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VERY NICE ! who created the icons (contact details)?

Thanks! We did, and we used the iconsweet2 set.

Nice Work Good Luck :)

Thank you very much! :)

FYI sample preview is not loading correctly.

Thanks! Could you please send us a screenshot or a detailed description of the problem to info@webcodebuilder.com and we’ll fix this issue ASAP.

When I click on preview, the background is completely black and nothing loads. However, if I click on ‘remove frame’ on the themeforest menu bar at the top, the site appears but it completely lacks any style from the CSS style sheets. It’s all just text down the left hand side. That’s what I’m getting.

Thanks, we’ll go ahead and get that fixed during the day.

awesome work! Good luck :)

Thank you! :)

Nice Work man!

Always good to hear that! Thanks a lot! :)

I alsohave the same problems as JimmyMack using Safari 5.0.5 under MAC OSX 10.68. Haven’t tried on our Mtn Lion partition (we hate Mtn Lion) When using Firefox 17.0.1 the site loads but none of the images for the slideshow load Also the color styler sheet to the right side only shows up under Chrome on Safari 5.0.5 not on Firefox or Safari

Thanks for your comment! We are aware of this issue, and should have it fixed shortly.

Hey when uploading the zip file i got the following error: Stylesheet is missing.

When i uploaded it by FTP I got the same error.

W. www.copyshopdehaan.nl

Hey, this is an HTML template not a Wordpress theme. Do you think this may be the problem?

is it possible to let the partner slider at the bottom move automatically without having to scroll manually with the arrows? thank you!

Yes, of cource. You need to open js/script.js file got to line 124 and set “autorun: true”(in it is false).

Very nice template! I have one smal remark. When resizing browser window to test responsiveness something goes wrong with the styling of “items”. When the 4 blocks are positioned underneath each otther, the text almost goes over the left margin, and the colored rolover effect is wider than the initial grey box. I can send you a screenshot to make this more clear. I purchased your template

Hi, go ahead and send us an email to info@webcodebuilder.com with the screenshot and a detailed description of the problem, and we’ll see what we can do to get this fixed for you quick. Thanks!

Nice template! am i able to disable the change your colour mode and how can i put an other colour to the whole template style?

Thanks! Here’s what you need to do: 1. Before the closing tag </head> write the following line <link rel=”stylesheet” id=”style_selector” href=”css/skins/blue-theme.css”> 2. Open the blue-theme.css file and change the ”#00adef” to the color you need. Have a good one!

How enable to start to move automatically slideshow in portfolio page?



You can enable it only in theme scripts.js file. Check this function initGalleries().

Is there a way to resize the navigation menu for devices with a screen width between 768 and 800 ie iPad, Kindle Fire? I like how the menu collapses for smaller screens, but currently on screen sizes between 750 and 962 the menu items remain the same size and simply start stacking on another row which takes away from the design. Thanks!


For now menu looks fine on iPad. Here is the screenshot http://clip2net.com/s/50foM7

It depends on how many options you add to menu and how long they are.

But just send us a screenshot with your problem or link to the site so we can check it.

Sent you an email @ info@webcodebuilder.com


Congratulations, beautiful theme.

Portfolio on the page, it passes over an image pops up a “magnifying glass”, you have the code to click and enlarge the image?

Thank you.


Thank you.

Unfortunately there is not such a feature in current version.

We will definitely add it in next update.


How do I change the location of the map?

Thank you.


It’s in contact-us.html file

just change the iframe in map-container (line 121)