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Hello, I would like to install Easily import property listings in my theme (Realocation) with the Realia Add-On for WP All Import. What do you think ? you think , work well in my theme. Thanks

It should work fine. It was developed especially for Realia plugin. Btw. please extend your support for this item. Thank you.

Hi there,

I’ve purchased your theme and thanks for your support in advance. I have installed a demo site on this folder. http://dev.wdesign.co.nz/crp

But the thing is when creating property from registered users, it shows the message saying ‘You are not allowed to access this page.’ Only admin user can see the submission forms in that page.

I’ve also ticked the option ‘anyone can register’ in the general settings and ticked enable agents in the cutomize -> Realia Submission. I’ve also changed agents object in the user profile. But, it still show me the error message again. I don’t know how to resolve this problem.


Currently, when I make a request to get your support it’s posted up in comments section. Is there any way that I can send you an admin login details so that you can see what went wrong in the backend panel? Thanks

Sorry, I don’t know what I’ve done wrong at the first time. But, it is working fine now. Thanks.

Hi, hard to say, what was wrong at the first time, it should work fine automatically. I am glad it works now for you.

Hi there,

Is it possible to show properties using grid style on archive page? I think it’s possible when I take a look at archive-property.php, but I don’t know where to find the settings to change styles for property archive. Could you please advise me where to change? Thanks

Hi, sure. You can set it in the WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Realia General > Show property archive as grid. Hope it helps.

Hi, do you know how to make links in menu for other language ? http://take.ms/cVCEJ

Any solution?

I don’t believe it is possible to work in both languages. You have to choose only single URL translation.

Resolved. Need put Full link. Please look other questions. Thanks

Hi, how to find missing ? I made two files with full translate to my language realia and template with .po files. But in here only two first items no want translating. How resolve it ? http://take.ms/ipBAI

Also no working for form inside description http://take.ms/ILwON

Thank you for your report. I will rebuild .pot catalogs in the next update.

how can we upgrade to Version 2.3.1 1. August 2016 just upload the folder relocation or need to install from new

You don’t need to install from new. Just be sure you have copied new theme files to your FTP (replace previous one). Same for all realia plugins. Btw. please extend your support for this item, thank you.

HELP ME! I made 25 properties, published all. But on the website not all showing. Filter also no show. How resolve it?

Hi, properties might be hidden because of expired user package. Try to check that.

Read last message. I no using package. It’s my only properties. Will no sell packages. It’s no work because wpglobus input tags in selector parents

We don’t provide support for third party plugins. Ask WPGlobus support team instead.

Hello, how i can place TEXT only on main page?

Resolved – In my text widget out same logic like only on main page

Hi Again, one problem i still cannot find. I am using WPGlobus. and main title link no changing when i chose other language, have a look http://take.ms/XuzU6

Hi, we don’t provide support for third party plugins. Ask WPGlobus team instead.

I encountered an error while moving dragging the map googlemap at home on mobile devices, tablets, then my website very annoying jerky. Help me ! Website: starphumyhung.com

Hi, can you reproduce your issue in our demo as well?


sharcs Purchased

Hi, does this template come with any and all premium plugins that are used in the live preview, or will I find that I’ll need to pay for the plugins down the line?

Hi, all what you see in the live preview/demo is available in the package. There are no hidden fees.


sharcs Purchased

Thanks, I’ll come buy it later today.

Hi there,

It’s a great theme! Thank you. While working on building website using your theme, I’ve encountered two problems.

1. When we create a property there is a Google Map with “Enter a location’ field. When we input city/location info into the field there is no auto complete dropbox fileds appear, and the google map is not filtering the exact location. Agent/client may need to input their exact location with road, city, country. They don’t know how to input longitude/latitude..

2. In the property archive page, we are usgin ‘Show property archive as grid’ option. But properties in the archive page currently are showing 10 properties per page. I would like to change this setting to 9 properties, but couldn’t find the settings in the backend. Would this be possible by editing php file? If so, please advise me how to achieve it.

If you need our demo site url and admin user account please let me know.



1. For the lookup / autocomplete to work, you need to enable “Google Places API Web Service” API for your project in Google Cloud Platform Console.

More info: http://stackoverflow.com/a/38297390

2. It can be set in the WP admin > Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most

Hope it helps.

Thanks so much, it works well!

Good afternoon. I’m new in programming. Prompt me please how to add in to description page of Property and in to admin page for each additional Property one more field text area? And show it in template if have it. Thanks

Hi, it is possible using CMB2 library. Official documentation is available here: https://github.com/webdevstudios/CMB2/wiki

If I add it after theme updated I lost all?

You won’t if all of your custom modifications will be in the child theme.

Thanks for the last support. I have one more question. In the property map section, I would like to change map markers to type icons. As a default it is showing featured images as map markers. What I’ve researched from your comments section was installing “Taxonomy Images” plugin, so I ticked the ‘Type’ in the settings and uploaded type icons. But it seems not working and still showing featured images as markers. Please help me out if this is possible. Thanks.

Kind Regards

Hi, I am not sure what plugin you are talking about, but it is not possible using default theme functionality. It can be achieved only by overriding google map marker template in your child theme.

Hi, i need help with main Header Link, if my website multilingual its still going to main language, for example i am stay on com/ru/ but header main link still com/. How resolve it? http://take.ms/QCikh Thanks

Hi, check the website URL settings in the WP admin > Settings > General

Hi, Great theme and great job,got a few annoying pre-buy questions which might’ve been asked before

1. What’s the main difference between Realia and Realocation themes, am looking to buy either and don’t want to end up buying both for a small option that I missed?

2. Is the color scheme easy to change? I have done some research of purchased users asking about changing color schemes, I haven’t really found a direct approach to that

3. Can the Property Map dynamically filter Properties when filter is pressed?

1. why would you do that? you would need to purchase both themes and migrate old data to the new structure.

2. you can define your own custom filter fields. For example contract type (rent/sale).

That’s awesome that you can do that in Superlist. I am definitely going for Superlist for the long run, I just need Realia for the iOS app at the moment.

I’ll just fill properties on both and use only the backend of realia until an iOS and Android app are available for Superlist.

You’ve been of great help! Thank you!

All right. You are welcome.


I was wondering from the webpage “Property Slider” is there a way to lighten the background? You can still see the property in the background, but can we lighten the shade so it is not to dark to view? if so where do I do that from? Is that under the CSS?

Yes, it can be done easily using this CSS for example:

.property-slider-item-image:after {
    background-color: rgba(37, 37, 37, 0.2) !important;

Default alpha channel is 0.75. You can change it to your own value or different color.


I installed your theme last night; when I go to create a property, I get the following message on the map: This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Could you help with this issue?


Have you set your Google Browser API key in the WP customizer?

Hi, I’ve got a problem with your template. When I insert a new property the field “Where” with Google Maps don’t run. I insert the address, but the map doesn’t find it.

My site is: http://www.immobilifirenze.com/

it is strange, because this field run in local and on my subdomain. Can you resolve this problem?

King regards. Manuel

Have you set your Google Browser Key in the WP customizer?

I have set Google Key in Appearance->Customize->Realia reCAPTCHA, but still not working.