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aviators does not currently provide support for this item.

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Invoice suck(not optimised for printing)... When trying to print it’s removing all styles…

Hi. You are probably correct. It wasn’t designed for printing.

Yeah, but invoice is for printing so. Useless. Nwm I corrected it.

it is very badly written theme. It is one of the worst ones I have used. You cannot even see radio buttons until you add this line to the CSS

input[type=”radio”] { -webkit-appearance: radio; -moz-appearance: radio; }

I wish I hadnt wasted money on it. 3 weeks in the development and still am finding issues in it.

Hi. Thank you for your report. We will fix the issue in the next release soon.


how to make dropdowns work. If i put a select dropdown it does not open upon click. What special treatment is needed to make them work? please advise. Thanks

Hi. Can you describe your issue in more details, please? I am able to open the dropdown without any issues:


Hi there,

I have a BIG problem with this template. When I publish (add) property these are added automatically as a draft and I can`t change it. I`m looking for a support page but unfortunately, doesn`t exist. What I have to do in this situation?

Prin screen here: http://imgur.com/a/WGE5n

Thank you!


If you have any difficulties with the theme configuration or its functionality, feel free to ask for help in our support forum:


We’ll be glad to help you.

Can this theme be adapted in French for a local market where French is spoken? I am in Ivory Coast

hi , am i able to add property listings custom field for this template ?

Muy buen aporte, les dejo un sitio que también tiene un blog interesante y consejos que me ha ayudado para aprender aspectos de usabilidad. https://godesign.com.ar

No support as I see. unfortunately only seen after purchase

Something is wrong on the mobile version of different pages. unfortunately i can’t really understand your css and find the problem . http://preview.byaviators.com/template/realsite/properties-detail.html On this page, for example on the mobile version, the page is not in the middle. please fix it. or give a comment here how it can be solved.