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Can you please make a bootstrap 3 version of this template? I will buy it right away. I love the features, but just need it to be updated with the latest technologies.

Thank you.


it is in plan but we are pushing out realocation wordpress version right now, so it is bit postponed .



Hello, do you have any documentation for how the radio buttons works? – It looks very bad when I am trying to use them, du I have to write anything else than: <input type=”radio” id=”test” name=”type” value=”1” /> It looks sooo bad, and it do not even work.

Add this to css

.ez-radio {
    background-image: url("../img/radiobutton.png");
    background-position: center center;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-size: 21px 21px;
    display: inline-block;
    float: left;
    height: 21px;
    width: 21px;

.ez-radio.ez-selected {
    background-image: url("../img/radio-open.png");


Thanks for the help. :-)



Is it possible to upgrade html template version to versions that you used in Realia – WordPress Theme?

Thank you.

Ehm, well no, those are different products, you need to buy wordpress theme if you want to : )

Hi we purchased the HTML theme, but somehow the responsive part is not working properly, property details page is not adjusting on the mobile. Live preview of this site is also not adjusting:


Could you please have a look and provide a fix else I would have to go for some other theme, we have already done a lot of work on this and would appreciate if this can be fixed.

Thanks, Alind

Is the site online ? Show me the link.

Not now, but you can check this on your own hosted sample site at this url using Firefox:


I just deployed the code i mentioned and it looks perfectly fine in firefox.

Yes, its coming perfect now, would it be possible for you to send me the updated code?

One more issue if I can, the markers on the Google maps, they does not contain the property type icons (they are coming on WP theme and looks very neat).

Very quick and highly appreciated.

This has been integrated for wordpress version later and codes has not been backported to html yet.

just copy the css


I got the same problem too. The radio button state is what the previous guy get – it never change the state with you click on the radio button. Can Aviator help?

Ah, i will try to update it during weekend. sorry about that

Hi, I wonder if the graphic is available?

Is the template updated with the radio button image?

Indeed, it would be good to see a Bootstrap 3 version of the theme. Even for customization, it’s sort of difficult to work on an old version of Bootstrap because the online documentation tends to refer to version 3. Thanks for looking into this!

Ah yes, unfortunately we are dealing with lot of things right now and not enough of free time. We are working even during weekends to keep everything going as smoothly, but we are handling many many update requests at the moment so this might get postponed a little, sorry about that

I bought it but I do not want installation method


I bought it but I do not want installation method

Hello : )

Simply said, if you have bought html you should have some experience with editing html or working with PHP, to be a developer : )

If you are not a developer and you just want to have simple site up and running but dont know how to edit or code, you need to hire some developer or coder for you, or on assumption of your ‘developer’ perhaps buy a Wordpress version, which has working backend and would be much easier for administrators to manage contents : )


Why did not you tell us so in the commentary, I have paid and lost without interest

Well, its… more than obvious that html version is just html version.

Also the demo site is clearly not connected to any backend as there is no dynamic content.

If you have red 10-15 comments you would surely come across the point that there is no functional backend.

You need to do some basic check when you buy something, you cannot tell we did false advertising because we did not :)

Hi there! I think the navigation menu might need a small fix for “short” pages —it appears broken.

To reproduce the issue:

1 – set the browser windows at a size that is around 970 px wide (so that the navigation moves to the side)

2 – open up a page that fully fits in the browser window (if you don’t want to create such a page you can remove dom nodes in any of the existing pages on the theme preview site to make the page “short”). Note how you will receive a scroll-bar even if it is not needed, because the navigation panel will not fit in the browser window.

3 – open the navigation menu, scroll down and you will see how it breaks up.

Can you kindly provide a fix? And would it be possible to avoid the unnecessary scroll bar and only have it on the menu panel when opened?

Thanks a lot!

exactly the same way :)

you can put it in the sass files in scss

its actually sass + compass

after changing codes you need to run ‘compass watch’ to recompile codes – assuming you have compass installed

Thanks—yes, I was able to recompile. Can you be so kind to tell me in which file it should go? I am ashamed to say that I am quite confused…

well any file you want. but the logical one is helpers/_navigation.. as you are dealing with navigation : )

Hi there, does this include the back end as in ready to deploy and fully functional or does the back end all have to be developed?


Its just html template. If you wand backend you need to buy either wordpress or drupal version of realia : )

I’m in trouble with a strange bug: in the carousel of detail.html if I refresh the page several times with Chrome/FF the left and right nav arrows disappear. This happens also with your demo at http://html.realia.byaviators.com/detail.html I’ve seen that this bug has been told you one year ago! Please tell me how to solve it, I’ve lost a lot of time with this problem and I need to be online in two days!!! Please HELP!

