Discussion on Redwood - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Discussion on Redwood - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

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How do I minimize the amount of ‘white space” above and below my logo, I’ve tried changing the padding, and its not working. I want very little space https://investmentsoup.com/

When should it be updated to support Wordpress 6?

Are you providing me an elimator pro with this theme?

Hi! Is it might to use WP Job Manager in this theme?

Hi there, We haven’t tested this plugin but I assume it would work just fine

Very inefficient support. Theme is buggy. None of the features mentioned in the documentation are offered and support does not care to answer. I opened a ticket and no one answers, message them on facebook and nothing. Email them on their email and nothing.

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out! I can see that you submitted a support ticket 4 hours ago. We answer all support tickets in the order that they’re received, so we’re currently working our way down to you. We answer all support within 24 hours, but are usually faster than that :-)

As I mentioned in my Facebook message reply to you (which was also received 4 hours ago), please make sure that you’ve installed all recommended and required plugins (WP Dashboard > Appearance > Install Plugins).

If you’ve done this but are still having trouble, please try disabling any third-party plugins that are not recommended or required by Redwood, just in case there’s a plugin incompatibility occurring.

If you would like to import Redwood’s demo content so that it looks exactly like the demo site, we have a guide on this here: https://solopine.ticksy.com/article/2720/ If you install Redwood on a totally new WordPress installation, it will not look exactly like Redwood’s demo. This is because you’ll need posts, pages, menu items, widgets etc. populated in order to see it as the demo shows it. Importing the demo content will provide this. Alternatively, you can set it up manually: https://solopine.ticksy.com/article/4239/

We’re currently working our way down the support ticket queue and will be sure to reply to your ticket as soon as we can. If you’ve tried the above steps and have any additional questions or if it resolves your issue, feel free to update your support ticket with any notes.


How delete the “Redwood” headline?

Hi there, We’ve replied to your ticket Cheers!

Hi there! Beautiful theme :) I have some questions I was hoping you could help me out with: 1. Is it possible to add a logo to the left of the menu in the header? 2. Is it possible to show the posts one by one in grid view (like in your theme Hemlock but in the style of Redwood :D)? 3. Is it possible to add a “read more” button/link on the posts in grid-view instead of there being text and then … to indicate that there is more to read? Thank you and have a great day!

Hi there,

Thank you!

1) Yes we could use a bit of CSS to move the logo to the left :-)

2) Sure, you can use the “Standard” blog layout. Here’s an example with sidebar: https://solopine.com/redwood/?home_layout=standard And here’s without sidebar: https://solopine.com/redwood/?home_layout=standard&sidebar=no

3) If you’re using the standard blog layout then you’ll see a read more link: https://tinyurl.com/y7xp9z7a

However, if you were to use the grid layout, then we would have to do a bit of customization. But this is something we could help you out with via our support site https://solopine.ticksy.com


can someone help me to ajust hearder of this theme? https://www.city-bikes.nl/

Hi there,

This doesn’t appear to be a Solo Pine theme. However, if it is and it’s just been very heavily customized, I would encourage you to head on over to our support site at https://solopine.ticksy.com and open up a new support ticket.

If it is not a Solo Pine theme, I’m afraid we’re not able to assist with customizations on non-Solo Pine themes at this point in time.


Does your template support Polish special characters like ę, ą, ż etc?

Hi there,

Redwood’s default fonts are “Montserrat” and “Lora” (from Google Fonts). I believe both offer the Latin Extended character set.

Lora: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Lora?subset=latin-ext&preview.text_type=custom#glyphs

Montserrat: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Montserrat?subset=latin-ext&preview.text_type=custom

It is also possible to switch the default fonts to other fonts if there are some you better prefer how they render the Latin Extended/Polish character sets (https://solopine.ticksy.com/article/2721/).


Will it be compatible with php 8.0?

Hi there,

We anticipate Redwood to be fine with 8.0. Should we discover any bugs, we’ll be sure to update Redwood to remedy them.



I would like to change my site title and tagline but I couldn’t do it by editing it in “site identity” or in “general”. It still shows the name of the theme. Grateful advice.

Also, can we make the menu to have center alignment? I’m not going to have much pages and I’m not going to add my socials. So at the moment the menu is a bit awkward because it’s not in the middle.

