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Am I able to add many more parallax sections? I would like to have quite a few more after the fold.

Hi. You can add a new section yourself. I will update documentation about how to create parallax effect.

wonderful work my friend;

Thank you very much;)

hi do you have property listing for word press?

Hi, unfortunately the WP version of Realizer is not available.

very nice work , I don’t know if you can ad a small modification .. I’d like to have the phone number of the visitors too .. after the email column It is possible ?? thanks

Hi, thank you very much! Yes it is possible. When you are in “edit mode” in Unbounce, double click on the form. New popup will appear. Then click on “Phone Number” and move it by clicking the up/down arrow. You can set some additional settings. Than save it.

How about spam control?

Hi, Unbounce does’t offer spam control (if you mean captcha)

Any chance you are releasing an html version of Realizer like Condio? I purchased Condio and love it.

Hi, yes, we are planning to release HTML version of the Realizer in tho future.

Hi, how can I use this themplate without having an account with Unbounce?? It’s possible??

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible. You need to have an Unbounce account

Might you be about to create a bundle with both template AND the Unbounce one for a discounted price ($25?)

Hi, We would like to, but Envato is making proces for our products, so this is not possible. But we are considering to create HTML version

HTML version, please, please

Hi, yes, we are considering to create HTML from this template

Are the labels – like “Floor”, “Rooms”, “Bathrooms”, “Area” and “Price” – editable? And can the contact form be moved higher up and edited to have more fields, as many Unbounce forms allow? Thanks!

Hi, yes, all field and forms are editable. You can change it as you want as the Unbounce platform is allowing

Hi! Great template! I used it for my Unbounce page!

Just wondering if there is a way to get it in HTML? I’m facing issues to integrate to FB with Unbounce, and I found out that it would be far much easier just as HTML page.

Thanks for your prompt answer.

Hi, I am afraid that Unbounce doesn’t have HTML export tool. You can use copy the source code of from browser.

Hello i just bought the template thank you very much !! Is it ok if i extract the html file from the unbounce and modify it ! Thank you in advance

Hi, I think it’s ok, but it’s better to check the Unbounce policy.