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Can I Change the colors of the navigation etc. with WP theme customizer?


Theme option can easily change the menu colors.

Right now wp theme customizer will not work if you really need this then we will include this next version.


This theme look awesome ! good luck

Thanks man!

Excellent Work my Friend! Your are really great :)

Thanks Vicks

LOVE this theme! Found the dummy data link and download! Pray all else goes smoothly! Congrats and best wishes!


Thanks for purchasing our theme. Let me know if you have trouble.

If you love our theme then please rate it ;)


Please show me how to add Shop page into my website. Thanks


Shop page we are using is Woocommerce plugin and there has tons of tutorials are there.

How to install Woocommerce ->

Importing Woocommerce Dummy Data->


Hi this theme have ajax navigation or normal navigation is because i need something with out ajax navigation for my SEO for my web site and also for the Google crawlers ?


There has no AJAX on our theme. Just browsing fast and it seems you have noticed maybe Ajax ;)

Thanks man! We have just installed Cache plugin.

but is ajax not good for SEO?

I’m not Seo expert but ajax is crawle able.

If you want to see more information there has detailed documentation is available on the google website.

You need to search something like “Crawle able ajax with seo” etc


I can’t find dummy data in the zip file that I downloaded. Plz help me to find it,,,,

Did you look out our Support forum? There has dummy is located.

If you like our theme please rate it :)

Thanks for purchasing!

I import the data dummy and is not working ? is not any xml file for importa thanks ?


Did you imported Full XML dummy data one click?

Then please check your hosting. Sometimes somehosting providers blocked Media Import process.

If you are ticking the Download Attachments then some hosting has blocked firewall from download images from another domain.

We have also this kind of problem and told ISP then they fixed it.


i check on the theme folder and is not any xml dummy data ? can u provider my one by link ? please thanks


Did you checked our Online Support Forum? There has an XML is located. Also we have updating our theme today and it will be included on our Download.


Is there anyway to make a portfolio page full width? For example no sidebar. Please let me know.

Thank you


We will add this feature our next version. Next version comes next few days.


Could you please show me how to make Portfolio page. I cannot see the image or Portfolio Category (but SHOW ALL tab) like the demo. Thanks


Replied your email.

Thanks and please rate our theme if you like it ;)

Thank you for your support. Appreciate it!


If you like our theme Please rate our theme.


Hi, I cannot make the slider to appear on the homepage. Where would I place the shortcode? Please help.

Please check email again.

Hi, Please check our layerslider error.


If you like our theme. Please rate it.

Thanks ;)

Wonderful theme i have ever seen.

Thanks Storms :)

Hi i need the demo xml asap i need to do the web site in lest then 2 days and i don’t see any xml in the folder and is not working in import demo on the import place in the dashboard from the theme


Did you checked our Online Support Forum? There has an XML is located. Also we have updating our theme today and it will be included on our Download.


I am interested in buying this theme. I am making a club type website that will have just basic membership. Will this theme support a membership type site. Essentially people will be able to login and see hidden sections of the website. Is this possible with this theme? If so what plugin would you recommend?

HI , i would like to buy this Theme. Is there any further costs for you plugins ? I have seen the Layer Slider ($15) is included. Is there any other payment i have to be aware of?


LayerSlider is included our theme for free and after you have purchased then Plugin will installing for your request.

Any other additional Payment is not available only the 55$ for our theme.


Wow this theme is awesome. Great work.

Just one question, could you add a couple more options, like:

1. Google Maps in normal mode and colored like here: 2. Alert Boxes that can be closed by the user like here (same example theme which is not my theme):


3. A gallery like here:

4. and would it be possible to have the image slider without the left and right and bullet navigation (so that it only shows if we hover over it)? And please add a fullwidth image slider as well and I mean the normal image slider and not the revolution slider.

5. A full width portfolio would also be cool ;-)

6. Oh and last but not least please add the option for a section to be full-screen. So when this option is ticked it grabs the height of the viewport and assigns it to this section making it a full width and full height -> full screen section.

Again the above theme is just an example.

Thanks in advance. Again great work.


1: Google Maps can not be same like this theme. But Alert Box i have added close button.

3: About the Gallery not this theme like but i have added 3 4 5 column with Masonry and withour masonry.

4: This may takes little css modifications.

5: We have added it on version 1.2

6: I don’t get it which things you want to display with fullscreen?


Really Nice Theme!

Just 2 Questions: 1) Are There Any Plans To Incorporate A Built In “Dark” Version Of The Theme Without Setting Custom Header Options As Previously Mentioned 2) Any Plans To Make The Top Bar An Actual Menu Addition Rather Than A Widget Area?

Good Luck With Sales :) Thanks!


1: There are no plans on Dark version. But if you changed the theme options and our container settings then you can do this.

2: We will consider about this. Right now our theme has only one menu.

Thanks man!

Hi i need some help 1) I want to put the on the header the language change the translate like then demo and i don’t not where or ho i can do it ? also the times to the left 2) also in prices i need to delete the symbol from the dollar i need € thanks nice theme


This is widget from WPML and if you have installed this plugin then just insert it on our Top Widget.

About price above post there you can find the $ sign.


Also how i can translate the word from the prices that one “Featured”.


Rebound/framework/pagebuilder/elements-render/pricing_table.php line 61.

Edit this.

Thanks. Also this can be translate able via this plugin ->

This is very helpful plugin.


I am very interested in purchasing the theme.

I wonder if you can change the colors of the header and size of fonts menu?

These options exist in the administration of the theme?

Thank you.


Of course it has included on theme options.

Check our online Documentation section there you can find the Theme Option screenshots.