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From where can i translate this theme

You can use Loco translate plugin for example.

Hello, i love the theme and wanna to buying. Before i purchase, i have few question to be my concerns. 1. Can it be set default language to chinese? 2. How can i add train station in property, which can be search in drop down menu ( appear homepage search box)? 3. Some properties is apartment type, where i can input states, cities, district? (likely japan properties) 4. Also any newsletter / subscription plugin ? 5. Can i add more field in search box ? likely i can search train line & train station, another option i can search in location.

Thank you very much


1. You can translate the theme like any other WordPress themes using regular .po files.

You can read more about localization in official WordPress documentation:


2. you will need to write a custom code to achieve that. If you are looking for UI field manager, you may be interested in our Superlist theme instead:


3. In the WP admin.

4. it isn’t part of the theme functionality. Feel free to use any third party plugin.

5. same as 2.

Hope it helps.


ADHWebsite Purchased

Hi – I was wondering how to place a caption on my images that are in the property gallery slider? The images are currently are being cropped in the slider and I just wanted to be able to write ‘click to expand’ – Can I do this or have the slider accomodate the image sizes?


MrNugen Purchased

Hello, I have more than 7.000 properties published in the site and I had to desactivate the plugin CMB2 because it breaks the website and makes it very slow:


you can check my site here:


Please, let me know if there is other plugin alternative or if you will fix this plugin bug, thanks a lot!

Hi, I have this theme for a long time. Version: 2.8.6 And I think because off Security issues I have to upgrade.

But how to? Did lot off custom work and have made a custom import with wpallmport before you started a addon for this.

Dont want to start all over. (www.vanderhulstverhuurmakelaar.nl) Please give advice