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Hello, my site that contracts with you is too slow in loading, my client is infuriated by the time load of your site, contact me with the server and tell me that it is template problem.

I need a solution to calm my client.

Hey there!

You don’t seem to use a current vesion of RedFolio. I added some page speed improvments in the past versions, like for example lazy load the images. You can find the changelog here: Once you update the theme, go to Theme Options > General and check the “Lazy load image (for page speed improvements)” checkbox.

Also, I just checked your site with Google Page Speed: and it looks like your biggest problem is the large images on your site. I recommend you to optimize your images (for example via Photoshop’s “Save for Web and devices”) and re-upload them. This should also drastically improve your page speed.

Let me know if you need any more info/help with this.

Hi red-sun

My boss has purchase this theme yesterday to used for his WordPress site (site: I have a question to ask.

Change Font

As his own font “Gotham”, we do have licenses and custom css key as setup

- Theme Options -> Custom css -> <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”” />

And change the style.css, but it’s seem like not working property.

Could you advise the where I want to update the style.css and make it look correct.


Hey there!

The cloud typography CSS key does not go into the stylesheet, it needs to be placed in the head of the theme. (Either in the file header.php – preferably within a child theme – or use a plugin for that, for example: )

The CSS code can then be placed in Theme Options > General > Custom CSS.

Hi red-sun

As regarding for the Feature Image of Home Page Section

Existing is only for 1 image and the icon was “white”.

Is any change to make it like the word is on side, background is white and text is black colour? Did that section can be do a slideshow? or only 1 image?

Sorry. Too many question at the moment. Hope can do all the best.




the theme includes Layerslider to create a slideshow:

Instructions on how to install Layerslider can be found in the documentation under 2. Recommended Plugins > Slider.

Instruction on how to use Layerslider with a link to the Layerslider documentation can be found under 5. One Page > HOME SLIDER section.

Hi red-sun

As regarding for the contact page. Is possible to change for the settings?

Like add up subscribe page, contact form change to button as email to us.

Please help and advise.



The contact form is created via the “Contact Form 7” plugin.

Simply go to Contact > Contact Forms and make your changes.

A full documentation on thow to work with the plugin can be found at: More info on how to set up the contact section can be found in the RedFolio documenation under 5. One Page > CONTACT section:

Awesome work !!!

Thanks! :)

Dear Sir, I want to make portfolio filters in the center : . Could you please help me on this. Thanks

Hey there!

Simply put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#filters {
    text-align: center;

#options li {
    display: inline-block;
    float: none;



ipaelo Purchased


I have problems uploading image to this theme in WP 4.7

Anybody knows the solution?


Hey there! Are you getting any error message when you try to upload an image?


jacenK Purchased

1. The pages that have the portfolio media on them load really slow, i see on your demo site they dont though- is this some setting that is wrong?

2. the home page doesnt ever post a image on social media like every other page that goes along with the link. ive cross checked the settings of that page w every other that does work and they appear to be the same- what is the reason for this?


Hey there! Can you please get in touch via the support tab and send me the link to your site so I can take a look at the problem?

As for the image on social media, you could use a plugin to set the image, for example:



ipaelo Purchased

Hi, I am trying to let the portfolio items without padding but I can´t. This is the website: Can you help me?. I have looked at scripts.js but I can´t find what to change.

Wow! I really didn’t recognize my own theme any more :D

Ok I realized now that “0” actually really doesn’t work and I will fix this in the next theme update. Until then, you can add the following CSS code that should remove all the spacing between portfolio items:

.gutter { 
     width: 0; 

.portfolio-items { 
     margin-left: 0;
     margin-right: 0;

.isotope .element {
     margin-left: 0;
     margin-right: 0;
     margin-bottom: 0;

ipaelo Purchased

Thank you so much. Works like a charm. I hope that you like the website. Now, I have change to

Yeah, this is a pretty cool customization of RedFolio!


Hello, I have a problem with my website. I set the site on a single page, the problem is that scrolling the HOME between a section (page) and the other there is a lot of space. Can you reduce the height of the pages so that there is less space between a page and the other? thank you very much

Hey there!

You can add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS and change the value to whatever you like:

 .container {
    padding-top: 120px;
    padding-bottom: 120px;


I see only youtube videos. Can I use vimeo videos for the galleries? I`need to know before I purchase

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in RedFolio.

Yes, the theme supports Vimeo. (The “Helen Schellini” snowboard video on the demo page is actually a Vimeo video).


Is this theme compatible with WP 4.7? Is this theme still being updated as needed? Thanks. I really like the theme but wanted to confirm before purchasing.

