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Hello, planning to buy it but before,

1) i would like to know if we can change contract labels to something else ? 2) i would like to know if it’s possible to import 19k profil in the theme in one time ? Would the speed website would be ok ? Average speed time in sec ? Can we focus the home map to department ? in case of 19k profil is too much too load on the entire country ? 3) Important thing about Csv import, is there a specific model for your website ? format ? eg : Name, address, phone, category, location…. ? How many lines do i need ? 4) Can we update the database with a new csv for adding more profile in the future without deleting the previous 19k ones ??

In advance, thank you a lot for answering to all these questions, really important for me. Regards, Franck


1. which contract labels do you mean? You can create your own taxonomy field connected to your own lexicon for example.

2. 19k listings are too many for any WP theme. You will need to handle performance of your server with some caching mechanism.

3. Guys from WP All Import plugin team are preparing add-on for our theme.

4. Yes, using add-on mentioned in 3.

Hello, how i can import properties to website?

Hi, you can try WP All Import plugin for example.

Hello Author , Where i can change template of email from this Enquiry Form http://take.ms/feRVr ?

You can override mail template file templates/mails/enquire.php. Hope it helps.

Hi are you there

Hi, I am here. How can help you?


Localicer Purchased

Hi mate,

I don’t know why my Realocation instalation doesn’t show the initial map and properties default.

It just show an Error message. That the url: www.localicer.net

What should I do? Thanks

Hi, have you entered your Google Browser Key in WP customizer?

Hi, where i can change properties in address line everywhere to Villas or any other? http://mysite/PROPERTIES/

Exactly ;) Another solution would be to use some hack in the child theme, but I think solution with custom “English” translation is the most easiest way how to achieve that. Or you can still modify original plugin class-realia-post-type-property.php file, but you will need to do it every time you update the plugin.

I tried first yesterday change only name in PHP. It changes yes. But was no show me content after

I need to do this one time but every where I want now change properties to villas word.

where is the aquivo of demonstration in ultimoa version ?

Hi, I am sorry, but I don’t understand your issue. Can you be more descriptive please? Thank you.

Hi Dear,

Hope you have nice holiday.

Thank you for your cordial support.

Now, I am struck with the payment option, please give me details instructions (or links to view the instructions) to setup my pay pal account and other payment method through my website to received payment from my clients.


log into PayPal Developer Dashboard, create REST API app and get your Client ID and Secret.



The announcement category page URL> seems to be a property -type . Can we change the structure of these URLs? I need to do my URLs Turkish . Could you help?

Hi, which URL exactly? Btw. please extend your support for this item, thank you.