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Hello aviators,

I want to ask you guys could you turn my realia to a theme listing manager software i have and make it support RTL , i will pay for the customizations and modifications .

I really hope to say yes and take the job ,who better well do it than the maker of the theme himself . The listing manager i have already support bootstrap 2 so i think the job well be easy for a pro.


Theme listing manager ? What does that mean ?

I am sorry but we very rarely do customizations. Btw. it sound more to me that you want to put realia design on your old site, thus you dont really need developer, you just need css guy : )

Hello guys,

I’m facing some trouble using the slider index. When I have just one property to display on the slider is not working. Just prints a blank square instead of the image

Oh, this is template. sorry, i was talking about wordpress

Hm. well you are right, its jsut does not work. however there doesnt seem to be any problem with our codes but it looks like a problem on iosslider script side. Why do you need slider with one picture anyway ? : ) Can’t you just display picture with description not as slider ?

I might have just one property to show. The page is loading the properties dynamically so it might have just one, in that case I would have to make a mess in the code to show just one as you suggest (with no slide). I tried to show just one with iosslider and seems to work OK so I don’t think the iosslider is the problem

Hello aviators!

I am now customizing the template for my needs and in my case i am changing your English texts to my Russian..:)) I’ve just started with this, but for the moment have a problem with h2 headers – in Russian they are definitely “not in stile”.... Can you give me any advise how to solve the problem? (This is my first site, so may be the question is stupid, but i have this question, so i ask it..:)) Thanks in advance! (By the way i have some suspicions about your origin, so may be it is easy for you to give an advise about Cyrillic fonts ..:))

Changed in ‘head’ the 4-th line to <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,700,300&subset=latin,cyrillic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>. It is &subset=latin,cyrillic what was added after ‘300’. Now its working nice and template have its beauty back.

Yes, that sounds right, thanks for sharing. cheers

It looks from your code for the HTML version that there is no SQL database for the property listings, everything has to be entered into the PHP documents…. any idea when you will make this more functional ?? Also, your submit a property feature has no submit button ??

This is just html template. HTML templates have very rarely any backend functionality. If you want to have some backend you have to purchase wordpress or drupal version.

HTML is for developers who want to built this on own framework.

Hi i would like to purchase this template but have a question about the search items on the homepage. Can i add items to this search query? e.g. bedrooms and area(sqr mtr.) thanks.

This is just HTML template, no backend functionality, if you buy wordpress you will have more options to enable in filters. however if you want to customize it wildly , coding is needed.

I purchased this and love it. A trivial question but how do I change the background color of all pages from gray to white?


#content { background-color: #fff; }

Made a purchase and love the theme. There’s a requirement in my project to use Bootstrap 3, is it possible to get the updated theme (using Bootstrap 3) from aviators?

Hello, unfortunately no, we are not planning to do the migration at the moment, Its a little bigger job. For couple of days perhaps.


adapted your theme to use Bootstrap 3. Take a look www.letsgoholiday.my thanks.

Cool, nice job :)

Hi, in the midst of deciding to buy your Realia or Properta HTML themes.

For your Realia HTML theme, do you have a Map with Horizontal Filter home page? I love this Horizontal Filter feature so much so i able to filter within few different categories.

I saw this feature in Realia WP or Drupal version but unfortunately I can’t see it from the HTML version….Can you check for me please?

Drupal version does not have horizontal filter. No, unfortunatelly this is not available in html by default, however if you are just a little skilled with css and html i am sure you wont have problems developing this, still you can get a look on wordpress version to see how its done / help yourself out


Noted. Is HTML included marker, icons, buttons, typography and etc (UI elements)? How about Google Map?

Actually what is the different between Realia and Properta?

Love your both themes very much.


In html, no functional differences, just design,

Both themes do have default markers shipped and do have our custom built javascript map library.

You get exactly what you see on our demo page :)

Hi Aviators, find an interesting bag (?) in this template. On the “detail” page the carousel buttons “prev” and “next” (this blue nice buttons) disappearing in Google Chrome after F5.

You can check it on your own demo: http://html.realia.byaviators.com/detail.html. Is it possible to cure this?

