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Hi. I looking for theme with geomap and advertising searching… Can I use your theme to this solution and with woocommerence plugin?


Hi, WC is not supported.

Better Google Map feature is implemented in our Superlist theme:


all right, but can I use realia theme with woocomerence?

You can use your own WooCommerce integration if you wish, but it is not supported by default.


gsoraiz Purchased

Hola; instale retalia en www.truestate.com.ar pero tengo problemas para visualizar el mapa del slider, Cual puede ser el problema?

Hi, I don’t understand your language. Please ask your questions in English please. Btw. please extend your support for this item, thank you.


gsoraiz Purchased

Hello; Install retaliation in www.truestate.com.ar but I have problems to visualize the map of the slider, What can be the problem?

Hi, can you describe your issue in more details please? I can’t help you without any additional information. What exactly is not working? Do you see any errors? Btw. please extend your support for this item, thank you.


It’s been awhile since I’ve changed the settings but I’m looking to make some color changes to the theme and can’t seem to find those options and your documentation doesn’t mention anything.

Hi, we are using Sass compiler which allows custom variables definition. All .scss files are stored in the theme assets folder. Read more about Sass here: http://sass-lang.com/guide If you don’t want to use Sass, you can still overwrite the CSS code in your custom .css file. Btw. please extend your support for this item. Thank you.

hi i am want t buy this theme but its shwing a agent and agengies and is nt best can i custmize it

Hi, you can customize the theme appearance using either your own stylesheet or by overriding template files in your child theme.


cretf Purchased

Hi, in your demo, in “South Mervin Boulevard” property there is a video. Where can I edit the video url ?

Hi, there should be a “Video URL” field in the property details.

HI do you have schema mark up?

Hi, can you be more descriptive please? Thank you.

Can you set schema mark up?For this template?

This theme support all languages?

You can translate the theme like any other WordPress themes using regular .po files.

You can read more about localization in official WordPress documentation: