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amazing work!, GLWS! ;)

Thank you!

Geat looking theme but the individual property listings don’t appear to be responsive, they dont resize down on my Samsung or HTC

Hi, I was using the default browsers on the phone but I have now also tried Firefox on both phones and same problem. Its only affecting the individual listing page, everything else resizes fine just not that page.

Its the large images that are not resizing

Demo site was updated. Is it okay for you now? Cheers

No its still the same and I have just tried on my desktop here using the latest version of firefox and as you resize the window down the gallery photo gets smaller until you get past say the size of a tablet screen then the gallery photo jumps back up to its original fullscreen desktop size.

The gallery photo won’t scale below 538×260 in Firefox or IE 8+

Chrome is fine on desktop & mobile


Hello! Some pre-buy questions:

1. The homepage is customizable? You can put more informations (real estate offers, categories, etc.) on the homepage? 2. Is this theme translation ready? 3. Can more agents work on the theme to add properties?

Awaiting your answers with interests. Thanks a lot.



1. It depends what you want to put on the homepage but for simple things it is customizable. For complex homepage you will probably need to hire someone. Anyway we are considering to implement page builder to create more complex pages.

2. Yes it is. We have already generated PO files.

3. Sure just give them permissions.


About homepage, I mean if I can put more information on it? Like category listings, banners, etc.

Here you can see the widget areas so you got a lot places where to add new widgets.


Hi, Same question for every real estate theme, does this theme have any payment system that allow the site to charge users that want to put up their house? Thanks

Hi, there is no payment system integrated, yet.

clean work! i like it ;)

Thank you very much

Hello again! Another questions:

1. Can the theme be used without google maps? 2. Can I add unlimited sidebars? 3. Can I put categories into the menus? 4. There are widgets to list category offers?

Awaiting your answers with interests. Thanks a lot.


1. Yes the theme can be used without Google maps. We integrated Revolution slider subpage to see that you can use theme without google maps.

2. There is no support for unlimited sidebars yet. Adding into TODO.

3. Sure you can. This is already implemented in the preview.

4. Nope. Adding into TODO.


Great Work~


1. You should use this function to check if you are in the term archive


2. Did you set propert settings for blog page?


3. We are everywhere using translation functions. The problem is that POEdit is not able to recognize these functions in quotes. Thank you for pointing me at the wrong strings. I’m going to fix them right now.

4. If I understand correctly you want to display only not empty locations? Right?

5. Try to use just simple text widget.


1. How we can solve this? Do you want currency switcher? For each currency will be available: sign (before, after), code and format.

2. We will consider this option.

3. Where did you see this backup mechanism? I’m asking because have never seen the backup option in custom themes. Maybe its there the plugin for that.

4. Sure. Next update will include this list.


To answer your question for sugestions first.

1. For the currency, maybe you can provide a option to disable currency sign and let user manually add whatever currency sign they want in whatever positions.

3. For the backup mechanism, please go to this theme for reference: http://themeforest.net/item/crevision-responsive-wordpress-theme/3538153. If you need theme file, you can PM me. Oh, what the hell. Please go to this demo site http://test.crevision.org/wp-admin/ and using admin and 123456 to login. Theme has been activated, you should find backup options in the theme main settings.

For my problems:

4. No, thats not what I mean. Please go to my demo site: http://www.crevision.org. In the front page filter, if you click Locations part, you will get two options to choose: The first one is Sydney and the Second one is Australian Properties. What I mean is since Australian Properties is the parent of Sydney, then Australian Properties should not appear in the Location filter anymore. In case someone do need all Locations to be showed, it would better come out in a hierarchical style not like the present one.

Thank you for your time and patient.

I gotcha you. Adding this into TODO. Thanks

I will surely buy this theme! Congratulations!


Good theme. But the map icons when clicked don’t take to properties.

I would highly suggest a filter by map view – example of this link http://wp.realia.byaviators.com/locations/palo-alto-sa/ on top you can put map view, listing view – it would be a big seller.

List your property page isn’t working.

If you can have a more customize look page for listing instead of the wordpress admin that would be great too.

Also if you can make small filters for amenities on an advance search page that would just take this template to the next level. Are the amenities editable and can we add to it.

Either way.. WELL DONE!

We will consider adding new filter options. When you click on the map icon you can see popup with the button on the property detail. Thanks

Excuse me what do you mean by saying “limit”?

sory for my bad english, i find my answer thank you:D

Great theme! Some pre-buy questions:

1. WPML is compatible? 2. It is possible to insert HOTELs (no rental but booking)?


Hi, we didn’t test WPML plugin yet. I thing it is possible to insert hotels instead of properties but there is no booking system in this theme. Thanks.


