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Great work mate,
GLWS !!! :)

Thanks :) JOGJAfile

Thanks :) Ugurkan

Very good look my friend!!! Great theme and very clean layout!!! Wish you many sales!!! ;)

Very nice theme. Good luck dude.

Client needs theme. Best of luck with sales.

Thanks a lot :) trippleS


a very good theme especially for restaurant! Good Job. It’s also easy to change the own colour?


Thanks a lot :)

Hi ThemeLan,

RedBowl Restaurant is very nice theme, ideal for my client. I have one question: plan you port this template to joomla 3 ? If yes, when? Thanks.

Stay connected with us ! We will update our template very soon for joomla 3

Joomla 3.0 i hope the update thanks

Thanks for your comment. We will update our template very soon for joomla 3

It looks great! I am waiting to see the Joomla 3 updated template and then, I will buy it.

You are welcome ! Stay connected with us ! We will update our template very soon for joomla 3

Simple, nice and beautiful! Good luck with sales!

I have purchased your Joomla template RedBowl, which looks great, although the menu module is a bit dissapointing. The layout on the second page of the blog is not consistent with the first page. Could you look into this?

It has to do with div.itemContainerLast that misses width:100%; on the 2nd page.

Please, contact our support center. E-mail:

your account is suspended????

is this true?

Look on your Live Preview

Hi Themelan,Im not sure this really make sense but I didn’t request to change any core structure of the template or add in additional function. What I try to do is to add more images to the gallery which at the moment is limited to 6?? These is very limited as gallery usually can add more than 6 images. Can you render your support, please.

capsules81 :) You can add unlimited images with xml file . So edit xml file of the gallery module. and contact our support team

I was write my problem with menu 6.12.2013 without response. Today is 15.12.2013 and i don’t have any answer. No support, i am angry!

We contact our support team. Please send your information ( ) because you doesn’t send your information. Sorry for this inconvenience

I need the website background color to be orange with gradient. But that would require changing the color of buttons, boxes, etc to a different color (I was looking at the ‘brown’ template). How easy is it to do this? Do you provide that kind of support?

I sent an email with my questions above, to your Support Center ( yesterday, but unfortunately, I still haven’t received a response. I don’t know what your turnaround time for possible new sales is, but I am now a little concerned about support that I may need in future. I really like your template, but I wish your support team would help me with this.

Sorry for inconvenience check your e-mail. And Contact Our Support Center ( ) for any kind of help

Thanks for your email. There were some comments above (8 months ago) about upgrade of this beautiful template to Joomla 3.x, but it still is only in version 2.5. How long is it going to take you guys to upgrade it to 3.x?

Mail several times to support but no answer.. Client keeps on asking and i cannot return with an answer.

What is the regular response time?

I am not able to change the colour of the template.

Please send email to ThemeLan support center ( from our themeforest profile for customer verification. If you don’t do this then our support team cant’t identify you. Sorry for inconvenience.

hi i need help can you check your email

Thank You :)

Providing quality documentation is one step in the right direction.

I found that is not the case here and see why there are many request for assistance. Time is money and developers having to waste time with what are normally simple changes in templates is not conducive to having a rating that appears the Red Bowl template.

Although it appears your friends and Family must have praised you on appearance, but obviously they have not worked on the template you designed probably

I got 3 stars for appearance, But one star for ease of changes

No I don’t like slamming authors, Because if this templates was all that I would have left a much nicer review of this product

Thanks for your suggestion.

Great Now all’s I am waiting on is a response to my support email that I sent in before writing this comment… or decide on moving to another template. I have already wasted three days here on this project obstacle…So please check or emails and or reply that you are buried and it may be a while. Thank you.

Dear, We identify our customer with mail verification. So firstly we need to identify for you. Then we must be provide our support for you.

Please chacke your e-mail we provide your issue.

And thanks for your good contribution.

hello, your theme support RTL and Arabic Lang, Thanks

Hi, aliatwa84 Currently this template are not fully RTL supported

I’ve emailed 3 times over the past week and have received no response to my question about centering the main menu.

We try to contact you. But when we send the mail this Mail delivery was failed. It’s not for our issue. So send mail to our support center ( with the your another e-mail

You are correct. That was 100% my fault and not the fault of ThemLan. Thank you for reaching out to me. I greatly appreciate it your prompt customer service. My apologies