In realia.js I have this code (it’s your original file!), which is different from your instructions. What can I do?

function InitCarousel() { $('#main .carousel .content ul').carouFredSel({ scroll: { items: 1 }, auto: false, next: { button: '#main .carousel-next', key: 'right' }, prev: { button: '#main .carousel-prev', key: 'left' } }); $('.carousel-wrapper .content ul').carouFredSel({ scroll: { items: 1 }, auto: false, next: { button: '.carousel-wrapper .carousel-next', key: 'right' }, prev: { button: '.carousel-wrapper .carousel-prev', key: 'left' } }); }

try to remove this code

if ($('.carousel-wrapper .content ul').length !== 0) {
        $('.carousel-wrapper .content ul').carouFredSel({
            scroll: {
                items: 1
            auto: false,
            next: {
                button: '.carousel-wrapper .carousel-next',
                key: 'right'
            prev: {
                button: '.carousel-wrapper .carousel-prev',
                key: 'left'

You have posted the same wrong code! Anyway, if I remove the code (without the IF which is not present in my InitCarousel function), the carousel doesn’t work more!!!

In your wordpress version in the single property form there is a lightbox effect clicking on the master image. How can I do it in the html version?

Not supported in html version. was added to wordpress due to many requests. but no requests or fairly few were so far issued for html

I may see that you have worked a lot to improve the wordpress version, but the html one is old… You have done a nice template, I hope that soon we will count on an updated release…

Hm, yes, but mostly the wordpress updates are functional – no need to update html as it does not have any functional backed. I will however take a look a the the problem with gallery tomorrow.

Are you guys planning to upgrade bootstrap? If yes, do you have a due date for this?

Hello, unfortunately not at the moment as we are fully scheduled for next weeks.

Hello, I have the problem revealed from other users: On pc/mac all it’s ok. On Android and iOS it loads images (featured properties images and property detail images) but then it cleans them: the website is ok, but all images disappear. What can I do? Please help, I’m in late with the website publishing!

The website is http://tinyurl.com/n4wrmx6

Well there can a retina images conflict. however, very rarely is retina actually used. so you can go ahead and remove assets/js/retina.js

See if that helps/.

Great! That’s it! I’ve removed the call to the retina.js script in \helpers\footer Thank you!

Hello, do you guys have an icon for a car (to represent garage) and area like there is for bedroom and bathroom?

You can check pictopro library, its in assets/libraries/pictopro ( by opening index.html ) , but i dont see such an icon, sorry

I coudn’t find this package. I check out Pictopro site and they have an icon car that would be perfect. Can you send for me? It’s a car.

Uhm, sorry. you have template and i was talking about wordpress. well you can send me email regarding this – info@byaviators.com

Hi, I need help!!! Sorry for my english, I’m italian. I add a new property in New York… after when you click in the filter bar found it but the google maps don’t change… How I can have the google maps (in home page) in the city where is my property (New York) ??? PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thank you…

Hello, you mean map filtering does not work for you ? What filter are you using ? Horizontal or vertical ? Please write from account where you have purchased this item, because this account does no have ‘purchased’ badge, cheers.

Hi, thanks for the answer. From this account I buy two template of realia, one for WP and another for Drupal. Our site is http://www.likeandreview.com/wordpress I send you a screen shot of my accont page.

My problem is: In home page I’ve the google map (with new coordinates for Rome) and orizzontal filter. I have two Properties for example, one in Rome and another in Milan. If I search with the filter a Properties in Rome it’s all OK… but if I search a Properties in Milan the google map don’t change and show Rome map.

and my question is: ...Can I change also the google map in home page depending where is the property?

My english isnt good :-)

Thank you, Regards,


Hm, you want to map to change location according to where are the properties placed ?

Its not implemented at this moment, regarding the map filtering. however this might not be as simple as you think

Think of this example

You have x properties in Rome and x properties in Milan

Now you search with some criteria. and now you have filterend 1 property for Rome and 1 for Milan. where should the map be positioned ? :) In rome or milan ?

Or in between ?

Hello, my customer wants the template to work with IE8… any idea on how to do it?

Uf, well we dont suppoert ie8 because its terrible nuisance to keep all the html5 compatibility with such and old browser.

We have this site working great. However we would like to deploy Datatables and we are having trouble with that. Could you advise if there were any considerations we should be aware of without having to trawl your code?

Thanks ps. your Support system doesn’t seem to be working. I tried contacting you directly.

Hm, realia is still using old boostrap 2, just to note :)

I noticed that. Shouldn’t be too much of a worry though. I noticed that you are concentrating on the WP version, but do keep working on the HTML one as people like us who use PHP etc love great HTML themes ;-)

Well there is much more pressure from WP than HTML :)

as people managing html know their way around the code.