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Is there anyway to make the arrows on the slider smaller or just disappear? they cover half of the image on a iPhone.

Sorry, one more question: I’m trying to place a small logo (jpg) in the contact info, but it isn’t displaying on the website. The photo is named slogo.jpg and the code i used is (<)img src=images/slogo.jpg(>) but it doesn’t show up on the page for some reason. any ideas?

I need to see your code. Send me an editable file. rfvbkrf(@)gmail.com

Fixed the logo problem. capital letter in code was the culprit.

Hi, I have two problem with the template:

First, I can’t update the logo text. I edit the line, but the logo texto doesn’t update, the text in the logo is always RedPage.

(edit the line) http://grab.by/kuZ4

(result) http://grab.by/kuZ6

And second.

I need change the idiom to spanish, but when I use words like “Consultoría” (in html “consultoía) the “i” doesn’t show.

(edit) http://grab.by/kuZa

(result) http://grab.by/kuZe

I suppose the font don’t support this characters…


1. In style.css, by default, set the logo image (logo.png). You can remove the image styles from the style.css and indicate your styles. Then will display your text. Or use your logo image.

2. Chances are that character type is not supported.

Thanks! Template works fine. I will change the font in the future, for now, only english.

Thanks for your comments )

Is it normal that I can’t get any decent support on the WP Red Page site? I don’t usually buy templates off themeforest but since I loved your template I did…this being said, I can’t seem to get any help and there are a few bugs with the template..your help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you

Hi, What kind of support? You wrote a question yesterday, it’s day off. You need to have patience. Regards, Pavel.

Hello, how to place a gallery in a redpage theme ? for example a next gen gallery with fancybox effect ? It seems that it is not working with wp 3.5 and 3.6 :(


This is HTML template. NOT WORDPRESS.


Is there a way to have direct links to blog posts for sharing?


It’s possible to add in the main menu link to an other page? (exept index.html) I use the following but it is not working. <li><a href="book-now.php">Book now</a></li> <li><a href="#get_in_touch">Get in Touch</a></li> I try to find somthing on Superfish with no luck.

Thank you


Hi, Thanks for your comment. Please open the ticket crazyfuse.ticksy.com

hey , are you still supporting your items? I need help as soon as possible. Thanks