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This theme haven’t got any feature?
By the way
Good luck WS!

You should check the live preview :) A part of the features are in the theme description and also there are more updates to come. Thanks for the comment!

Simple and beautiful eCommerce… Very good!

Thank you!

beautiful theme , But it’s possible to make support RTL .? And good luck with your new theme

I can help you with the RTL if you wish. Thanks! :)

Do you have any plans to make this theme responsive?

In about 2-3 weeks from now. Thanks for your interest! :)

Any news on a responsive update to this?

We are working on this and 90% done. In the next few days the update will be available.

Although my English is very bad, I’m here to thank and praise highly the work of all. I have had great results with the purchases of the product, my customers are very satisfied and always come here in search of news and learning. Congratulations to all and luck in business for all of us. Keep it with professionalism and honesty.

Thank you very much! Good luck in your business too!


Could you help me?

Necessary to remove the template to Wish List, but do not know which files change

thank you

Just send me an email using the contact form on my profile and i will help you. Cheers! :)

BittLoader come here to thank for the help and quick response in solving my problem. I really appreciate the great help and attention given to solve the problem very quickly. I recommend to all who are interested. great product and great technical support.

Thank you for your help and very successful in business and look to buy new products.

Thank you and enjoy it! :)


How do we add a background to the template? Also, for the slider, is it possible to put image at the side (instead of plain colors?). I already change it to white in css but if possible I want to put some filler image at the side. Thanks!

Yes, you can do that. If you already changed the color to white in css, instead of doing that, add a background image there. The same for the background of the template. We are planning to create some admin modules in the future to make those steps easier for all of you.

Hi , I would be very interested in these theme, but I have one question – is it possible to remove “Wish List” button next to “Add to cart” and replace it with something like “more info” ? Thanks, Peter

Sure, i can customize that for you!

i BittLoder, thank for this beautiful theme ! really !

i need use more wider picture in the slider actualy it is fixed 1000x x 445 px

I want use all page wide …

wait your reply :-)

The Rebecca template is only available in boxed version for now. We will think if we will have it in a wider version – if there are a lot of requests for this. In case you need a custom work for your template, just send me a message using the contact form on my profile. Thanks!

Thank for your custom work. The website is perfect now !

Enjoy it! ;)

Good template, but found some hardcoded ‘Wish List’ texts in templates which is not very good if you use multi lang.

Also when you check products by brand in grid wish list/add to cart button is broken, example:


and this is not because the text, I changed the text result is the same.



Thanks for your notice. We will try to have an update as soon as possible!


is it possible to create an admin acces for us so we can see how the backend is installed?

At this moment we don’t give any access in the admin area, but the documentation gives all the settings we did on the demo page so you can have your website exactly the same.

Will check the documentation out. Thank you!

I also cant see any custom modules. Why is this?

Because we didn’t create them!? :) We are working on some custom modules for this template, but not sure when the next update will be released!

in the description you mentioned: Custom NivoSlider and Custom carousels for Featured and Latest productt. Thats why I thought there were custom modules.


This would be the first time I will install an OpenCart (softaculous) instance and I’m interested in this theme. Could you help me to configure the theme and all those things that it needs to work (such as paypal or shipping methods)?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, yes, we can help you with the installation. With other settings (as shipping methods, paypal, etc) we will ask for an extra price. You can send me a message using the contact form on my profile and we can talk more.


Of course. By the way, Is it possible to change colors (font, buttons, bars) and backgrounds?

Sorry for delay. Please use the contact form on my profile if you need help. Thanks!

Very nice. Love it.;


Hi. Very interested in purchasing this theme.

Is it fully responsive? Also; can I change the colours of the add to cart/wish list buttons?


Are there are screenshots of what this theme looks like on a tablet and mobile phone?

Please send me a message using the contact form on my profile if you need more details. Thank you!

Thanks for all the help! Love it :)

I love this theme, but it will not display correctly on Chrome for me. I have to refresh the homepage to get the slideshow and carousels to display properly.