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Awesome fb template vcore, good luck with sales mate! ;)

How to add this template to facebook? With this application?


Hello berez,

We include a short step-by-step instruction in documentation, i think you can use this app but it’s not necessary. To add website tab you must have a SSL certificate on your website, facebook api key and a little patience :-)


can you show me a real facebook page that uses this please thx

How do you get a ssl certificate and a api key??

Could you contact me back? I would like to install it as a website but I dont know how. Also it does not seem to function properly at all, there is only one page and the rest is raw.. so more or less I must build the site myself ??? Please contact me back. Thanks

Hmmm… I’m not sure what is your problem. This page includes one HTML page in wich you can find all subpages (they are loading dynamic).

hi, first of all. great work&design. <3 I actually want to show my location with a pin on the google map! Is that possible? Thx in advance!

hey there, the navigation doesnt work. I just opened the full package, havnt change nothing and still when im pressing on the buttons at the menu bar it doesnt do anything. help please!

Do you know a good provider for hosting this template for free ?

hello, I have followed all the steps but I still can not run the template 112ffae5-ef54-4b82-8474-1af66ff751ef

Recon five – facebook template does not work in the Facebook interface we did several tests but impossible to run your theme