I am not experienced enough to solve it by myself, but I don’t want to keep it on my site. And I suppose it have to be rather easy to fix. So waiting for your reply. Thanks.

Yes, it works on hard reload though.

the script just does not initialize right and i dont have any idea why, i assumed its problem at the side of the script after a while of debugging.

however you can check official documentation of the script to see if there is some additional info on this ; |

Hi, i have just purchased this theme. Can i disable the palette shortcut. I cannot find the div that contains the palette.

Thank you.

Its on the bottom, just before listing all the scripts.

Does Realia have Modal Implemented.

I need to implement Modal functionality in my website.

Can you help me with implementing it. I have tried a couple of things but have not been able to succeed.

I was able to solve it thanks..


Hi guys

Looking for a real estate template, and really what you have done with this. The only thing that pushed me away was that it was not built on bootstrap3 – and I just cannot go back to 2.3, as I know it will annoy me every time I work with it.

Just some feedback from a potential customer, to let you know you are losing business because of the old bootstrap version.

Best regards from Klaus

Hi Klaus,

probably we will migrate to 3.x.


Hi, how can I show the price tag in the carousel?


1. make LI which is wrapping the box position: relative

2. in box place after image class price tag

<div class="price">1 250 000€</div>

3. make some adjustments


how are the listings getting in there? is there a database? i love this theme i would like to buy but i dont know backend stuff. please let me know i need to make a decision


this is static HTML template so there is no database.


Hi guys,

Love the Template so far! I am however having some trouble adding multiple markers/labels to the map. Can you supply me with copy/paste-ready building blocks for ‘a new marker’ and ‘a new description for that marker’?

Would really appreciate the help on this one!




the logic for adding new markers is located in function LoadMap() in assets/js/realia.js file.



I have already found that but I am unfortunately not good at js at all. I have figured out how to add a new marker, but how do I assign the different labels to the single markers?

Thanks for your time.



I think it is just sumple javascipt. I recommend you to learn more here



Hi, I want to increase the Step size in price slider. In price slider , it increases by 1$ everytime in move the slider slight. I want to move it by 50$ minimum, found it can be done by setting “Step” value in bootstrap slider. But I am not able to do it with Realia. Can you please help me with the code.

PS. The theme is great. I made a good decision buying it. :)

Hi, I want to increase the Step size in price slider. In price slider , it increases by 1$ everytime in move the slider slight. I want to move it by 50$ minimum, found it can be done by setting “Step” value in bootstrap slider. But I am not able to do it with Realia. Can you please help me with the code.

PS. The theme is great. I made a good decision buying it. :)


for me the step is working like a charm. I changed the step to 4000. You can check our preview site.


I Have a problem with the carousel of detail.html. It is the left and right buttons and they don’t show the first time the page is loaded. Interestingly if you get a slow page load you can seem them display as one of the first items on the page but then when the carousel appears they are hidden. if you inspect element in chrome it shows the following issues the code Previous Next which is in detail.html has become Previous Next

if I go back to home page and forward again then the hidden and display:none disappear and the carousel id back in action.

it seems to me (though of course I may be wrong) that on first load it is showing the buttons, deciding that because the rest of the carousel is empty there is no need for them so hiding them. On subsequent loads the carousel is already loaded and it is clear they are required so hey presto they are NOT hidden.

could someone give me a fix for this? Thanks


in our WordPress version we have put carousel call into different function and it starts working. Open the file below and check the first line. Try to make same in your code.



Hi- Quick question, are there more icons call-out to select from? I’m trying to change the bottom 3 icons from the homepage to reflect my services.



unfortunately, only shown icons are included in package.


Hello! I just noticed that the popup menu of the theme does work on iPads on the “homepage with map”, but does not work on the other pages. By “does not work” I mean that the menus remain “sticky” when a different area of the page is tapped. On the homepage with map, instead, the menu correctly disappears when a blank area of the page is tapped. Can you tell me what is that makes this difference, so I can make changes to the other pages as well?

Thank you!

I did a few tests. It turns out that loading the map fixes the menu issue . Obviously we can’t load a map on every page… do you know why loading a map fixes the menu, or do you have a workaround to make the template work on iPads? Thank you!


thanks for report. I added your comment into our TODO.