I tried to submit my ticket but it said that my envato purchase code is wrong. It’s not the order number on the invoice?

Sorry for the newbie questions!

thank you.

Hi there,

No worries! We’re here to help :-)

1 ) I’m wondering if perhaps you have a cache running on your site? If so, can you please try clearing any cache plugin. Then, when viewing your site, do a hard refresh by holding the CTRL + F5 keyboard keys at the same time. Do you now see your Site Title in the browser tab?

2 ) We’d be happy to help with! It’d be best if you were able to submit a support ticket for this. If you’re receiving an error when you try to log into our support site, I would recommend using the “Login with Envato” button option. This lets you login using your ThemeForest/Envato username and password (the account you purchased Redwood with). It will auto-verify the purchase code for you. Otherwise, if you’d rather not, we have instructions on how to find your Envato purchase code here: https://solopine.ticksy.com/article/3935/ (Envato likes to bury the code for some reason).


Hello, Just recently I have noticed that on my long blog posts that when I het prevue some of the bottom part is cut off? Theres no limit size in a post is there?

Hi there,

Sounds strange! Could you please send us a message via the contact form on our profile page (https://themeforest.net/user/solopine) and include your site url and a temporary admin accountt so we can take a better look at it?

Hi, Does this theme come with One-click Demo Installer?

Hi there,

You can install the demo content, we have an article here on how to install the demo content, customizer settings and widgets: https://solopine.ticksy.com/article/2720/


Hello Solo Pine! I recently updated to the latest version of Redwood, and noticed that my H1 headers are all off-centre now. They’re all shifted to the left, for some odd reason. Can you help?

Here’s my blog, for reference: https://eatsleepbreathefi.com/archives/

(Notice how “ALL THE POSTS” is shifted to the left? All of my titles are like that now!)

Thanks so much for the reply! I added the custom CSS but it hasn’t fixed it. :( Would you have any other suggestions?

Thank you for giving that a try! Could you replace the previous bit of code I gave with this instead? I’ve added a new line: .post-header h1 { display:block !important; margin:0 auto 10px; }


That worked! You are amazing. THANK YOU!

Suddenly the posts on mobile (https://www.byaranka.nl/) are very small, is this a bug or? Hope you can help us out!

Hi there, I can see you’ve done quite a bit of customizations to the CSS so it’s hard to say exactly what has happened. If you could send us a message via the contact form on our profile page: https://themeforest.net/user/solopine and include a temporary admin account, we can take a better look at it


Thanks! I’ve send a message through the contact form but I haven’t had a respond.. Could you let me know if you received it?

Hi there,

Thank you for following up! We haven’t seen any ThemeForest message come through to our inbox. Could you please try again and let us know when you’ve re-sent it? I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for it.


It seems with the new update that the slider up top is no longer working and either is the IG slider we had in place

Hi there, Sounds strange, nothing related to the slider or the IG footer has been changed. Could you send us an email via the contact form on our profile page https://themeforest.net/user/solopine and include your site URL and a temporary admin account so we can take a better look at it?


Very nice theme! Just wondering why my Tag Clouds is not shown after I adding it to the widget? Thank you .

Hi there,

It’s hard to say without seeing your site. If your site is live, can you please head on over to our support site at https://solopine.ticksy.com , open up a new support ticket, and share your site URL? We’d be happy to check it out! :-)


Is this theme still being maintained? Any new updates coming?

Hi there, Yes we are still updating Redwood on occasion with new features and small fixes. We don’t have a set release date for its next update. Cheers!

Hi – just wondering if you can remove the date from being shown on all blog posts? Thank you

Hi there,

Sure thing! You can navigate to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Post Settings > Hide Date.


Oh fab – thanks so much for the prompt reply! really appreciate it

Cheers! :-)

I have a pre-sales question. I liked your redwood theme but I would like the main menu to be below the logo (similar to hawthorn theme). I still want the top bar for the social icons. Would it be possible to have a header like that in redwood?
Looking forward to a quick response, would like to buy asap.

Hi Priyanka,

We have a guide on how to move the top bar below the logo here: https://solopine.ticksy.com/article/4232/

However this will also move the social icons and search icon below. We should be able to guide you through keeping the social icons above the logo. Just submit a ticket to our support site https://solopine.ticksy.com and we can help you out.



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