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Is this theme being actively developed/supported? Is it compatible with current versions of Wordpress?


Hey there! Yes, I am actively supporting all my themes. Also I am planning on working on an update soon. There seems to be a problem with the twitter plugin that I am recommending for the theme, so I will try to find another twitter plugin for the next theme update. The theme is compatible with the current version of WordPress.


I have a simple question. I would like my theme to look exactly like the theme advertised. Same menu and all. Can you assist?

Hey there, thanks for purchasing RedFolio!

Yeah sure! Please get in touch via the support tab above and send me your link and login info.


Is it possible to try a demo version?

Hey there, thanks for your interest in RedFolio!

I’m very sorry but I don’t have a demo version of the theme that I can send you.



theme looks great! Is there a possibility to view the Youtube-Videos in fullscreen without having to be redirected to Youtube?

Hey there and sorry for the late reply!! The latest version of the theme actually allows to display the YouTube videos fullscreen. I just updated the demo site http://www.themes.red-sun-design.com/redfolio/ so you can see it. Cheers!

Hi, grateful beforehand. I need to know how to change

the background color of the navigation bar when

scrolling. I managed to place the transparent menu for

the visual with the slider home section, but when I

scroll, I need the bar to have the background-

color:black For this I used this code css: #top-bar.stickytop { background-color: transparent !important; } To change the background-color on scroll I used: #top-bar.stickytop.stuck { background-color: white; } But this has not worked for me. I hope you can help me. Regards.

Hey there!

Well first of all the #top-bar div already has a class of .stuck on pageload, so that CSS code will apply the white color already on page load.

And second, this is not going to work since you are using !important in your CSS code, so the transparent color will override the white color, no matter if the div has a .stuck class or not.

In order to avoid the .stuck class directly on page load (the .stuck class will be added as soon as #top-bar touches the top of the screen), you need to use a little trick:


<div class="top-spacer"></div> 

above the #top-bar div in the file header.php so the #top-bar doesn’t touch the top of the screen on page load.

And then use the following CSS code:

.top-spacer {
height: 0.2px;

You may have to add a background color to .top-spacer so it is not visible.

And then use:

#top-bar {
    background-color: transparent;
    position: absolute;

#top-bar.stuck {
    background-color: #fff;
    position: fixed;


thank you very much, it worked excellent!!!! Tnaks a lot

Hi there, I’ve used your theme for a few years. Have you updated the theme to correct the Kebo Twitter Plugin that no longer works? I had to disable the plugin because it was causing a WP-Admin log-in error. Also, the Basic Google Maps Placemarks is no longer working. A window was popping up asking for an API key when I plugged the key in the map stopped working completely. Thank you!

Hey there!

1. Please use the “Custom Twitter Feeds” https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/custom-twitter-feeds/ for now.

You can simply add the Twitter shortcode into a section with “Default” layout instead of using the twitter layout.

In the twitter settings, under 2. Customize > Add Custom CSS Class, add “twitter-feed”. The plugin also has many options to style the twitter posts (number of tweets, remove avatar, font color etc.), that way you can make it look very close to how the Tweet looked with the Kebo Twitter feed plugin.

2. As the Basic Google Placemarks plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years, I will test other plugins and use another one for the next theme update.


Hi there I was wondering if it works with wordpress 5+ which was released in nov ‘18 after your latest update, are you planning to support? Thanks!

Hey there!

You shouldn’t see any issues updating WordPress, but I haven’t optimised RedFolio for Gutenberg yet.

I am working on updates for all my themes at the moment, adding the latest coding and security standards, Envato Theme requirements and optimising for WP 5 and as it is a lot of work, it will still take a while until the updates are finished.

So, you can either stick with an older version of WP right now if you don’t mind or, if you update and see any issues with Gutenberg, you can use the classic editor via plugin for now: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/


Great thank you, so the theme itself wont have any issues if we update to 5? I think we can wait a bit to update wp. I will run a local update and report back if I find any issues. Thanks!

Sounds good! The update will be available by the end of May at the very latest.

Hi. I updated the new version, but my blog stopped loading. I had to go back to the last version I had. :(

Hey there! Would you please get in touch via the support tab above and send me your link and login info? I’d like to figure out what was causing the issue and help you update your site. Cheers!


dgc Purchased

Hi, I am interested in buying your theme but I have a question.. For the Portfolio tabs (Show All, Photography, Video), I’d also like to have a Gif tab here. If I added animated Gifs to the Portfolio, will they autoplay on the site? Thanks!

I’m sorry, but both of those things are not possible out of the box and would require a customization of the theme files.


dgc Purchased

Thanks again for getting back. Can you tell me which file I’d need to edit to change the project thumbnail sizes? I purchased it and didn’t realize the aspect ratios were set, so I’d ideally like to remove the fixed aspect ratios and also make the thumbnails alot larger.

The thumbnail sizes are defined in the files: portfolio-section.php, starting with line 55
scripts.js, starting with line 475

In order to make the thumnbails larger, you would have to adjust the values in scripts.js, starting with line 457 (change value for number of items depending on screen width) and you would also have to change the thumbnail sizes in functions.php, starting with line 20.

In the child theme you have, `add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘redofolio_child_enqueue_styles’ );` which contains a typo.