Bought the theme, install the theme, it gives me an error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/rezident/public_html/wp-content/themes/realia/aviators/plugins/templates/templates.php on line 30

I cannot preview, I can NOT activate. What should I do? :( I did not expect this…

You are using PHP 5.2 where are not supported anonymous functions. Please switch to to newer PHP version. Anyway tomorrow I am going to upload fixed version. Thanks

The fixed version will work with PHP 5.2 also? Or not? Because my administrators from the shared hosting that I use told me that they do NOT know when they will update :(:(...

Yep it will be working. We are supporting PHP 5.2 but this version is pretty old and unsupported. If you can, change the provider. Cheers

Hi, im getting an error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/woningq/domains/woningq.nl/public_html/wq/wp-content/themes/realia/aviators/plugins/templates/templates.php on line 30

You are using PHP 5.2 where are not supported anonymous functions. Please switch to to newer PHP version. Anyway tomorrow I am going to upload fixed version. Thanks

Nice job guys…A few ideas that would make it better though would be :

1 > instead of each property link taking you to another page, it would open the details in a lightbox enabling us to put a video tour/360 virtual tour/info etc.

That would make it more user friendly instead of going back and forth to different pages.

2 > Filter would narrow it down to icons on the map….I thought that was how it was going to work when I used the filter at first.

Nice looking theme. I cant seem to find the FRONT END page to add property. Can you show me where it is ? Can I edit property listings at the front end as well?

Front-end submission in this theme is solved by using WP native UI. Anyway you can click on “List your property” where you need to sign up and after that you can add your properties. Thanks

Theme looks nice as I said before BUT that is NOT Front End user submission.

If the user needs to go into the back end of WP to add a post, that’s not user Front End submission.

Once you have a nice form on the front end of the site for users to upload their details and edit their details, list showing all their posts, I’ll be back. I don’t want my users seeing the back end of WP at all.

Good luck with your theme though. By the way, there is another theme that does have a REAL user front end submission. I will however be keeping an eye on this theme as it is set up quite well. :)

We will definitely refactor “front-end” submission. Thanks

Nice work!

Any plans to improve the user front-end? Really there should be no black default WP admin bar at all. This is ultimately the deciding factor for me, because so many developers fail to built an actual front-end user experience. Seeing the default WP admin at all is a deal killer, no question about it.

Yes there is a plan to improve front-end submission. Now we are using just WP backend to allow user to post their properties. We will remove the admin bar for regular users in the next update. Thanks

few questions!

1. please add some screens of the admin area! (on how)
2. multiple agents?(for the same property)
3.on the property page ,agents profile to show will be nice.
4.payment gateway (paypal and credit card integration,like authorize.net and mijireh.com!)
5.option for me as site admin to charge a fee for any user that want to list their properties for sale or rent
6.on the rental side,it was better to have a system ,with a calendar to choose between what dates is available or from what date will be available !
7.”open house” page for agents,where if they have a open house and they want to invite agents in the area,to be able to do that!,and must be a form where they can sign up ,that they will come ,on that day!,a calendar integrated will also be nice!...
8.when in property page,under that agent ,to have a link to “see more from this agent”
9.on home page map ,when you click on a icon,they come but needs to have a close “x” button.
10.also if possible to have “street view” integrated on the property page.
11.other thing will be nice on main page the icons to show a price.
long list ,but must fit my needs to buy.
and yes,
i have been looking for a real estate all in one theme for a while so hope that one will come around that will fit my needs and have good support.

I’m sure that we will refactor front-end submission with user packages in the next mayor release. Thanks

okay,still waiting…have any clue when major update will come?

Hi, next week we are going to start working on update. Thanks

alquien puede ayudarme a instalar contenido de prueba, tal y cual esta en su demostración.

o indicarme donde están los pasos para cada instalacion

we correct template for wordpress. ’s just bought. REALIA folder within this folder the file EXPORT and climbed 404 showing off the template message.

Please PM me the screenshot. Thanks.

Dear figured me the following error when exporting wordpress

Sorry, there has been an error. The file is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error can cause you have your php.ini file uploads disabled or because post_max_size is set smaller than upload_max_filesize in php.ini.

does this great allow members to sign up and add there own properties for sale or can only admin add listings?

does this great allow members to sign up and add there own properties for sale or can only admin add listings?

Users should register/login into the system and add their own properties. Only admins should publish the properties. This submission is done through WP backend. Cheers