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Hi sir, i’ve purchased your Wordpress version of Realia, but i want also the HTML version. But, there is a but… In your HTML version there is a BIG bug: - if you open the slide page with Firefox for Android, everything goes out of the page and you lose the responsive format of the site. Also, is there a BOXED VERSIONE, like in wordpress versione? Thanks


there is no boxed version. We can’t do compatible template for every browser, because when something is fixed on one, new bug will reveal on another.

Thank you

Hi, great theme, love to work with it, just need one thing to fix… When listing the properties (listing-grid) and I have different length text in the title H2 tag, then all the divs have different heights based on the title length, and they are not in order. The fourth div is not on the beginnig of the row but, on the end of that row. What can I do with it? Thank you


Check how many columns do you have set in Settings > Properties grid template > Of colums

If the problem still persist open “style.css” and add this:

.properties-grid .property { height: 300px; }

It will set fixed hight for property box.


I’ve already managed the problem. I’ve added fixed height to the Title div and the overflow hidden, so now shows 4 rows of text which is enough. I have the HTML version so no settings there ;) Thank you!

Oh, sorry, my mistake :) But anyway, great job! :)

Hi. in which file i can get data from map ? Regards.

Hi, open content\PHP\assets\js where is a script for the map


For the Map, how can I have each pin point display different property? Right now there are multiple pin points but all of them have same content in once you click on them.

Do you have any documentation for that? Also do you know if Google Maps Api free to use for commercial purposes or we have to buy business license?


I hear you. Which PHP file is controlling that on PHP version? So I can take a look and see how its done with php. Thanks

Markers and working with map is defined in “realia.js”. Cheers

Yeah but you said its not possible to have different content for each marker with html. So is it possible with php version which is included in the download folder? if yes then which php file or function is makes that happen so i can check it out. if not then can you please help to set that up? any documentation how to setup multiple ones with javascript?

Much appreciated!

Hi, you need to edit assets/scss/helpers/_header.scss. But you need a SCSS compliler like compass.app

I’m considering buying this template. I see there’s been a lot of confusion over this map and I just want to understand better. Is there an area to enter all the addresses so the map can display them?

Well its just a template, so yes you have to navigate to codes and add your corresponding data. But its not very hard. The location consists just of lat/lon coordinates, thats all. You will see plenty of examples in the codes.

So I can add lat/lon in the code and Google Maps will generate the map on the template. It’s not just a screenshot to show you what you could do there, like some other templates at themeforest?


it is not screenshot. It is a real map.


Hi there,

Great theme here but need to know one thing from seeing the demo before buying. Is there a way to make all the answers in the FAQs to be displayed at once or to not make one answer minimize when another has been clicked? I ask this because i have had lot of problems with accordion codes before and badly need this feature to buy this theme :(


Hi, well you are posting question into template comments. Templates doesnt have any significant background functionality imlemented. However you need just a little javascript skills to make accordition work as you want.

If you buy the theme we can provide you with the little javascript you need to change in order not to close accordions if new one is open

For template and wordpress to.

hi. Purchased your template working great. just one question about the gray out background. like if I have a link Open All I want is to open detail.htm in the middle of the webpage and gray out the parent’s background.

Is it a code it is already built and it will work?


There is no such functionality in html templates. But as you said, just open the html file, add some “special” class to the body or content, whatever you want to have changed and then add appropriate styling for it in css like .special { background-color: red; }


Regarding this templates CSS compliance. Wondered if you could comment against this output;


1018 errors?

I am new to wordpress. I downloaded this theme yesterday and I am not able to upload to my wordpress site. Each time I attempt to upload it says: The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Lower on the page it says: broken theme: stylesheet is missing. Please help. I have tried other methods like uploading the folders manually using ftp. Another method says find the theme folder and upload in wp-content>themes, howerver I am not able to find the a folder named theme within the zip provided. please help.

