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Reviews for Reco - A recopilatory theme for Ghost

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for Customizability

This theme is absolutely amazing, but above and beyond is the fact that the structure as given encourages you to customize the heck out of the theme.

Using Prepros as a packagers, and SASS furthers the ease of use that Ghost's built in use of Handlebars templating already brings.

I was able to bring a ridiculous amount of customization very quickly working through the SCSS files, and then using Prepros was able to have all those changes push through into a single minified CSS file.

The same thing is true for all of the JS libraries and functions, which are also automatically minified and packaged into a single scripts.js file.

I've worked with a few other ghost templates, and none of them are as friendly and open about customization (you can change the whole look of this template just by changing the hex values for primary and secondary colors, the red and yellow in the default theme settings).

The creator was also incredibly helpful and responsive when I found an issue with the search function giving duplicate results. Well worth the price of admission, and how themes should always be done. You want a template to work with, but you don't want your page to just look like everyone else's, this makes it easier to achieve that goal.


Author response

Thank you for this outstanding review! we really appreciate it!

This template was focused on speed and high quality code and customizations, so we are glad all our customer edit the template in several ways to make it unique.

Best Regards!

for Design Quality

Love the design. Very modern, loads fast, and easy to customize.

I highly recommend this theme. If It comes out for Wordpress, I will be purchasing that version as well.