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Hello. Trying to help a client make some improvements to a site using this theme. I had to change the main domain name from http:// to https:// to accommodate a donation plugin. When I make this change all the Theme Options are deleted – they go back to their defaults. Can you help me get them back?

P.S. – I hope you can help even though I’m not the original purchaser – another designer setup the site and now I’m trying to help the client out of a jam. Thanks! The client is you can look it up – they should have a license.

Nevermind – I found the issue has to do with how I was changing the settings with search and replace in a SQL dump. That voids all serialized data, which is a wp_options API issue, not an issue with your plugin.

I ended up installing and using WP-CLI and using the search-replace command that respects the serialized data. Worked like a charm. I think there are also other plugins out there that do something similar.

Anyways – if anyone is reading this, don’t use search and replace if you need to change your domain name or you will loose all your theme options. Use a tool designed for the job.

Thanks for posting the solution to your problem!

If I understand you right, you want to set a maximum width for the content in the default front page section, yes?

You can do that by adding the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.default-section .section-content {
    max-width: 1000px;

Change the value to whatever you like, you can also use %.

Hello, can I use a video for the top main image instead of a static jpg? thanks.

Hey there! You can use the “video” layout for that (More info you can find in the documentation). See here for an example:

If you wish to display text above the video, I can recommend you the Revolution Slider plugin, which supports video: Example:


Pre-sale question: Are PSD’s available?

Hey coreysusin! Thanks for your interest in Redfolio.

I’m sorry but unfortunately no psd files are available.


Hello, I will purchase your template, but I have a question, Is posible add a video in the paralax images? So in the paralax zone where are an image, change it for a video, lop video in the host page or vimeo… is posible? I see another sites that have this, like this: but I like more your template, is better. thank you!

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in RedFolio.

I’m sorry but the theme does not support video backgrounds.

I just tested the following plugin though: and adding a video to a section on the frontpage worked for me. (It looks like you can only add 1 video per page though).

Hope this helps.


hello red_sun, two days ago Ip updated to the actual wordpress version and since than everything is/was more or less messed up. I got most of the stuff fixed, but one little thing is not workign: the font.

I use a google font and did add it to the theme options. but the font is only shwoing on some parts of the page, rest is some ugly standard font :), you can see what I mean. titles and some other stuff are standard, rest the font I like to use.

I already checked the style.css and tried to type in the google font instead of the standards, but not working.

btw, still loving that theme, thx! markus

Markus, common WordPress and server issues are not included in theme support. If you’re stuck and need some help, you may hire someone from Envato studio:

already fixed it, thx. :)


Hello, i contacted you red_sun via pm. I just found that all my vimeo thumbnails for the portfolio items are suddenly broken with this error :

Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden in /home/gentilsa/www/wp-content/themes/redfolio/portfolio-section.php on line 117

apparently some other guys had the same issue but i didnt find any solutions… please help !! :) thy in advance Adrien (

Hey Adrien! Please enter the URL in the form instead of


hellooo red_sun, thx for the reply, i’ve tried that before and i retried just now : unsuccessfully.. it’s all about the thumbnail because the video still show and play when i click on it and even the text infos appears on the white empty square where the thumbnail is supposed to be. The videos are not private. any other idea ?..

Adrien, Vimeo seems to block the PHP script that I am using in RedFolio to automatically get the thumbnails for the videos (too many requests maybe?).

One way to solve the problem would be to manually add a screenshot of the video as Featured Image for each video portfolio post.

Hello, is there some custom code to remove the hyperlinks in the Team section, this being the link on the thumbnail face image and the persons name? I don’t want these linked. Great theme btw, thank you.

The code should work for all links in the Team section / Team page. But if it doesn’t, you can manually remove the hyperlink from the files team-section.php and template-team.php.


<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>">
<h1 class="team-title text-center"> <?php the_title_attribute(); ?> </h1> 


<h1 class="team-title text-center"> <?php the_title_attribute(); ?> </h1> 

Thank you for your assistance. My site is now live but when you click “Contact” and go to that section the navigation doesn’t stay on the blue colour like the other sections. Do you know why?

The navigation link will only display in blue if any part of the section touches the top of the site.

Hi, I’m having an issue with the gutter on the portfolio section being different for each image. Your page shows gallery images all lined up. How can I achieve this? Thank you

Hey there! I recommend you to install and run the AJAX Thumbnail rebuild plugin:

Hello, I’m thinking of buying this fantastic theme, but I have a question that has happened to me with other wordpress themes, in which updates were not automatic and should again get off him theme to then updated and so I lost all my changes in my web. Thank you very much in advance.

ok solved;),.... thank you very much ¡¡ (a little doubt: where the background color of the page is changed? ), thanks for everything

Are you using the One Page layout? Then you can change the background color for each section individually. When you edit a section, in the “GENERAL” box, change the Background Color via the color picker.

