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why do you have a frontend submission disabled on your site? how are we suppose to check it?

Hi. Frontend submission is enabled on our demo site. Feel free to sign up on our demo and try it out. Registrations are open to the public.

Hi there,

You maybe aware that companies in the real estate industry advertise on portals, such as US portals; Zillow & UK portals; Zoopla & Rightmove

Does your theme allow created and listed properties to be sent to the UK & US portals?

Look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Hi. Realocation theme uses its own local WordPress database.

Opening property-map page now it shows this (last days page worked regularly though):

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /web/htdocs/www.bianconicostruzioni.it/home/wp-content/plugins/realia/templates/widgets/filter-tabbed.php on line 35

Why? (PHP version is 5.3.29) Please help Thankyou

Hi. You are using a very old PHP version. I recommend you to update it to at least 5.6.

I want to use different fields separately for houses, separately for business real estate, apartments, land plots. For example, land plots do not need to display the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garages.

For apartments, it is necessary to indicate the floor number and how many floors in the building.

For business real estate it is necessary to reflect on what type of business is planned to use the premises.

How can i show acf in single listing and in search form? I need condiitial logic.

Like this site dom.ria.com

This site also GOOD! har.com/search

Hi. I strongly recommend you to purchase our Superlist theme instead. It contains custom listing type manager which allows you to build practically any type of the directory solution. Hope it helps.

Does this theme support auctions for properties?

Hi. Unfortunately not, sorry.

These authors, dont seem to get back about their products, been waiting for a support problem to be fixed for over 1 month???

Where is the team support for this company??

Used Megareal theme and no response???


avgust Purchased

Good afternoon. I bought your template. But it took until just now… And with pustya while I know that it is not a translation into the Russian language. (translation I did, but transfers are not included). You can of course say that I need to renew the license, but it will be unfair. I think the translation needs to be corrected. What do you think about this?

Theme Realocation: Is there a page like /contracts/rent or /contracts/sale? Only i can see by the filter “filter-contract=SALE” that its very bad for SEO.

This is a basic page for any realestate agent. Working a week, very hard to customize and documentation very poor. Can you help me?


susedx Purchased

Hi, I have installed your theme, in settings -> general -> membership is allowed ,,Anyone can register” and if I click register in frontend ,,Register”, I still see:

Not Found The requested URL /register/ was not found on this server.


susedx Purchased

...and adidional info, I used one click instalation, so I assumed, all this basic functionality should work

Hi, please ask to consider answering the following pre-sale questions:

1. Is it possible to change the layout or design of the default template of Vendors pages? And create new pages and make them linked to packages?

2. How can the theme make the Bookly or Booked plugin available in the frontend for the Vendor to manage their bookings?

3. How can Vendor manage their bookings through Frontend using WC Bookings?

4. Can the vendor add coupons through the frontend by avoiding it to the backend?

5. Does the theme have any limitations on the number of lists?

6. Does the theme use native Wordpress functions, and can iterate through all posts or categories?

7. Is it possible to hide on the property page, the telephone number, email of the seller so that this data is not collected by hackers or for use by spammers?

8. it is possible to use the theme for sale of real estate by the owners themselves, how can I configure it (theme) for this use?

Thanks, Regards

Hi, please ask to consider answering the following pre-sale questions:

1. How can I offer and customize different packages for each type of list for vendors? I need some additional plugin or the theme itself supports this feature, how to do this?

2. Can I set recurring payments to automatically receive every month, week, day, or even year?

3. How does time make it possible for Vendor to be able to sell products, services or events directly from the frontend?

4. Does the theme have a manager for sending personalized e-mails and SMS?

5. How do you have a personalization to send e-mail to Bookings?

6. The theme provides a way to aggregate and manage Vendor Affiliates and Website Administrator, how can this be done with your theme?

7. How does the theme manage users and subscribers who review? Is there any way to keep a management to engage them to participate in campaigns from the Vendor or website administrators?

Thanks, Regards

Hi, please ask to consider answering the following pre-sale questions:

1. What are the differences and when should I use the themes [Residence Real Estate WordPress Theme] OR [Real Estate – WP Estate Theme]? What are the best applications and situations in the Real Estate Market each theme best fits?

2. Does the theme use IDX or similar technology?

3. Is the search system robust and has speed performance? Can you handle a large number of items and search requests made by users? Can we change the search methods?

4. Does the theme allow taxonomy?

5. Is it possible to use or integrate woocommerce to use to integrate other payment modules besides paypal and stripe?

6. Is there an e-mail sending module for actions carried out on the property pages?

7. Does the theme have performance with mobile devices and have optimal indexing for SEO (Google)?

Thanks, Regards

Olá o conteúdo da top bar esquerda (e-mail e telefone) desapareceu….

É possível clicar nas propriedades que aparecem no mapa e abrí-las?

Thanks such a great script,

Quick question i am trying to set up the geolocation on the homepage i read some other comments and understand google chrome wont allow it to work but it dont work in internet edge either? am i doing something wrong?

please let me know if there is a walkaround/fix for this yet.

Hello. I have bought this template, but suddenly I’ve got an error. On the property map page, there are little photos of property. In past, when I was clicking this photo, I received little modal window with basic information and with link to full detail of property. Suddenly it doesn’t work. If I click the property photo, nothing happen. I am pretty sure it’s not my fault, cause I haven’t touched this site for a year. Here’s the live link: http://mariannakromkova.sk/property-map/