It should say: `add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘redfolio_child_enqueue_styles’ );`

(redfolio_* versus redOfolio_*)

Hey there,

thank you so much for reporting this issue! I will release an update with a fix.

Cheers! Gerda

Hi red_sun! I’d like to purchase the theme. Little question: is Youtube the only way to upload a video to the portfolio? No library option? Thanks!

Hey Timbah, thanks for your interest in RedFolio!

The portfolio section currently only supports YouTube and Vimeo. You can add self hosted videos into other parts of the site via embed code, but not in the portfolio boxes. You may be interested in this article: https://www.wp101.com/10-reasons-why-you-should-never-host-your-own-videos/


Great theme. Quick question about adding simple html to About under Team Member Info. I’d like to add <br /> or <p></p> tags but wordpress outputs them like text. This despite the fact that underneath the About field is this:

(You can use HTML too.)

Thanks for your help!

Hey there, I’m glad to hear you like the theme!

Thanks for reporting this issue, I think this stopped working in the latest security update. You can fix this for now as follows:

Go to Appearance > Theme Editor and look for the files single-team.php and template-parts/team-section.php.

Towards the bottom of the files, replace

<?php echo esc_html($about); ?> 


<?php echo $about; ?> 

And I will fix this in the next theme update.


Thank you! It would be great if other text areas similarly allowed html. For example in home section, subtitle text. Something for the update. :)

Ok I will add this on the do do list as well!


Timbah Purchased

Hi red_sun, recently purchased the theme. Tried to install the theme and demo content today. Got a whole list of failed import items (about 40 items). Demo content is not installed. How can i fix this?

Read about the 7zip solution. Has no mac software available.


What do you mean by “that doesn’t help”. What problem are you seeing?

Demo files simply import content (like posts, pages, media, etc.) to your site. The failed import message simply means, that some content did not get imported to your site.

If you have missing demo content on your site, I recommend to install and activate the theme and all required plugins. If you then install the demo content again, you will have a lot of double items. So you may want to delete all imported content before that. Either manually delete content (via bulk actions) or via a WP Reset plugin (careful, that would really delete ALL content).

Hope this helps!


Timbah Purchased

Hi! I’m seeing just demo blogposts: https://www.bloodbuzz.nl

Gonna try the reset plug-in. Hopefully that helps.


If you wish you can get in touch via the support tab above, send me your login info and I’ll help you set up the demo content.


Timbah Purchased

Hi! I’ve got a couple questions:

1: I can’t seem to change the background colour. Tried to adjust the colours in the specific sections, home section and general theme options as well. Colour stays white.

2. How do i fill the paralax spots in between the sections?

3. My logo seems stretched on mobile devices.

4. How to change the header colour?

Thanks! Kind regards

Hey there, thanks for purchasing RedFolio!

1: You can add the following code into Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

body, body.page-template-template-frontpage-php {
    background-color: #000;

2. I am not entirely sure what you mean, would you please explain further or send me a screenshot via the support tab above please?

3. Would you please send me a link to your site so I can take a look at the issue? You can send it via the support tab above.

4: Add the following code into Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

#top-bar {
    background-color: #000;



Timbah Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply!

Regarding 2: i mean the polygonal images from the demo content.

3. bloodbuzz.nl

Thanks again!

I replied to your email.

Hi, may I know why the preview in light box of Video Portfolio doesn’t work anymore? That’s my website….thank you! www.onlyfortravel.net

Hey there!

I see that you are using an older version of the theme on your site (v. 2.02). Current version is 3.04: (See changelog: http://files.redsun.design/redfolio/documentation.html#filesinfo_help )

I recommend you to update the theme. Important: Update 3.00 was a big update. Please make sure to follow the updating instructions in the changelog under version 3.00 since you are updating from an older version!

Cheers, Gerda

Hi Gerda, I just updated my php and wordpress and had to purchase the slider plugin to keep the front page loading. I’ve noticed the lightboxes have stopped working. You can see here www.artofali.com. I’m happy to renew my support if you think this is something you can help me with, just wanted to check first to make sure you’re still supporting this. Also a developer I’ve started working on a project with has pointed out my site comes up as unsecure, and he says it’s because it’s not http, is that something I can also have changed. I have no idea what that means or entails but wanted to check in case. Thanks!

Great thanks. Though when I try to upload the recent version of your theme I get: “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.”

Am i missing something?

ah never-mind, figured it out, and maybe helpful to others, from the downloads section in Envato I had to download the second option which is “installable wordpress file only”, instead of “all files and documentation”, which makes sense. And I now see is also covered in your FAQ, doh!


I noticed that this theme was recently updated. My WooCommerce template is way out of date and the lightbox feature in the Portfolio section no longer works.

Is there a way to update my theme to the latest version without renewing support, or are updates only for extended support users?

Thanks for an awesome theme!

Hey there! If you re-download the theme in the downloads section, you will automatically get the newest version. Cheers!

Thanks for the reply!

I might be pushing my luck with too many questions outside of the extended support, but… will I lose my current site if I install the re-download version?


You will not lose your current site if you update the theme. You can find more info in the FAQ section of the documentation (How to update a theme): http://files.redsun.design/redfolio/documentation.html#faq_help Cheers!


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