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How do I use my existing database? I want to customize search and am not able to move forward. Please let me know how it can be done using my own database and where are the changes to be made to customize my search? I have my own admin panel to add/manage properties and wish to use the same database. Possible?

Its a custom made one.

Hm, well, then what you are searching for is not Drupal theme but HTML template. Fitting Drupal theme on your custom cms, thats almost as much work as doing it from scratch, and its also out of scope of support, as i now nothing about your cms : \.

Also, you definately need to be aware how compass, css, js and templating works – i dont know if you are Developer, if you want to use this on your custom cms.

I think I will have to go for HTML format in that case. Yes, we are into development side, so css, js is not an issue for us.

Yes, that will be most effective solution for you.

have a nice day :)

Has is anyone else had a problems with the code being parsed out by wysiwyg and if so have you found a solution? Please help it’s driving me mad.


Its known problem with wysiwyg and i did not found any setting allowing that. If you are bit skilled with html i would suggest you to skip wysiwyg entirely. If you want to keep wysiwyg, you might want to try different solution than there is currently. (I dont really know drupal module solutions for this, well )

Can I display the location on gmaps approximate (in a 500m range) instead of a exact location?

hm, that is very strange condition, you might want to check google map api, theme does not support this and its so rare we wont implement this in update either. Simplest solution that comes to my mind is that you replace marker icons with large circle image, and them readjust positon of the ‘circle’ according to its size – however it wont scale with zooming out and in, so you need to also restrict maximum zoom.


In Spain it’s a very common case, as the Real Estate companies don´t have exclusivity with houses, so they need to hide the exact location to assure their business model and honoraries. Check this page, u¡in the tab “Map” to see what I mean: https://www.airbnb.es/rooms/1056609 Thanks

hi aviators, I’m about to redesign an estate site and wonder, if realia could get data out of db from an SaS-provider like: http://www.immopool.de/ASP/Immo/Obj/ImmoSel.asp?LASID=72282057&GrpO=1&GeoSL=004&FReg=4392&ZZ=72282057&mitBild=on&Suche+starten.x=ja and use own CSS on the entries.

TIA & have a nice one chymian

Hi, unfortunately, you need to add properties manually. This link brings me on error page. Cheers

Hello, the last answer was for wordpress, we kinda mixed it up :) If you provider has API you can go ahead and use ‘migrate’ module to pull data from him, or you can set migrate for ‘csv’ files and import new csv every day, there are plenty of options with migrate module. Read more here



Hi! Thank you for nice theme!

How to change map icon image? For example Apartment type has house map icon. Tried to set new icon in taxonomy term Apartment Map Icon, but it does not affect.


Hi, well it was a feature at a time, however we couldnt make it retina ready that way. So you need to go to theme folder open assets – images -markers – icons folder and replace the icons with your owns. If you want to add your own, additional terms you can open default.scss located in scss theme folder and add aditional terms, – there are plenty examples for already created terms ;)

Thank you for your answer. I noticed that it always uses other.png icon, no matter what you choose on Type for property.

I also just did fresh install and all demo/sample content uses other.png icon on map marker. Also does not affect if I change from demo content Type.

What could cause this? Why it does not use other icons?

Hello! How are you?

My name is Fabricio and I have two questions:

First: after user to click the button “Search Now” in my “homepage with map”, I would like of reload only the map with the results. I did not want “refresh” in the complete page. Is it possible?

Second: is it possible change field “Location” to a field type autocomplete google maps?


Big hug. Fabricio Monteiro

1. Well the filter displayed over the map actually belongs to View containing property listing grid, it does not do any filtering on the map itself. However it is possible if you edit the map view and add additional filter and set ‘ajax’ submit for it. You need to study “better exposed filters” module a little bit. But it will disapoint you a little, because of how is views module build, submit will reload the whole view and it might not be so fast as you imagine, map flickering may occur while loading new refreshed map.

2. Yes, just hover over it (filter), click on edit view in the corner (Under the settings wheel ) and under “Filter” section, choose location and select autocomplete instead of selectbox as it is now.


Hi there, I have purchased WordPress Realia theme. The problem that i face is that as soon as I do any change in the text like email, phone number etc, the theme stops working. It shows a disfigured page. Can you please let me know the reason behind it and the solution for the same.