Hey there, thanks for your interest in RedFolio!

Yes, the theme is compatible with WP 4.7 and I will continue updating/supporting the theme.


Hi, I’m trying to set up my Shop pages and have run into a problem. The documentation says to go to the Theme General Settings and check the Load WooCommerce stylesheets checkbox. I not only don’t have that checkbox, but am getting a message saying the theme doesn’t declare WooCommerce support. Help?

Never mind, found the answer, but can’t delete the question. Thank you!

Ok great!


Is the theme compatible with Woocommerce 3? If not are you planning to release an update soon?


Sorry, you need to add an additional line of code, so the code should look like this:

function redfolio_woo_setup() {
    add_theme_support( 'wc-product-gallery-slider' );
    add_theme_support( 'wc-product-gallery-lightbox' );
add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'redfolio_woo_setup' );


Thanks for the code. This fixed the issue with the lightbox component.

As you said there are still some problems related to the products images being displayed below each other. For now, I had to remove all secondary pictures from all products in order to avoid this.

Hope you’ll be able to release an updated version of the theme soon.

Hey there! Just letting you know that I released the update a few days ago.


Love the theme. I had one question, not sure if it will work or not.

I have images with text in the portfolio grid that are linked together, so that when you click on one, you can read through the others in order. The problem is that with this approach means there are a LOT of items in the grid, and it’s a little confusing to tell where to start. What I’d like to do is have only the first square of each set visible, and the rest hidden from the grid itself but still visible to click through once one of the items is opened.

I was able to “sort of” achieve this by making the first slides all large squares, and the subsequent slides all small squares, and using a “display:none” applied to “size1” (small) items. However, the problem with this approach is that the grid was still acting like those images were there, and just leaving blank space in the grid where they should go instead of reflowing into place. Right now I have the small squares faded (using a similar method to the above), but this is a suboptimal approach.

I don’t know if this is even possible, but do you have any ideas?

My test site is at Thank you for any help!

Hey there… I’m glad to hear you like the theme!

What if you try giving size1 a width and height of 0?

.size1 {
    width: 0 !important;
    height: 0 !important;

Works perfectly! Had to rearrange my size1 boxes to the end of the grid, because they still had a little padding around them so the large boxes that were left didn’t quite line up, but that was quick and easy with that drag-to-reorder plugin.

Any chance you’d have an idea for a quick function to make the pop-ups swipe-able on mobile? :)

Not sure how complicated this is (probably more than just CSS, but can’t hurt to ask) – on desktop you can use the physical keyboard arrows, or the side arrows, or the bottom arrows in the popup, but on mobile you can only use the little bottom arrows.

Unfortunately there is no quick solution or CSS code. Since the prettyPhoto lightbox that I use in my theme does not support touchswipe, you would have to replace this lightbox script completely with a different one…

Hola! Lovely design :)

Just have a pre-sale question regarding Portfolio…

Is it possible to link Portfolio Images directly to a website? Have Portfolio Images going to external URL (new browser tab)? Rather than going to a case study post?


Oh! One more question…

Wondering whether this theme can also achieve what you’ve done with Spoon’s Content Box pages (

If not now, do you have intentions to include in a future update? Love this look! :)

Hey there, thanks for your interest in RedFolio!

Yes you can link Portfolio images to external URLs as well. There is no option to open the link in a new tab, this would require a little change in the theme files and I can assist you with that.

RedFolio does not include content boxes. Currently I have no plans to add content boxes to RedFolio…

Let me know if you have any more questions!


Hello! Love the theme so far and have one quick question regarding formatting of the gallery items. Is it possible to hide the gallery titles until there is a hover above each image? I’m trying to keep my gallery page clean without project titles shown until necessary. Thank you!

Hey there, I’m glad to hear you like the theme!

By gallery items, do you mean the portfolio items like here?:

Yes! That’s exactly the style and interaction I am looking for — should I be adjusting that in the individual gallery settings somewhere or in the global settings?

The portfolio page should look like this by default. So you are saying the titles are always displaying above the images? Sounds like there is something wrong. Are you maybe using any plugins that may collide with the code of the theme? You can try deactivating all your plugins to see if that solves the problem. Or if you wish you can send me a link to your site and I’ll take a look at what’s going on.

Is there a way to make the Menu Bar transparent when the page loads and to position a slider/image all the way to the top of the page, this would make it so that a slider can load in fullscreen, what I would like to do is have the menu function the way it does on my current site, Is it possible to do that?

I just replied to your email.