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Great work man, super nice for galleries :)

Wow! Very impressive work! I’ve just the website in mind for perhaps putting this template to use. Very best of luck with your sales!

Thanks a lot guys :). I am glad you like it.

Hello Beautiful Template ;) ! but I have one issue, does your theme support non-English accent like in the french language ?

Thank for your answer.

Best regards.


Hi Cathy,

Thanks for interest in my theme and for your kind words.

The all custom font integration (cufon), no, doesn’t support special characters. But, the rest of the content work with your own blog encoding setting. What you see now on demo, use the UTF -8 encoding what works just fine for eastern european languages but also for dutch, german, french etc. I updated the live preview with a page for special characters example.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

kind regards

Thank you for the quick reply, and good luck with this theme ! This is really a very nice theme. Best regards.


Thank you for purchase. :)

Nice Work!

Is there an automatic Image Rezise avaiable in the Theme? like Timthumb?

Hi Momworx,

Thanks. Starting with WordPress 2.9 is no longer need to use custom fields and hacks to have thumbnails croped /sized. Theme use the power of WordPress to generate all the thumbnails needed (gallery, custom article widget, thumbnails widget etc). All you have to do is to upload the image in your post media and thumbnails are done. The help file have a short tutorial about how to make a post to get the advantage of all theme functions.

The body images from articles are set to a strict size, so doesn’t matter how big is your size in wide, the layout will be not damaged and is linked to the bigger image what is opening after click in a lightbox.


@readactor, Okidoky! Thank you! I buy it… ;-)

welcome :)

How does this theme handle thumbnails if the images are parked on flicker?

Hi Chubby,

It doesn’t handle at all. All thumbnails are done from wordpress media gallery (post images loaded through wp) and are used for gallery, custom widgets, search, tags and archives page templates etc.


Hi there,

I bought this theme for my blog, and I’m currently trying to customise the colours. I have managed to do everything I want except change the colour of the slider bar just under the images.

At what point in the css is this colour defined or is there an image I have to edit?

Thank you.

Hi Gridbug,

Thanks for purchasing my theme. All slider paginator styles are in paginator3000.css from css folder of theme.



I wanted to confirm that the ‘home’ page will randomize the images. I am not seeing that on the live demo..but wasn’t sure if the live demo would represent it properly.

Thanks, Derrick

Hi Derrick,

No, theme is not built in that way. The home page not randomize images (post previews). It just paginate your blog posts. Think you have 500 articles. What happen if each page have random post previews? :)


what if id like to show my instagram or dribbble, flickr feed instead of a gallery i can make with this theme, how is this possible?

think it could work very good with this grid-feeling and all kind of different pics


It need custom work. You need to manage to load using rss or api any kind of content you want, like post articles, then each post will have an entry. Things is that at this moment, the thumbnails are made from images loaded in WP media.


Hi, trying to change the size of the text in the body it is a bit small I found text.css and tried to alter it but nothing is working please assist

Hi Killerkiosk,

Thanks for purchasing my theme. Like is said in documentation, “If you find that your new style is not overriding, it is most likely because of a specificity problem”. In place where you change the font size, add ”!important” at the end of style but before ”;”. Ex: font-size: 15px!important;

let me know if i can assist you more.


hmm i found it and it made it worse! maybe you can contact me directly contact@killerkiosk.com I also want too make the original first page not the first thing you see rather as a blog page I don’t have lots of content and i can’t post the link to my site yet the client is very picky

hi there!

well done! good job readactor!

listen i’d like to buy this theme, but a question what about video ??? I can insert link from youtube ? I mean i can work with video like a photos .. here in the theme???



Hello Max,

thanks for your kind words. if you want to have instead thumbnails, youtube videos, you will need to make custom work there. but, you can make a screenshot for each video, and that thumbnail will lead to the full post where the video is, but not sure if that fit your needs.


this is an awesome theme :) but can it be used for blogging? i mean i have a celebrity news website and would love to use the theme there, but i want to have news items to show up. is it possible?


Sure, Redminton theme can be used and for a blog related website or for any other news profile websites. The thumbnails are generated from featured post image. But, what you need to know is that theme generate thumbnails just for posts added after theme is installed. For old ones you need to find a way to regenerate them.


hi there!

hi readctor thanks for your answer .. .i think it’s nice solution … i mean i put an image about video and link direct to youtube .. look here plz and let me now if it possible … : http://www.iphonedeveloper.it/portfolio/atRoadshow/ there there is a gallery .. if u click on image you can see a big image .. .if you click over a video the link go directly to youtube ..

if the them works like this, for me it’s ok



please see the initial answer. the thumbnails lead to a post (no, cannot link direct to a video). in that post, you can link the screenshot to a video, but you need minimum html knowledge to use a lightbox like colorbox script (http://colorpowered.com/colorbox/).


hi. ... i bought the theme … it’s great .. .i’m working on it … :)

so listen a question .. i want to make a share icons more big 32×32 .. i have change the original icon 16×16 in the image folder, but nothing change .. there is something in the code??

thanks …


Hi Maximiliano,

Thanks for purchase.I will appreciate also if you spend a minute to rate the item :)

regarding your question, are you sure you had clean your browser cache? CTRL +F5? if you replace one share icon in image folder from theme, with yours, then you did all is need to be done. Course, you need to use SAME name like the old one and same extension (png). If you want to add icons with different names or extension, you need to edit header.php file.


Hi … thansk a lot … you are right … :P

listen another question … i want to put some link to video from may youtube channel???

how can i do?




another question … how can remove your footer widgets and put mine from WP widget menu??? it’s possible ??

my email: info@taskema.com

Hi Maximiliano,

check your email.