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Hi. I’ve just bough the theme and I’m loving it. Just one question:

1. There is a line appearing under each post. How do I get rid of it? Example


Hey there,

Thank you for your purchase!

Unfortunately I’m not seeing this line,

Could you screenshot and send it to me at and I’ll get it sorted right away?


Hi. The Facebook Share functionality is a bit clunky. Is there a way to change it to Facebook Like button? Thanks

Hey there,

Thank you for your purchase!

In what way would you like to change the Facebook Like button?

Currently, when you click on the Facebook share button, a facebook sharing window opens and you share from there. What I am after is to change it to a simple Facebook Like button, so that you can click on the Like button and it automatically publishes the link to your facebook without opening any pop-ups. Just like here for example

That can be done pretty easily.

From your WP dashboard,

Select Appearance > Editor. Next select the file entitled index-meta.php

Replace any code that says st_facebook with st_fblike

Do the same with the file entitled permalink-meta.php

Finally add this code to the custom CSS field on the theme options page:

.share_buttons span { float: left; }

And you’re all set!

how do you make multiple post sizes?

Simply categorize the post as ‘xl’ to transform the post into the large post size.


Great theme. I was wondering where the fade-in effect is being called. I would like to disable that on the homepage when the posts appear. Seems like when i serve jquery gzipped it can get snagged sometimes, so I’d rather just disable it for now. ANy help is appreciated.

Thanks, Dan

ah, i tracked it down. no worries. might have been how my CDN was serving the jquery and getting caught. you can also set .content opacity to 1 to override it i suppose.

Glad you got it working and thank you for your purchase!

If you have any other questions don’t be afraid to ask.

hey philse, does this theme has the possibility to do group blogging? tnx! =;\

Hey there,

Yes, the theme shows the author portrait in the bottom left, and will show all the posts by the selected author if clicked on.

tnx philse! one more question: we love as well your tumbles themes… is group blogging possible there as well? and further more: how would you describe the difference between your wordpress and your tumbler themes? =;\


I’ve enjoyed your Incorporated theme, was looking at this one for another project. I am curious if it is possible to turn on the sidebar permanently on the main page, and if it was also possible to add a sidebar to the individual post pages?


Hi I have an issue with this theme:

Facebook like button doesn’t work anymore in Chrome and Firefox. It’s ok in IE. Example I’ve tried a few different plugging, but it’s the same no matter which one I use. Any suggestion on what could be causing it?

Actually, the tag appearing under each post also isn’t clickable in Chrome and Firefox. Works only in IE. Are you able to help me with this? Thanks

Hi, I love it! Just one question: Can I eliminate the black mat of the portrait photo behind? I don’t want that a post grows bigger than the width size of the portrait photo. Thanks.

Hey there,

Can you link me to the ‘black mat’ you’re talking about?

Just want to make sure we’re thinking the same thing.


Dear philse ,

i have serached through your portfolio and i also like this themöe , it is simple and clear. i wish i could have a “tumblr version” which is alos “easy-use” version of this theme ,

keep up great work .


Hey there Serra,

Redox is very similar to my two tumblr themes Pro and Impress, so I suggest taking a look if you like the style of Redox.

If the page would be just a Stream & reads out the posts from instagram, Facebook, twitter & youtube, I would buy it :o Is that possible ? I don’t want to make posts, it should just read them out!

Hey there Chickenmove,

Although I haven’t done it myself, I did take a quick look and find a few plugins which would achieve the effect you’re looking for:

Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Facebook: Slightly trickier, you’d have to use something like this: in combination with the Facebook profiles RSS feed.

Note: Since I am not the creator of these plugins, I do not guarantee the success of such plugins. These were simply some plugins I pulled up in a few minutes of research. :)

Dear Author,

Does this font suppurt lithuanian language? If not, how to replace the it?

youtube not working in firefox, on the index grid?

Hey there,

Thank you for your purchase!

What version of Firefox are you experiencing this in?

Your theme looks great! It’s hard to come by a theme that shows formated text in a thumbnail/tile. I am looking to make a site that resembles an old newspaper. So this might be just what I need!!

prior to purchasing, could you let me know if the following things:

1. Could you put a header image centered at the top of the page? and the menu centered jus beneath it?

2. Can you choose what tiles display as 1/3 and 2/3?

3. In the 2/3 tile (in your example is an image of 2 people jumping with a sky bg) Could you format the displayed text? ie. bold title, paragraphs, maybe even columns? if this is an excerpt, can you change the length?

4. In a text tile, could you insert an image and would it show? could you change the text size (maybe using h tags)?

5. does it support infinite scrolling?

Sorry, lots of questions! I am excited this could be IT!!! Thank you!!!!

Posted in here by mistake.

Cant see the preview – Error establishing db connection’ please look into it.

hi, on the main page, the icon for comments is replaced immediately by the word “comment” how do i revert it back to icon form