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Awesome theme, Jeff!

Question on the subnav… Is this setup to display different subnav on hovering over active pages? Or is it just static for the current page? It would be cool to be available on other pages as well.


Hi – Thanks for purchasing!

Do you mean so the sub-navigation items change depending on which main navigation items you hover over? if so that’s not in the theme but I imagine you could easily add that with some jQuery.

I had this question a while ago so I might take a look and try and get this into an update of the file – if so I’ll be sure to let you know!

Hello – thank you for the theme. Very clean.

I was wondering if you could recommend a form validator (js / jquery) as well as a calendar picker that work well with the template. Thanks in advance.


The template comes with jQuery Validate which you can see implemented on the login screen (just leave the fields empty and hit submit – you’ll see it showing up)

The site for that is:

As for a Calendar Picker there is a few out there but my advice would either use a HTML 5 Input (Google can help you here!) or since the theme already uses the jQuery Library you could easily intergrate jQuery UI which has a Calendar Picker

Hope that helps you – thanks again for purchasing!


Great looking theme. I’m interested in buying it, but I really need some kind of sub-navigation for the main menu. It looks like there is an area for this, but it doesn’t change when I hover over the main menu items.

Is this a feature of the template?

Hi There

Currently the sub navigation is static but there’s no reason why you could develop it further with some jquery to show certain list-items dependant on which main navigation menu was being hovered over.

Hope that helps. All the best.

Same complaint as Dermott… The wysiwyg has some issues if the graph isn’t on the page. There needs to be a div with id=placeholder. My solution was to comment out the jQuery Graph stuff in the and then change the styles.css file so that #placeholder didn’t have a width or height. I’m not using any graphs, so this fix worked for me; but I can see it being a big problem for those needing graphs on pages + wysiwyg editor on some pages and not others.

Thanks for your comment. I agree, there’s definately a conflict with the FLOT graph stuff. I might add some additional documentation for buyers who may need both but in terms of a solution because it’s a 3rd party app it’s quite hard to nail down the exact conflict.

Thanks for letting me know though,and thanks for purchasing.


I just purchased the theme, but I can’t find the psd file in the archive?


Please try the following download which is the screenshots in PSD format that you can hopefuly make use of.

Sorry, but I can’t find the download link, am I missing something?


Sorry it looks like TF removed the link – I’ll e-mail you instead


Is there some way to use this template as a front end wordpress theme?

There’s no reason why not, it’s just a HTML template – obviously you’d need someone to code it up for WP though.

Hi Jeff,

I see you’re using the 960 grid css. Seems useful but I haven’t used it before. Does that mean if I want a wider layout, I would need to alter all the widths set up in that CSS file to add up correctly?


The Main Container is 960 but you could change that easily. The rest only really use the grid classes as a guide – you could easily remove and include your own :)

This seems like a nice admin theme but the demo link gives a 403 Forbidden error. Can you please fix it so we can demo the theme before purchase?

Hi, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner – the Live Demo should be working now :-)


It seems like there is a problem with the sub menu. See here:

I have only two items for sub menu. My code should look like this:

<li><a href="#" class="active">All</a></li> <li><a href="#" class="sub_nav_last">Last Link</a></li>

But when the user is on the “Last Link” page I can’t make it “active” so it will be bold and black. There’s not example for it. If it’s “Active then it will show it bold but with an extra | at the end.

What to do? I just got this and I’m stuck.

Hi – Firstly thanks for purchasing, and sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I don’t check very often anymore.

What about if you add both classes to that link of yours e.g.
  • Last Link
  • – this would give it the active css properties as well as the nav_last thing.

    Let me know if that works out for you.

    It doesn’t work. It will cancel the last | but the link is still grey, not black. Can you this minor update to the template?

    awesome! really good item!!!;