Hello, you need to post into appropriate item, so we can verify you really are a buyer, cheers

Hi all ,

I just installed this theme and the frontpage looks the same but nothing works, not the links or even login …

I can not find my code so I can’t ask on the forum :s

If you want to start working on this already you can navigate using ?q=user then ?q=admin/config/ and disable clean urls for the site …

works!!! thanks a million ;D

glad to help


hello, the mediabox module isn’t working correctly, when I try to add an item it goes to another page instead of a popup and when I submit it it goes back to the homepage with #refresh after the link.

That wont be the issue, check if your javascripts are loading correctly – turn on javascript console and check if there are any errors. Clear the caches, see if that helps. – usually jquery_ui tend to cause such problems – but console output will tell us more


1.- All images doesn`t load ->Can you please explain me how this image work..all image appears broken

2.- how i can change google maps?

hi could you please take a look

1.- http://mhfinmobiliaria.com/site/

i can´t any image


hi still no answer from your side

1.- i can´t load any image…. please respond


You are either missing .htaccess in your files directory or you have some problem with server configuration, check for correct .htaccess settings for files directory drupal.org, if its not the issue, contacty our hosting provider as problem would be in server configuration.

Hi, I am considering purchasing theme but want to also use it to create articles and other custom content types. I assume the standard Drupal options exist and haven’t been disabled because its a real estate theme?

If so, could you point me in the direction of an article layout, so that I can see what image style (large, small, wrapped text around it etc) is used.

Lastly, do you have a block regions demo page?


By the way, it is a very nice theme.

Hello, there is no regions demo page.

The articles/pages are not disabled, however the editing you are mentioning would be done by wysiwyg, which covers most of the styling.

Some additional styling might be needed to make this look nice


Hello, This is a great theme and it is working great. The only question that I have is how do I remove fields from the google maps filter? My site is IWishProperties.com and I want to remove the “area” fields.

Thank you

Hello, are you sure you purchased drupal version ? Because you dont have “purchased” badge in this section.


I purchased your theme and my worry is that the demo files provided there are not the same as showing in your demo. is there another proper document which can describe the things as there are lots of things we do not know how to fix an setup. How to add the icon on the listing is there way to select cursor from the google map.

Look to hear from you.

Hello, are you sure you purchased drupal version ? Because you dont have “purchased” badge in this section.

Hi Sorry, i purchased the wordpress theme, posted on wrong one.

hi aviators, is there any possibility that user post a comment for property or write a review?

Hello, well its regular node so you can just enable the comments and render them out in the template. Thats should be all to make comments work : )


Hi Aviators. I have problems setting up the PictoPro, I followed the content type in the demo, and using same views setting. Changed the display layout for “Call to Action”. But the new PictoPro I set up doesn’t works.

Is it only limited 1 PictoPro script to run in a single page? Because currently there are 2 blocks using it. One is demo and another is custom.

Do you have any guides / what I should follow or do regarding PictoPro?

Thank you.

Hello, did you follow backward compatibility ?

Its not limited, in newest version pictopro is implemented as field, you may implement as many fields as you want.

If you have latest version, the pictopro field should be available and working. If you updated from older version, pictopro instructions are on the product page here on themeforest


hi, i can’t see login link or form on my page, here is screenshot:



I think the site is well designed and a good effort as there are only a few good Drupal Real Estate themes out there.

However I think it would be great if you could offer a view with MLS data. Most real estate sites in North America would prefer to have MLS data as an option on their site. This allows potential buyers to browse through other properties available on MLS besides those posted by the site.

Implementing such an option would make this theme standout from the competition.


We might consider this, however at this point i am not familiar with the MLS api and i need to study it a little to get to some conclusion, but thanks for pointing this out and i will definately check it. Cheers

hi, how can i edit CSS of “view” formats ? f.e. “Realia Grid”, or “Unformatted list” – styles ?

here is screen:


Well if you select the format than you have to see have the site view looks like on fronted. Then you just have to inspect elements – firebug in firefox, or chrome or whatever tool you like, and just start writing css according to it :)



Can I easily change the titles and criteria of the search items as I want to list properties and other items??

Yes, its all done by using views filters, feel free to customize your filters as you want.

If you are not familiar with filters you can check documentation on drupal.org