Realtyspace v2.1.2 - Real Estate HTML5 Template + Dashboard Included

Realtyspace v2.1.2 - Real Estate HTML5 Template + Dashboard Included

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Realtyspace – Real estate best HTML Template

Realtyspace is the best template for real estate websites. It has a purpose oriented design and it comes loaded with tons of useful features. Excellent responsive design ? Realtyspace is fully responsive and will look great on all devices. Tested on dozens of Apple and Android devices, you name it!

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  • 9+ Homepage layouts ? Realtyspace comes with various homepage layouts and every one of them has it?s own style and feel. Fullscreen maps, sliders, Google Maps and Openstreet maps with integrated search panel, anything you like! Our template is built in a way that you can easily move around a lot of elements to create an even more unique look.
  • Some of the main features are Advanced properties search, Google map with properties markers, Various templates to display properties with customizable options User login, registration and forgot password, Front end property submit & edit, Payment and statistics, dashboard and agent profile features.
  • This theme includes advanced properties search functionality that is not only powerful but also fully customizable to fulfill various requirements. You can set different type of fields dropdowns, select, dateranges, ranges, etc.
  • This template provides advanced map support that enables you to display Google map\Openstreet map with property markers, geocoder, autocomplete and drawing overlays.
  • Realtyspace provides page templates to display properties in list , grid(small, medium, big) and table layouts – You can choose whether to display you properties or agents or any other items whatsoever in a standart list or grid with a preset of 3 sizes (you can easily add more). The included Datatable plugin provides support for client-side sorting, filtering and pagination.
  • Realtyspace provides a wide range of HTML forms for search, front end profile edit page, authorization, property submit and edit, new blog post, comments, and multiple variations of contact form.
  • Property gallery ? Perfect for real estate agencies. Show your properties in a nice and eye-catching style.
  • User pages – User registration, login, password reset, my account page. Do you need it? All here.
  • Property submit form – Do you want your users to be able to submit their own properties? We have all set up and ready for you.
  • Email template – In case you need to send out some emails from you users, we’ve prepared for you a professionally looking email template, that is optimized and tested in most popular email clients.
  • 20+ predefined color combinations ? We have prepared for you about 20 color schemes that you can choose from. Additionaly, by editing a single line of SCSS code, you can use any color you?d like that suits your brand identity the most.
  • Vector icons ? The template is shipped with vector icons that are retina ready. Another advantage is that you can change it?s color fast and easy, through one line of css. No need for changing colors via image editors.
  • 30+ CSS3 effects and animations ? you can easily animate any element you want, besides that we have included some great examples to get you started.
  • SEO ready ? We pay great attention to SEO, so we?ve built this template according to best industry practices.
  • Crossbrowser compatibility ? Realtyspace looks great on all major browsers including IE9 and higher.
  • Commented code ? All the code that you might want to customize has detailed comments that explain how to use it. Besides that, our documentation contains code examples that may be useful to you.
  • Good Documentation – We have put effort into building a quality guide that will help you customize the template for your needs.

Realtyspace is the result of more than a 600+ hours of hard work that our team has spent on design, development, testing, documentation and countless improvements. We’ve been working with real estate agents and agencies for more than 4 years and this template is shaped by their constant feedback and suggestions. We intend to support and update this template continuously. While you read this text, our team is working on EVEN MORE improvements and new features!

We care about:

  • Web Standarts – Our template is thoroughly tested in W3C validator.
  • Performance and clean, optimized, bloat-free code – Very often feature-packed templates are shipped with lots of plugins that seriously impact the performance and usability of the webpage. We have handpicked carefully the plugins that we’ve included in the template and made sure they don’t impact performance in any noticeable way. The template is tuned to consume as little resources as possible, and you can easily reduce it’s performance footprint even more, by disabling unnecessary features.

By the way, are you a person that’s familiar with frontend development tools like NPM, Webpack, Jade and SASS? Alongside standart CSS and HTML files, we have placed a special treat for you – source files! Do’t know what these abbreviations mean? No worries, HTML and CSS are also there, ready to use!

Page listing


- NPM dependencies update
- GULP: removed option imagemin
- Fixed slider thumbs bug, when count of images are equal to 5
- PhotoSwipe bug, fix opening images in new tab


- Changed animate.css lib
- Fixed multiple generated properties for block grid items 
- Fixed parsleyjs configuration, compatibility with select2
- Fixed content disappearing when window is resized from small to big
- Fixed map on window resize
- Submenu is hidden when menu there are too few menu items
- Fixed upload main photo is unavailable on large screen
- Set gray background by default for menu
- Fixed theme colors in dashboard panel
- Fixed theme colors for properties card price, on hover
- Refactoring grid/list items, make them listing blocks
- Refactoring main/sidebar/footer blocks, make them widgets
- Refactoring form blocks, make them cleaner, added flex styles
- Added agent profile pages
- Added dashboard pages
- Added new variation home page with projected properties and worker card
- Added new property variation for projected properties
- Added properties table listing mode
- Design for tags, favorites of search, agents and property 
- New property card design 
- New search properties filter
- Infinite scroll loading properties in listing
- Slider images added caption,  unlimited scrollable thumbnails, categories filter, and fullscreen mode
- Plugin chart.js for displaing statistics in agent profile and dashboard
- Plugin, show table listing of properties and rooms list for projected house
- Plugin CKEditor, for new blog post
- Plugin Dropzone, uploader for photos in property new form
- Plugin html5sortable, photos sortable feature
- Plugin cropper, photos crop utility
- Plugin Drawing manager for google maps 
- Input insert mode for range slider


- Reactored forms for better bs3 compatibility
- Fixed broken npm package
- Added Lastpass plugin compatibility support


- Fixed dropdown auth on mobile
- Improved menu performance on mobile
- Fixed slider arrow jumping on mobile


- Fixed grid.js issue


- Updated routing system
- New header panel design, settings options for: measures, currency
- Added Datetime filed,
- Slider and search home variation
- Updated icons in achievements
- Banner and register home variation
- Visual-hierarchy improvememnt: Major changes in property block area in order to remove the crowded feeling, all the secondary information was removed or hidden in order to reveal on hover action
- Visual-hierarchy improvement: Removed secondary information in agent and news blocks in order to make them look more lightweight
- Visual-hierarchy improvement: Increased font-sizing and spacing between blocks and headers
- More improvements related to spacing, alignment and consistency
- Removed other unimportant information from theme and moved it to the dedicated item page
- Added new "Welcome" block and frontpage
- Added new "Call to action" block on frontpage
- Redesigner main slide banner to a bigger and nicer version
- Major overhaul and redesign of UI blocks in order to follow along WebDesign Hierarchy principles
- Improved color contrast in all color themes
- Major improvements in domain of spacing and alignment issues between UI elements
- Performance improvements on smartphones
- Complete menu module rewrite, now it works even better on mobile devices
- First version

The images are not included in the package.


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