Discussion on Reendex - Broadcast News Magazine WordPress Theme

Discussion on Reendex - Broadcast News Magazine WordPress Theme

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The order/sort of TV Schedule Program not working correct. In morning has time like 21.15… etc….. I send to support second time but not answer :(

Hello. How are you Anastasia? Any solution? Can you solve this problem or i must looking for other theme / plugin?

Hello Anastasia. I hope your health is good and you enjoy holidays with your daughter. This is new week. I hope you start to solve this problem… It past 2+ months… my client cannot wait more…

Hello, You wrote about TV Schedule Program not working correctly 13 days ago, and I asked you to have a little patience. Now I am free for work and I will try to solve the problem. Thanks for understanding, Anastasia

In last wordpress version, not working menu on mobile. Any solution? Jquery not support… :(

Hello, I’m sorry, but I see that “hhatziioannou has not purchased the item”. I ask the person who bought it to tell me when he bought my theme, and I want just on email him to give me the link to his website, username, and password by email so I can solve the problem. Best Regards, Anastasia

Thanks for your support. Previous developer not support this site now. I start to support this site. So i can buy your theme again if you can fix this problem. Thanks for your answer. I hope you can help us.

I’m waiting for your decision.

Buenas yo compre esta plantilla hace años y me sale error en muchas cosas necesito una actualizacion del sitio ya que la última fue en 2018 me podrian ayudar porfavor

Hi, I bought this template years ago and I get an error in many things. I need an update of the site since the last one was in 2018, could you please help me


Hello, Yes, I can provide solutions for website problems. I am writing to you by email, please give me a link to your site, and credentials, user, and password ONLY on your email, not in the comments. Best Regards, Anastasia


Mmr2 Purchased

I hope you are well.
    I have downloaded the theme in case there are new updates. and the installation gives me an error as always the error. https://prnt.sc/cYGMYqv7sANh Won’t you solve this?
    You have to make it easier for newbies.
Thanks and regards

Hello, Kindly please give me a link to your site and credentials, username, and password so I can take a look and give you the solution, JUST ON EMAIL! Best Thoughts, Anastasia


NGOIE Purchased

Bonjour pourquoi on arrive plus a installer d’autre plugin pour nous permettre de personnaliser le thème?

S’il vous plaît écrivez-moi par e-mail, afin que je puisse vous donner plus d’informations, et j’ai besoin de votre adresse e-mail Merci Anastasia


tellyon Purchased

Hi, This is Tellyon.

We have some urgent requirements, please try to resolve our issue asap.

We are having a demo import issue, after changing all PHP ini and server configurations having the same demo import issue.

Here is a screenshot – https://prnt.sc/1IAwaaYw61Uq


Hello, Yesterday I sent you all the necessary information for demo import. On Thu, Aug 18, 2:33 PM (2 days ago) I wrote to you Please, give me a link to your site, and your temporary WP admin credentials (admin login: user and password) so I can take a look. You just give me a screenshot. Why? For what can be seen on this screenshot that you sent three times, I sent you on Fri, Aug 19, 4:51 PM (15 hours ago an e-mail Really, the most common cause for not being able to install the demo is the server’s PHP memory limit. There are some minimum limits required in order to install the theme. But now please read carefully in Documentation -> General Information -> Demo Content -> Troubleshooting -> Demo Import Fails…message: Sorry but your import failed Kindly please, read!!! I looked for error 503 for you, and found the following explanations: “The 503 Service Unavailable error is an HTTP status code that means a website’s server is not available right now. Most of the time, it occurs because the server is too busy or maintenance is being performed on it.” “As “Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed’ is mainly caused when the cache server gets temporarily overloaded, you don’t want to take any chances, right? When you encounter this error on a specific website, make sure that you close all other active tabs and services to lighten the load of cache server memory.” I can give you a link about error 503 https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/http-error-503-service-unavailable-explained-what-the-503-error-code-means/ Now please read in https://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy What’s not included in item support: “item support does not include help to install the item on your server or on a CMS.” “Authors are not required to support issues about your web hosting or server environment, or issues with the software you’ve got installed on your machine to use the item. Please check your ISP/web hosting provider or other software documentation that you’re trying to use to help solve your issues.” You can contact your web host and ask them what the PHP settings are, and if they are lower, ask them to increase those limits. This should solve the demo installation issue. Please let me know how it works. Anastasia

hello, when I import the demo content, when I go to the home page I get no content and all the pages that have the visual composer have the same problemv

Hello, Please write to me from your email address so I can reply. I have to send you 2 Attachments and I can’t on Comment. Best Regards, Anastasia


dteam1 Purchased

When and what will be the next update?

