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Just tried 777 the themes CHMOD too. Reuploaded the logo to no avail. Using the exact same ftp directory structure.

Nevermind, getting my head around it here!

Just trying to figure out the calendar widget, great theme btw!

And for anyone else lost in the logo upload/background upload just put the files in the themes image folder via ftp, then direct the them /images/filename.jpg

Hello Robertemmett,

Thanks for purchase. I see that already you figure how to customize your theme. If you like so much the theme, i appreciate if you can let a rating from your download section.

kind regards

An apostrophe would not appear in the menu, e.g. “What’s New”. Can the menu font be updated to support such characters?

The Cufon font generator at has a “WordPress punctuation” option which should enable the apostrophe character, shouldn’t it?


You can try to generate a new js file for Bebas font (is a free one) with yr custom settings. After that, be sure you name the generated file Bebas_400.font.js and place it in js folder of theme.

kind regards

When ever I try to upload the Redminton theme to WP i get an error message that says “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

I downloaded it 3x with the same error. Please help.


Thanks for purchase. The downloaded package isn’t a WordPress package. is a zip folder with documentation, resource files AND a wordpress theme. Please ollow this screencast to see solve yr issue:


Truly appreciate the quick response. Theme is beautiful so far and the customer service is great. Thanks

thanks for your kind words. :) i appreciate also if you can rate the template (from your download section).


i’m very interesting with this theme .. is it difficult if i want to change all red color to green ? (i need green theme for my food website) ..

thanks edy


No at all. You can change the colors from theme options. You can test it using the color pickers from top right side of template from demo.


Hi Readactor,

I’ve another query, I would like to know how to make the social network icons at the top within the .mybox element stay visible rather than be hidden until clicked.

I was guessing in the layout.css somewhere? Can you help?




From js folder of your theme, go to jquery-fluid16.js and on line 3, replace var default_hide grid from “true” to “false”.

kind regards

Hey read,

Hope all is well..I’m trying to use your site more efficiently. I’m a little lost trying to figure out how to make some things connect.. Here are my thoughts and ideas:

1. I’d Like to know where I could find documentation for the site.. short code and stuff like that maybe examples of different layout ideas. let me know…

2. Do you recommend putting a menu in the categories or pages of the website? I feel that the category style is cool, just not sure because the examples only have the entries floating to one side and 3 items per page is wasteful in page realty. Any better ideas?

3. How can I make the site more phone friendly? Any recommended plugins that work well with your theme?

if I have anymore questions I will be sure to bother you.

Thanks a lot,


Hello Mplborda,

Thanks i am fine. Hope you too.

1. the documentation is placed inside of the “documentation” folder of your downloaded package. Also, there is a folder “shortcodes demo” what contain the content example of the live demo page).

2. If you have a small website content, then you may use the pages.

3. at this moment the website is not responsive. i hope a future release to contain this update. regarding the plugins, i don’t have any recommendation.

Let me know if i can assist you more.


hallo i get stuck with this error message after trying to install theme to my wordpress. what should i do ? The file i get is .zip file , where can i find style.css ?

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


Thanks for purchase. The downloaded package isn’t a WordPress package. is a zip folder with documentation, resource files AND a WordPress theme. Please follow this screencast to see solve yr issue:


Thanks for your prompt answer. Sorry but i am very newbies after checking in your tutor vdo , I have tried to get only the folder redminton under theme folder then i zip this. But when i install it seems i missed something. So i am back to read your comment again.

so please confirm if i am right

first i have to unzip download zip file. second choose the inside folders that i need which should be documentation, shortcode and theme ( ignore the license and psd folders) then make this three files in one folder , zip it and install ?


The only one folder you need to install the Redminton on your WordPress, is the “redminton-v1.1” from the “theme” folder. Zip the “redminton-v1.1” and install it.

if you still cannot do it, send me an email with your wordpress login data and i will install for you.


Hi, Love the theme,

is it 3.5 compatible?




At this moment the “Software Version” from item description it show WP 3.4 like latest version. I tested theme on WP 3.5 and i didn’t see any problem except the default footer blogroll widget (in WP 3.5 the blogroll feature is removed).

Otherwise, if someone want to disable the default theme footer widgets (from theme options) and use the WordPress widgets (appearance / widges), then theme is working just fine and on WP 3.5

kind regards

theme updated to WP 3.5

Hi I purchased your theme and tries to upload within my Wordpress MU on one of my blogs that I desired of the theme and logo jpg and also have to change the color settings, but it does not work. He takes over the settings. What can I do?

You can send your adress to my emailadress

pls check yr email.

Problem is solved! Thank you very much!

Kind regards

Ladies and gentlemen.

I’ve got a question, so far does not work with the purchased my theme with WPML not so multilingual. Do you think this will change in the foreseeable future?

That would be a real asset! And I would be very grateful!

I mean WPML’s not any cucumbers Bude I think it would pay for you too.

Kind regards

Hi, need your help that the following. In the wp-admin i see the following warning: Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\redminton-v1.2\update_notifier.php on line 113 How to delete it? For other side, I don’t know how upload image to the thumbails, pls your help will be welcome.

Thanks a lot!


I changed the domain where the update notifier was placed. Please download again the package and will be no more error, or in case you had customizations to your theme, replace just the update_notifier.php file from theme folder with the new one.

Regading the thumbnail, please read the documentation provided in downloaded package. “To have your post listed on thumbnails preview, archive, search result pages and on custom widgets on sidebar, you need to set an image like “featured”. “

kind regards

Greats! Thanks a lot!

Could you send me the WordPress import file? It will be very useful for help me with configuration. My email is Regards.

check yr email. regards.

Good day! I am from Belarus, so do not speak English.I’ve updated your theme to version 1.3. And now, what happened to my site:

correct, the problem is at download package. i will upload it again and when get approved i will let you know to download it again. thanks for pointing the issue.


ok I will wait

done. please download it again.

I think I’m doing something wrong. I uploaded the logo I’d like to use in the media library and copy and pasted the file url and put it in the designated area under logo and themes. Should the file name itself be called “images/logo.png”?


You need to upload the logo into theme images folder and yes, use the path images/yourlogoname.png

kind regards


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