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ogidoo Purchased

Hello, need a quote for a customization – printer friendly page / pdf / flyer. I remember someone else asked for that in the support forum not too long ago. Please note I don’t have access to the support forum at the moment. I will probably renew, but I am not going to pay $14,70 just to ask for a quote. Please advice…


ogidoo Purchased

You asked me to contact you via email instead. Since I don’t have your email address I used the contact form “Email favethemes” here on Themeforest. If you didn’t receive, please provide another means of contacting you. Thank you!

please send email at this address hello@favethemes.com

got it you will get reply in few minutes

Hi, support page is Down. I tested the forms(contact & agent) and both are not working.

Why there is no options to add additional fields on the forms? And why is contact number not included in the default field of the Forms? This is one of the basic information being asked especially in real estate business. I asked your support then they said I need to send request customization to customization team. I did it 4 hours ago and until now no reply. One of the reason why I decided to buy this theme is because of the form beside the single property post and yet I cannot add fields.

Hi, i will forward immediately your request to our support team with high-priority. We get in touch with you soon. Thank you for your purchase. Kind regards.

Hi guys, I’ve just submitted a ticket regarding installation error, please can you have a look when you have a moment. Thanks

we will take care

Hello, I extended my support license and tried to submit a ticket through the support forum but it tells me my purchase code is invalid.

I need help with the pagination issue some other users have had. On my properties page if you click Page 2 or Page 3, it always just redirects back to Page 1. Here is the web url: http://swankinvestments.com/properties-for-sale

Are you using latest theme version ? We fixed it in latest version. Please send us your details via email, we will check your support forum issue

How can i Translate the Listing Features of the Themes Options? I have WMPL and I can translate with the PO files, but the Listing Features are in the options and I can’t figured out how to translate to other languages. thanks

please contact us on our support forum with website link and admin login

Hi there, i just bought your theme. What’s the size of the logo i can put? Now i’ve made it 284×140pixels High but it shrinks to almost unvisible. thanks a lot

please contact on our support forum with website link https://favethemes.ticksy.com/

Hi there, great theme. Is there a way to make it so rental properties do not show up under the price search, for example if a user searches for listings between $0 and $100,000 or 500,000 or whatever. Then all the rental listings come up because they are less than all the house prices listings. Would appreciate any help with this, thank you

Hi, please post on out forum https://favethemes.ticksy.com. Thanks.


elbnetz Purchased

WordPress 4.5 compatible?

yeah it is

Hi I submiited a ticket 3 days ago and until now there is no Reply. My concern is on how to resize the website Logo. Its too small after uploading.

you got reply

Can you create a searchable field for when a rental is coming available? We would like to use a theme that allows prospective tenants to search based on when a unit will be vacant. Thank you.

This theme not allow but our new real estate theme has this feature. It is in reviews process, will be available for purchase soon

How to make full width or full height row? https://wpbakery.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=3604483 not work in the subject

don’t understand what you mean

How do I import the demo data? am trying to access, I cannot access the link to your website forum. Please answer via reply to this

solved…sorry, I was able to access your website

how can i show on frontpage more than one slider with featured properties? Can i make turn 2×3properties at once? www.immospain.be

You can show using Visual Composer, but both will show same properties. For show different you can use Property Carousel where you can choose property type https://monosnap.com/file/2NDp5HsTrAQZm516fAru9Cy9kpBudV

Did you purchased theme ?

how can i show on frontpage more than one slider with featured properties? Can i make turn 2×3properties at once? www.immospain.be

where can i put google analytics code? Custom JavaScript/Analytics Header in realto options is not working. I pasted the analytics code overthere, but no vistis to see in google Analytics

i see now a few visitors . When i go on the site, i see in analytics no realtime visitors. A few friends visited the site. No tracking for them too. What’s wrong with your tool. On other sites there is a field to write the UID. Here’s nothing. Please react. thanks

please contact on our support forum, our technical expert will solve your problem

Hi, is it posible to creat different search engines? I mean, for example, one just for houses and a complete different one for cars.

Thank you very much.

It is possible with little customisation

Hi the post published with a link detailing how to add social media buttons to the header is not working. Could you please tell me how to do this? I would also like to know how to make the logo area bigger to fit the logo, the logo is very small when I have uploaded.


please contact on our support forum

could you please look into Private Ticket #788483? Almost 2 days no reaction. Thanks

I have created support ticket many days ago and still not yet answer ! i’m so disgusted with very bas support

Hi, i have pages like : Apartments, houses and i have status like : For Sale , For Rent …

So, what i need to show in some pages is a grid with only properties with status = For Rent and propety type =houses

So, in visual composer i only can choose for property type, i can not choose prperty status, i have tried with this code but now works, please send me the right code to use (Look at status=”for-sale” i have tried with many variations)

prop_type="160" prop_row="three_prop" status="for-sale" no_properties="15" prop_pagi="no" status="upcoming"]/vc_column

you got reply

The agent contact form does not work on Safari or IOS – please can you check and fix this asap? (Ticket #822219)

Hi, i forwarded your ticket on top of the list to our support team. They will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your patience and purchase.