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Red Goblin–HTML5 Template For Bars And Pubs

Red Goblin–HTML5 Template For Bars And Pubs

“Red Goblin” is a nice, very special website template for bars, pubs, night clubs. Can be easily adopted for any other themed website due its neutral design.


  • Decorative falling balls (HTML5 canvas element)
  • Dancing letters (big logo)
  • Glowing letters (small logo)
  • Full-width horizontal scroll (home page)
  • Vertical and horizontal manual sliders
  • “Moving” images
  • Scrolling parallax backgrounds
  • Sliding panel opening a full-screen map
  • Accordion, working contact form (Google Docs), fading effects on images, modal windows with paginated content and/or gallery, flip sound on navigation + more

Test the demo site to explore masses of tiny and great effects like Twitter panel, CSS moving images, CSS sliding text on buttons, semantic quotes and more.

Ideal view: iMac (Chrome, Safari) + Android
Screeshots are taken on Chrome, iMac.


  • Canvas
  • CSS3 transforms/animations
  • Custom fonts (Google)
  • Semantic and valid HTML5 code (canvas, section, audio, article etc tags)
  • Definition table
  • Micro formats
  • Google Doc contact form and Google map (coloured)

Tested in: iMac: latest Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Camino
Windows: IE9, IE8, Chrome, Firefox
tablet: Android (Galaxy, 10.1)

Things to note 1: HTML5 canvas and CSS3 transforms/transitions/animations etc work only in browsers which support these features. IE8–site functions normally, looks differently. There are few decorative features which are not supported by Opera, Camino, IE.

Things to note 2:

  • Contact form is Google Docs based. Test the demo
  • Template is tested in: latest major browsers on Mac and Windows + IE9/IE8
  • Wordpress version is not (will not be) available
  • Minimum screen resolution for this template is 1280px x 800px
  • Adapted for tablets (viewport only). Not available for mobiles.
  • Do not expect IE to work as well as Safari and Chrome do

For extra articles about customisation of template please visit my blog

Thank you!