For all other pages you would have to add custom CSS code to change the background color.

ok, thank ¡¡

Is there any way change the font to the buttons on the main menu? Thank you very much

Hello, thank you very much for your assistance, I really appreciate it. Is there any way to remove the “show all” button on the project section, but maintaining the button in section porfolio? By entering the code: #options li: first-child { display: none; } removes it from the two pages :( Thank you very much, I promise this is the last question ….

Hey there!

Sorry for the late reply. Simply add the section ID ( = page ID) before the CSS selector, for example:

#section-123 #options li: first-child { display: none; } 

Replace 123 with the ID of the page.

I’m glad to hear you enjoy working with the theme btw :)

could you guide me please ?

Hi there, I’m doing this for my husband website – which uses your theme.

He just want to know if there is a way for him to change the order of the pictures like he can have certain photos at the top and certain at the bottom.

Is there a way and if so – how??

Thank you.

Kind Regards Anna Nuttall

Hey Anna!

Yeah that is possible.

You can find the instructions on how to do that in the documentation under 5. One Page > Portfolio Section > Sort Portfolio Items.


Hello, is there some Custom Code I could use to change the “Subtitle text” from being in all caps to using the web font “Arapey” in lowercase and 16pt? Thank you, Michael

Hi Michael,

well first you would have to load the Google font Arapey to your site.

Then add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.slide-description {
    font-family: Arapey;
    font-size: 16px;
    letter-spacing: 0;
    text-transform: none;



I love your theme, thank you for putting this together. I have an issue that can’t seem to figure out. On my homepage I moved my blog posts above the portfolio section. Everything looks fine except that when the browser window is resized, the portfolio items stop aligning themselves from one side of the page to the other, it is almost as if their is is a margin on the right hand side of the screen when you resize the browser. If I refresh the screen, everything goes back to the way it should be. I look forward to any input you may have.


Hi Jesse! I’m glad to hear you like the theme :)

Can you please send me a link to your site so I can take a look at the issue?


I have installed the theme but the blog section is showing full text?

Hey there!

You can insert the “read more” button with the help of the insert more tag:


I am using this theme to build a video production portfolio site and have several pages that show portfolio categories with approx. 25-30 items that are all lightbox video portfolios using Vimeo links.

These pages load extremely slow on the site—while other regular text-based pages load just fine. How do we resolve the loading issue?

Hey there! Can you please get in touch via the support tab and send me a link to your site? Thank you!


TJuk Purchased

This theme is so awesome, I’ve just purchased it for a second time for another project. I have some customisation questions though:

1 – How can I choose to show the page/post title or not? For example, I’m making custom banners for certain pages, so I don’t want to show the text title.

2 – How can I make front page sections full width, and not show the border around the section?

Thanks! TJ

1. For the front page, use: {
    background-color: #ffffff;

2. I would have to take a look at your site to see what’s going on. Can you send me a link?

2. Do you mean text that you enter into the editor? You can simply change it in the (visual) editor itself


TJuk Purchased

The website is:

- The white bar is down the right-hand side of the page no matter how side its pulled.

- The ‘loading icon’ also stays on the page, not sure whats happening there and cant seem to get rid of it.

And thanks again for all the help! :)


This will fix the white border on the right side: {
    margin: 0;

Hmm, I’m not sure why the loading icon doesn’t disappear, but you can get rid of the icon completely by using the following code:

.spinner {
    display: none;

jlanicca Purchased

Hello, I paid to extend my support for this theme and contacted with a question, but never heard back. Just wondering if I can get a refund if you are no longer supporting. Thanks.

Hey there!

I received your email 2 days ago. I looked at the link you sent me today but that site had a different theme installed so I couldn’t look at the problem.

So then I tested this on my test site and I could actually see that issue – all images show up in the lightbox. I’ve fixed this back then in version 1.02 and am not sure why it suddenly stopped working again. I’ll have to take some time tomorrow to see if I can figure out what went wrong and I will let you know.


Hi again, Jenny!

So, this problem can actually be solved pretty easily. In the file template-portfolio.php, look for the following code in line 253:

?><a href="<?php echo $pthumbfull[0] ?>" data-rel="prettyPhoto[pp_gallery]" title="<?php the_title(); ?>" class="portfolio2_thumblink"  > <?php

and change it to

?><a href="<?php echo $pthumbfull[0] ?>" data-rel="prettyPhoto[pp_gallery<?php echo $pcats; ?>]" title="<?php the_title(); ?>" class="portfolio2_thumblink"  > <?php

I will fix this in the next theme update as well.

(If you are looking for an easy way to make customizations in the theme files from within the WordPress admin area, I can recommend the “WPide” plugin. )