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Wonderful images!


Very nice design, I like it ! Happy to buy it, and rate it 5 stars !

Best regards

Thank you!!!

Hello team,

I am installing your Coming Soon Countdown but the tutorial I down load doesn´t mach with the files, for example I dont see these files: CONFIG.JS JS/COUNTDOWN_LANGUAGES SEND.PHP etc…

Do you have an upgrade tutorial?

Thank you very much!

And thanks for your purchase! It is a great help for me :)

Excellent!! Thank you very much!!

You´re welcome!

This is a great template. Can you send me details how I can pay you for some custom items i would love to see added.

let me know Thanks

Message answered by email. Thank you!

Hello RetroStar! Great & wonderfull & very nice design theme! I purchased it some minutes ago and send it via ftp on my server. The following messafges appeared: Damaged Themes The following themes have been installed, but not completely. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description theme forest-7129136-redgiant-coming-soon-countdown-fullscreen-page is missing a style sheet. RedGiant Coming Soon template / css The template is missing.

Now i do not know if that following two are in combination with your theme: docs / html The template is missing. docs / wordpress The template is missing.

What is to do? I run since yesterday WordPress Version 3.8.2–de_DE And what ist to do with the “giant” 12 MB PSD-File °RedGiant Basic Template.psd° ?

Thank you for your help! Gerhard Pe

Hello and thank you for your purchase! This is not a Wordpress Template, it´s pure HTML, CSS and JS. The images can be of any size but I recommend big resolution, like 1680 and 1920.

Thank you for your prompt answer! ( For me it looked so WP…... ;-) ) >>> And it works excellent! <<<

Thank you!

I can load this into WP correct?

Not directly… it´s not a WP template… You will need to do some work if you want to run inside a WP

Hi beautiful theme.

I did some tests with the background video Vimeo

I see for a few seconds the control Vimeo. I can hide the control Vimeo?


Hi, thanks for your purchase!

At the moment you can´t… you could try to make the video container bigger and always centered with some jQuery tricks to avoid to see the video controls.

Good luck!

hello please tell me how I could change seats countdown, see the links in position thank you!

Hi! thanks for your purchase… You can modify the style.css #Countdown and add a line like this: top: 100px !important;

Play with the pixels until you are happy with the result. Cheers!

ok, perfect! thank you

You´re welcome!

Ciao I set a video to vimeo, but when it starts automatically you do not hear audio, how can I activate it?

Check the file config.js, and find this line $(”#video”).okvideo({ source: video_url})

You´ve got comments on how to set different parameters for your videos.

$(”#video”).okvideo({ source: video_url, volume: 100}) for example should be fine

Perfect! ok!

does this template work on mobile devices. I cannot get the demo to work on an iPhone.

I don´t have any Iphone to make a proper test but it´s just HTML, CSS and JS… nothing strange. What do you see?

Hello Retro Star,

I really liked this template, got it working in just a few minutes with all the changes I needed. Now im trying to add another field on the contact form. I need to capture the phone number of the clients that arrive to the site. What would you suggest. Thanks in advance for the support

Hello, and thanks for your purchase! You will need to make some changes on the form and on the php file to also store a phone number. I can do that for a small fee if you want. Contact me to if you are interested. Have a nice day

Hi! first off all, great template!! The Responsive Design is not working fine in iOS or in some old Android devices.

What code do i need to change so that the page not adapt to different devices?

Thanks in advance!

Where are you seeing this problem? let me know which device, browser, resolution, os version are you using, because I can´t reproduce the problem

In this case in iOS 8, in Android 4.2 and older versions too. In all cases the view is the same and i don’t even see the countdown in mobile phones! its driving me crazy!!!

Ok, I´m gonna make a code review and try to update the item, have some patience please

Is there a way to specify the exact time of day to end the countdown?

Hi Ausip, not on present template… it just targets a date, adding hours/seconds will require some extra programming

Hello could you help me please?! I can’t view google map why? I’ve edited coordinates but when page load to browser it gives an error message and suggest me to go here: . I’ve edit only Lat.and Long.. Thank you

I would pay 5X the price for this in a WordPress plugin. Beautiful landing page, but I’m not technically proficient to load it into the backend of my WP site. If you have plans to turn this into a plugin, would love to hear from you. :-)