Hello, Please install the latest version of WPBakery, http://via-theme.com/codecanyon-F315LZ75-wpbakery-page-builder-for-wordpress-wordpress-plugin.zip If I can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. Please give me your link to your site, and your temporary WP admin credentials (admin login: user and password) so I can take a look. Best Regards, Anastasia

Mobile responsive menu not showing on mobile devices despite all configurations made. We talked earlier on fixing it but had no contact from you afterwards.

Hello, I’m sorry for my late response. I will write the answer to you by email. Best Regards, Anastasia

This theme although there is no renovation is worth buying just for the sake of the author. I admire that at these years you have created a theme that looks downright delightful. You need a team so you can develop the theme. Even though I don’t use it right now, I always enjoy the demo here. I’m expecting an update.

Hello, Thank you for appreciating my theme. I’m sorry you don’t use it. Until I manage to update, I can offer support for all the problems that occur, I can update plugins. I am waiting for you to install the theme and if you want support please write to me by email, from your email. Please give me a link to your site, and your temporary WP admin credentials (admin login: user and password) so I can take a look. Anastasia

Anastasia, could you share an email pls, the one I have seems is not working.

I’m sorry, but only today I managed to change hosting, my old web host one was causing me problems. On Mar 15, 2022, 6:27 PM I sent you two screenshots showing your mobile menu working. Maybe you know what happened! And please write by email, because now we can communicate by email. Write down what the problems are. Best Regards, Anastasia

Seems this theme has been shot down… author is not replying anymore and theme has been discontinued ;(

Hello, I’m sorry, the theme has not been removed, it is a small problem with hosting, which we will solve urgently. I didn’t answer because I had some health problems, but now I’m better. Best regards, Anastasia

Awww this is great Anastasia. I was very worried. I will try to contact you then. I love Reendex.

Thanks a lot Anastasia

S’il vous plaît, après la configuration, le menu réactif mobile ne s’affiche pas sur les appareils mobiles après l’activation de tous les paramètres de nature réactive

Please after setup mobile responsive menu not showing on mobile devices after enabling all responsive nature settings

Hello, Please email me, from your email, and please give me a link to your site and credentials, user and pass to take a look. Best Regards, Anastasia

Hello, after importing demo data and successfully importing, the theme don’t load contents correctly and show only header with menu. Everything else is blank.

Thank you

Hello, Thank you very much for choosing my theme and for buying this. Please write to me from your email address so that I can send you the solution to solve the problem. Please also give me a link to your site, and your temporary WP admin credentials (admin login: user and password) so I can take a look.( on your email!) Best Regards, Anastasia

I’m waiting for an email from you.

after updating a theme, Google ad is automatically displaying on header. How can I remove that?

It showing following code – <iframe id=”google_esf” name=”google_esf” src=”https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/pagead/html/r20220221/r20190131/zrt_lookup.html” style=”display: block;”></iframe>

Please Help.

Hello, If you have white space in the header, you must put in Customize -> Additional CSS this line of code #google_esf { display: none! important; } Then, please clear your browser cache. Please let me know how it works. Best Regards, Anastasia

Via-Theme, I sent an email, but so far I haven’t gotten a response.

Via-Theme, When enabling this option, the two menus (desktop and Mobile) are the same now, but the problem to open really had to do with the version of jquery.min and jquery-migrate that the new versions of wordpress use, I made a downgrade (from both jquery in the wp-includes folder for 1.12.4 and 1.4.1 respectively) and the menu reappeared on mobile, but I have now detected an incompatibility with the safari browser, it is not working, that is, the click event is working and the css nav-open class is being placed in the body element, but the menu it just doesn’t show up in safari browser, firefox, edge and chrome are working properly

how can i resolve this incompatibility now, my site is https://tva.cv

Via-theme, I got it, everything is working correctly now

Thank you for getting back to me. Glad to hear it worked! :)

Next Update ?? Es war doch mal ein großes Update geplant …..

Hello, I will let you know when there will be an update. If you need support do not hesitate to write to me.Anastasia

I need help i have contacted you please help me with the theme

Hello, I will reply on email Tomorrow I will give the solution for fixed the problems. Best Regards, Anastasia

Hello I have added all things, there is a problem with this theme. You should ask refund to the theme immediately and tell them to fix the theme. This theme last update date is December 2018. Screenshot https://prnt.sc/26io42j

Hello, I will reply on email Tomorrow I will give the solution for fixed the problems. Best Regards, Anastasia

Hello, we have a problem with the responsive menu on https://www.sindacato.tv/

On mobile we can’t see it: could you please tell us how to fix it?

Hello, I answered to your reply because what you wrote didn’t work. Could you please veruìify what I wrote you? Best Regards

Hello again, I’m still waiting for your answer. Best Regards

Hello, I’m sorry for the delayed response. I had some health issues. I reply by email. All the best, Anastasia


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