have to contact them, we have nothing to do with it.