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Hi I am trying to add a unique revolution slider created and show it on one page. Is use the widget Revolution Slider and choose slider I have created. I then try to assign to a specfic page by selecting Show on Checked pages and selecting only one page location.

The sldier does not appear.

If i select Hide on Pages I will show but on every page even if I use the check bxoes. The other problem is I want to add five sliders one to ech of five pages but a second slider will not show either. Can you help?

Hi, please respond within the account you bought our item from. Thank you.

I’m seeing this error in firebug console when trying to use jquery slide animation. How do I resolve?

“TypeError: x.easing[this.easing] is not a function”


you can try this. Let me know if it works.


I upgraded to jquery-ui-1.11.4 and seems to be working


great to hear that.

Hello, When will be the next update? The last one was more than 2 years ago.

I can see also that the Wordpress Version has been updated but this version is not synced.


unfortunately new updates are not required. Design will stay as it is.

Hi developer

I have bought this product and I need to know how to add map point to detail.php. I want to know how to add latitude longitude to themap.

Regard CHUAN


Hi, please purchase support of the item. Thank you.

I’m sorry I’m speaking little English, http://remaxpashabodrum.com/yeni/ I can not run a popup on a map, the HTML version of the map that you do not have popups. How do I put popups html

It does not work on your website on my pc too, because it may be caused by your javascript errors at your site.

Hi again,

I have uploaded the original html files (which I downloaded from your site) into the address of http://remaxpashabodrum.com/html/ , it has a linux server/plesk panel. The problem is; the pop ups which you have on the map in your html demo, are not opened, does not work. 1. Do you have the java scripts of pop ups in your html download file version? 2. Which one of them are the files of java map pop up? 3. or do we need to buy these files as extra or do we need to write them?

Thanks a lot in advance, Kind Regards, Yunus Arslan

You are missing this file:

http://remaxpashabodrum.com/html/assets/img/marker-transparent.png Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Hello i am considering on buying this site. It’s really nice one problem though. When i choose homepage with google map, for mobile screens with landscape orientation (with much larger than height) we have the header and then the google map and below it the search from…but the google map gets the rest of the screen and i cannot proceed to the rest of the site below it (all interactions going up-down zoom in/out affects the map) especially since chrome for mobile does not show me any scrollbar for the site and there is no wheel function or anything….Any way to fix this?

I like the third idea. It is perfect. Thank you for your message.

Glad i could help :) Btw I will add your creation to the suggestions I will be making to my client but he wants a mega menu too (u know the ones u can freely add html inside the menu bubbles ) u have any one u prefer using (responsiveness is ofc a must factor)?

I used UberMenu few months ago in one project of mine and it worked fine. You can try.

How can I set the header style?

I choose one in the palette but I want to set it permantly, how can I do that?

You can set it in the WP customizer.

I don’t use wordpress, I bought the normal template..

Sorry, I missed that. Just change body class to one of these: header-dark, header-light, header-normal.

i buyed it. but why i cant see pictures property on homepage map???

i need html version.. and i buyed html version.. and there are demos html version…. can u help me for this? how can i take new version??? i pay for new version, but your download link old version!!

don’t you help me?? why its old version????

Hi, what old version do you mean? Latest template version is 1.0.1. Latest WordPress version is 4.0.2.

Hi, trying to figure out why the mobile menu does not work on my site. homebuyerwise.com . Any ideas?

Try to disable all third party plugins.

Hello, Is a system to sticky the navigation bar?

Hi, no there isn’t.

Hi, can you send me the style.css file? I’ve just sent you an e-mail right now.. Andrey here

Hi, what style.css do you mean? I haven’t received any email from you.

From this theme.. realia.. i’ve tried to install but it says style.css is missing.. what is your e-mail?

sorry i posted twice the reply to this post.. my bad

From this theme.. realia.. i’ve tried to install but it says style.css is missing.

Hi, you are referring to HTML version of the item. WordPress version is available at this URL:


Hello, can i get back end admin login details? i want to check this theme before purchase.


If you have any difficulties with the theme configuration or its functionality, feel free to ask for help in our support forum:


We’ll be glad to help you.


I purchased this theme but i am not familar with html, i successfully installed it by watching tutorial video, but i don’t know how to connect this theme to database and how to login, can you please advise about it please. Thank You!

Looking forward to hear from you. Thank You!

Also, i am unable to sigup at your support website http://support.pragmaticmates.com/ , it would be great help, if you can answer this question here in comment. Thank You!

hi, design is good but you should update bootstrap latest version…..