Hi, check if there is style.css in the ZIP file with theme. Also check if you have admin privileges if you are uploading the theme

I have full admin privileges for both sites. I have searched the zip folder and there is not a style.css file. I have uploaded several free and premium themes and they install with no problem. I appreciate your timely feedback, but this is putting us behind schedule and if we can not resolve very soon we will need a refund. Thanks.

Hm, I do not understand why is the style.css missing, because it is included in the package. Anyway, send me an e-mail on info@byaviators.com and I will send you style.css file. Thank yoy

Hi there, You are providing 3 header style. I want to make first style as permanent. But I dont want that control panel on the left side. For that what will I do ? How can I keep 1 header style in default ?

Hi, if you want to disable palette, just delete whole DIV with class=”palette”. Open _structure.scss and you can make changes there. But you need an SCSS compiler

Hi, You are providing 3 header styles. How can I set 1 particular header style as default ( without palette ) ?


in body tag, just change the class to






That should be all :)


Hi! Does this template support the WPML plugin? Can we use this template to build a multilingual Wordpress site?


Hi. This is just an HTML template. You can use it for building a WP site with WPML support.

How can i add google maps “Get Directions” feature to the pins?

Thanks Zaur

Need an Urgent Reply I am willing to purchase this theme but I need to know few things like, I have to build Indian real estate website. SO for that I need to add few things in listing property. Like US, is there any MLS Search for Indian real estate site.

Hi, what exactly do you want to add? I don’t have an information about Indian MLS

Hello, I would just like to find out if this template will be upgraded anytime soon to include features such as marker clustering? Info will be useful in making purchase decisions.

Hi, we will consider it.

Map Question

You wrote above in comment reply Hi. in which file i can get data from map ? Hi, open content\PHP\assets\js where is a script for the map

Want to Crystal Clear on this Map

In your demo the javascripts are loaded in order at bottom of code. And this is the map code assets/js/realia.js

I can see the main map coordinates that produces the map.

Question: is there a PHP admin script to create realia.js for all those Arrow locations and other options?

Or is the realia.js requiring Manual Coding for all that?


no, there is no administration for this at all, template is just bunch of html/js/css files/framework.

Any logical functionality needs to be coded.


Hi guys, I need a hand… when on property detail page, we have the big photo of the property and under a carousel like list of thumbnail photos with right-left arrows to move. Now my client needs that I add arrows for the big photo, and when I click on that it just should jump to the next/prev. photo. Is it possible to do that easily? Thank you!


I’m sorry but there is no option for that in admin. You need custom Javascript & CSS for that. Cheers


I have been customizing the templates and it work pretty well. However, when I open my page from mobile, the image appear while the page still loading. However, after the page is fully loaded, the image is missing.

Any advise on this?

It seems affected on non desktop browser. Tested on iPhone and iPad, same issue. Thanks.


still I don’t know which image is hiding. Do you mean logo, property detail image or agent’s photo? All images are hiding? Do you have an URL? Do you have javascript errors in your console?



I’m talking about all images when it load on mobile screen size. It will find image with postfix of @2x right? I think I figured it out. I duplicate all my image with the name of @2x. That worked for now.

If you would like to check, here is my website. http://gto.my

Another question, I seems to have problem when user load the website in mobile. Google map seems to take over the scrolling function. Any advise?

Hi, the template is awesome. Are you planning an update to Bootstrap 3 for the next days?


we will stick with bootstrap 2.


Hi, Ive been customizing the theme and very happy with it, and would like to know if there’s an existing conditional tag to use in the widget logic to display different google maps (for example, on the homepage a map of the whole city of NY, and on the pages for specific locations, say Manhattan, the map of Manhattan, and so on for all locations.

I tried with “is_category()” “is_location()” and “is_page()” where i was adding the ID of my location between the parenthesis symbols, but it didnt work and add an error message (site couldnt load properly) when i tried with the tag “is_location()”

any way to do it?


I think it is possible but you need to to use correct conditional tags.

has_term(‘manhattan’, ‘locations’)