Recover - Construction & Building PSD Template

Recover - Construction & Building PSD Template

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Recover - Construction & Building PSD Template - Corporate Photoshop

This new project for the building company is present to you. Recover is a unique idea for a website company that provides services in the construction industry. If your company is engaged in the construction of homes and office buildings, making major repairs apartments, modern interior and provides the architect’s services – the Recover is for you.

My main purpose was to make a modern, memorable, sustained and certainly a thoughtful design for a prestigious construction company.

Some Advantages of the Project:

  • 56 carefully designed pages in Adobe Photoshop CC, which are easy to edit and customize to fit your needs.
  • I used the free icons in a vector, which can be increased or lessened.
  • Only free Google Fonts are used.
  • 4 skins of the home page for different directions, namely: Gym & Fitness Center, Transportation & Logistics Company, Dental Clinic, Health & Beauty Salon.
  • The corporate version of the template. In development… Expect the next update.
  • Recover can be bought only on Envato Market.

Important information!

The development Recover – Construction & Building PSD Template has been spent more than 300 hours of working time. But that is not all! The next step is to create a corporate / business template version of the construction company. After that, it will be elaborated on pages of other directions about which I wrote above.

I’ve already all materials transferred to the developer for the implementation / conversion to WordPress version. It will be of high quality and great WordPress Theme, which will appear in 2016, do not miss this and send the Email using this form displayed on this page. After the release, I will let you know about the availability of WP Theme on Envato Market.

Google Fonts are Used:

Before you edit the template be sure to install the fonts.

Graphics are Used:

Stock photos are not included in psd files. The following provides links to photo stocks.

Recover – Construction & Building PSD Template (56 PSD’s Files):

56 carefully designed pages in Adobe Photoshop CC, which are easy to edit and customize to fit your needs.

Folder 01: Recover – Construction & Building PSD Template

  • 01_home.psd
  • 02_aboutus.psd
  • 03_certifications.psd
  • 04_history.psd
  • 05_core_values.psd
  • 06_partners.psd
  • 07_faq.psd
  • 08_team_grid.psd
  • 09_team_list.psd
  • 10_careers.psd
  • 11_careers_details.psd
  • 12_pricing.psd
  • 13_projects_style_01.psd
  • 14_projects_style_02.psd
  • 15_projects_style_03.psd
  • 16_project_preview.psd
  • 17_project_details_ver_01.psd
  • 18_gallery.psd
  • 19_project_details_ver_02.psd
  • 20_project_details_ver_03.psd
  • 21_services_ver_01.psd
  • 22_services_ver_02.psd
  • 23_services_ver_03.psd
  • 24_service_details_ver_01.psd
  • 25_news_simple_rows.psd
  • 26_news_simple_details.psd
  • 27_news_masonry.psd
  • 28_blog_rows.psd
  • 29_blog_standard.psd
  • 30_blog_details.psd
  • 31_cost_calculator.psd
  • 32_shop_products_grid_fullwith.psd
  • 33_shop_products_sidebar.psd
  • 34_shop_products_rows_sidebar.psd
  • 35_product_details_fullwith.psd
  • 36_product_details_sidebar.psd
  • 37_cart.psd
  • 38_checkout.psd
  • 39_signin_register.psd
  • 40_contacts.psd
  • 41_page_not_found.psd
  • 42_under_construction.psd
  • 43_loading_dark_ver_01_and_02.psd
  • 44_loading_light.psd
  • 45_header_styles.psd
  • 46_popup_menu_styles.psd
  • 47_search_cart_styles.psd
  • 48_fotter_styles.psd
  • 49_basic_colors.psd
  • 50_typography.psd
  • 51_buttons.psd
  • 52_forms.psd
  • 53_slider.psd

Folder 02: Recover – Construction & Building Corporate Version UPDATE

  • 01_home_full_with.psd
  • 02_home_transparent _header.psd
  • 03_home_classic.psd
  • 04_aboutus.psd
  • 05_certifications.psd
  • 06_history.psd
  • 07_team.psd
  • 08_faq.psd
  • 09_pricing.psd
  • 10_projects_full_width.psd
  • 11_projects_grid.psd
  • 12_projects_details.psd
  • 13_services.psd
  • 14_service_details.psd
  • 15_news.psd
  • 16_news_details.psd
  • 17_cost_calculator.psd
  • 18_shop.psd
  • 19_shop_details.psd
  • 20_cart.psd
  • 21_contacts.psd
  • 22_page_not_found.psd
  • 23_sliders_fullwith.psd

Folder 03: Recover – Skins

  • 01_gym_fitness_center.psd
  • 02_transportation_logistics_company.psd
  • 03_beauty_salon.psd
  • 04_dental_clinic.psd
I hope that you will like my project. Also, do not forget to rate the template under tab Reviews. All the questions you leave in the comments, I will answer them. Thank you for the attention and have a nice day.

Dmitry (themefire).


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