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Hey ! Now you have a Drupal & and html version of this amazing theme, how about a wordpress version !? :-)


Thanks. Wordpress version is comming out next :)


I Love You… :-) Any ETA ??

So glad you created this HTML version. One happy customer. Thanks

Thank you for putting such a interest in it :) Enjoy, cheers.

A beautiful theme. Congratulations!

Thank you

great template, GLWS!


I have been waiting forRealia – Retina Responsive Real Estate in HTML thanks for the theme.WELL DONE. :)

Thank you very much. Don’t forget to rate our theme.

I really wish this was ready a few weeks ago! Just bought a template and started work on it and now you bring this out which fits the bill perfectly.

Im going to have to buy yours now lol.

Great template and i like what you have done with GMAP.

We are really glad that it fits well for you!

any ETA for the WP version?

Next week we are going to start work on wordpress so probably it will take 5 weeks. Thanks

a ha, we will be very exited when the WP version is ready for purchasing..

Just about to buy a Wordpress Real Estate Theme. Any idea on an date for your WP release?

Thanks Mark

Next week we are going to start work on wordpress so probably it will take 5 weeks. Thanks

Hello, very nice template. Could you please send me an email when the Wordpress theme is available? Or do you have an approximate date where I come back to see?

Best regards Manuel

Next week we are going to start work on wordpress so probably it will take 5 weeks. Thanks

congratulations for this fantastic theme. I wanted to ask before you buy if there is a guide and the ability to have any markers on the map for a different window details (the demo I noticed that each marker refers to the same card).

thanks for kind word. Yep, it is possible. I thing that code is pretty self-explanatory. Look at ‘LoadMapProperty’ function in the file http://html.realia.byaviators.com/assets/js/realia.js

thank you very much for the quick response. unfortunately I thought it was simpler … my fault that they are not very grabbed on :)

Excellent Work , GLWS !


Thank you very much!

How do you remove the options sidebar and set the header and color settings manually?

Actually it did not change. What exactly should the body tag say?

Thanks… <body class=’header-dark pattern-lghtmesh’>

<body class=”header-dark”> Cheers :-)

Can’t see the demo – hosting problems :)

Excellent job!

The filter for Location, Type, Beds, Baths etc doesn’t seem to work?

Did you not do a working example for this?

This is just HTML template without the business logic. You have to develop your logic by yourself. Thanks

Hi i read that WP version it will be available in 5 weeks just let me know if can be before i need to show a prototype to my customer and i need wp version

Roger that :-)

This really is an incredible template. I’m so excited about using it but I have some questions if you’d be so kind to answer them?

I definitely want to use the ‘list your own properties’ feature. Why is this not available in the Drupal version along with other features such as login/register? Will these HTML version features be available in the Wordpress version?

If I have to use the HTML version, what platform would you recommend using for the CMS?

Thanks in advance!

These features will be available in Wordpress and in Drupal but we need time to implement them. Wordpress version will be available in the next 5 weeks and regarding the Drupal we will try to make an update next week. Thanks.

Some ideas might want to consider for the wordpress version.

Different map markers for different type of property on the map.

Once you have selected the location, you also have the option to select a area.

Real time update of the map, so when selecting the location/area/rent/buy, the map updates, and only show pins from the location/area/rent/buy.

option for boxed layout of the map.

Look forward for the wordpress version, Keep up the good work..

Thank you very much for your feedback.

What about Joomla version?

Sorry but we are not going to implement Joomla version :-(