Discussion on Red Sky - One Page Creative Theme

Discussion on Red Sky - One Page Creative Theme

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Hi, I am interested in this theme even though it is from 2015, but is it compatible with wordpress version 5.7?

Hello , thank for contacting us , yes red sky is compatible with latest wordpress system but you need to contact our help center help.pixflow.net for some modificaitons.

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Hello, i bought this theme a few week ago, but i cant find any support. Where can i get support from author?

Hello there, unfortunately we no longer support Red Sky. It is mentioned in the box that item price is displayed.

support WordPress 4.6.1??

Unfortunately we no longer support Red Sky, but if anyone reports any issue with WordPress compatibility we will take care of it :)

buy the theme. does not recognize the address on the map. I need help

Please go to https://help.massivedynamic.co/hc/en-us and submit a ticket. Our support team will help you quickly.

Hi there, could you plese help me with a problem on the blogpage. There is no comment possible. URL: http://www.orelie-zauber.de/1-platz-munichmagicslam/ What can i do?

PxJoe Author Team

Dear AgenturLanzinger

Hi there

Please accept my apology for late answer

as i checked your website the comment form was there , so problem is solved or its something else ?

Best Regards

hi, love this concept, theme is awesome. ....I am thinking to do something somebody already ask here. Now, plz let me explain. I need to use feature BLOG, and in toggle mode, there is displayed DAY as large numbers, and underneath MONTH, YEAR. What I would like to do if possible is to make it invisible MONTH, YEAR, but leave DAY. Can you help please?

PxJoe Author Team

Dear Tin

Hi there

First of all thanks for your kind words

To hide the month and year in accordion blog please use following css code in the custom css section of our theme setting

if you had any question we will be glad to answer you on our support forum :)

.accordion_title .month { display: none !important;}

Best Regards Joseph


Could you please check my #37161 ticket on your support forum?

Thanx in advance!

PxJoe Author Team

Dear d_ch

Hi there

sorry for late answer , but we promised answering our customer in less than 24 hour and for sure your ticket will be answered as soon as possible too :)

Thanx a lot, i answered to you too. Please check it :-).

PxJoe Author Team

Dear d_ch

Hi there

You’re very welcome :)

please contact us on our support forum from now :)

Is there a way to add hyperlinks to the about section or to a button on the rev slider to direct to the contact section?

PxJoe Author Team

Dear Linda

Hi there

Yes its possible please contact us on ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can guide you there :)

Hi, Where do u go to change the “contact us” settings? (like address and phone number) It’s not in the theme settings – contact thanks!

PxJoe Author Team

Dear Sabrina

Hi there

Please go to appearance => widget

there you can see “rs contact info” widget used in of footer widget area , now you can edit that widget information :)


First off just want to say I am enjoying how this theme is looking for displaying my work. I was hoping to get some feedback on adjusting the portfolio section. I like how when you click portfolio it brings you to the different topic areas, what I would like it to do after I click one of those topics is to go to a gallery that looks like the previous page with thumbnails. Then once one of the thumbnails is clicked show the lightbox effect, the reason is I want people to see all the available art by having thumbnails vs them merely clicking next to see all the work. I love the animated effect that happens with the lightbox you have created so if I could figure this out and avoid having to get a generic gallery plugin that would be great. Sorry for the lengthy post and I appreciate any help you may be able to offer.

PxJoe Author Team

Dear GageOmmundsen

Hi there

Thanks for your interest in our theme , and thanks for your full description , we can not promise 100% that your request is possible to apply , but we can give it a try , please send your ftp and wordpress information to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can try some solutions there

Hi there, I am really enjoying this theme.

Please may I make one suggestion.

If the posts-per-page in portfolio is equal to or less than the amount of actual portfolio posts, can there be an option to remove the “No More Posts” banner underneath the portfolio section?

See the image attached.

Thank you! ;)


Hi, thank you mate. yes that’s possible with a customization in theme files, please send us an email to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you.

I just downloaded v1.9. How do i go about updating it on my site?

currently using 1.6

Hi, first of all, make a back-up of your current theme, after that remove the redsky folder on your server and upload the new redsky folderin same directory, that will update your theme to version 1.9.

I also havent had a good experience with this theme, theirs plugins are hackable. My website has been marked in blacklist thanks to this.

I have lost more than I win using it.

Hi, Which plugin has issues and is hackable?

I have found the code in revslider

Try to update the theme to latest version, We update the plugins on each theme update, so any issue will be fixed quickly. :)

this is not a good deal my webmaster buy this theme and he cant complete the map part cuz u have a bug, send me an email now! .... ventapaginas@gmail.com

You can ask your webmaster to contact us using our support forum.

Hi, I had to reinstall the theme and pretty much re-do my clients site because there was something corrupt in wordpress. It’s all cleaned up now and running smooth on the computer, however it’s not working AT ALL on the mobile devices. Please check it out and let me know if it’s an easy fix that I’m missing. Thank you so much for your time.

Site: http://TheLimitlessConference.com

Hi, it works fine for me, if you have any issue with your site, please send us an email via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

WooCommerce says it can be used with almost every theme. You don’t mention this being compatible with this red sky theme. Can you please advise if this is compatible or if you have a trial period where I can test this? or a refund policy if it doesn’t work. This theme is perfect in every other way.

WooCommerce is a en ecommerce plugin, you can install it, add your products and create your pages. Red Sky is not WooCommerce ready, but to make it compatible, you should set styles and add a few functions if needed. You can find good documentations on how to do that on internet, but I suggest you to take look at The Moon, it’s WooCommerce ready: http://themeforest.net/item/the-moon-creative-one-page-multipurpose-theme/9444691

I am no longer able to login to the back end of the site. limitlessconference.com/wp-admin also there is errors when trying to scroll thru the site. Please let me know what the cause of this could be, I haven’t made any changes to this clients site since August and it was working fine.

Please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can investigate the issue.

I have already purchased your theme but have problems with the widget RS Contact form.

This message “An error has been occurred while sending message” displays on screen when I fill out the contact form. Please help me

Thx Bogdan

Hi, you can use contact form 7 and add your form shortcode to a text widget, then add that text widget to your footer widget area, for more information contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

Is this theme still getting updates?

Not any particular updates, but we will fix any possible bug .

I just purchased the theme and I love the work you’ve put into this.

I’m having a problem with blog posts and desktop view (all browsers I’ve tested; Mac OS). It seems impossible to read a blog post with any content in it. It scrolls up and is inaccessible (without scroll bars). The mobile view is GREAT.

Any ideas?

Hello mate, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you solve the issue.


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