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BEWtemplates does not currently provide support for this item.

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Preview is broken. No CSS is being loaded.

Renaming the folder seems to have worked. It now looks as expected in Firefox 8.0.1, Firefox “Aurora” 10a2, Opera 11.60 beta, Internet Explorer 9.0.8*, Chrome 16-beta & Chrome 15-stable.

Thanks ShanOw,

You’re a star mate!

I owe you one!

Thanks very much for you help.

You can find me on skype with ID: ather.mehdi if you ever need any help.

Once again, thanks for being super helpful.

Just to conclude here – the broken CSS issues are now fixed, thanks to the super helpful ShanOw.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Yes. Same for me. No CSS .

Hi ShanOw and Jascha,

Thanks for letting me know.

We have fixed a small bug in the demo panel that didn’t allow clicking in the colour picker, now working perfectly fine.

Was that the same problem you had, or is the entire site CSS not loading for you?

I would appreciate your feedback.


I am also experiencing the same problems. It seems to be a browser issue. I tried with both Firefox 8.0.1 and Chrome 15.0.874.121 and they both gave me this result.

It worked great on safari though. Hope this helps!

Thanks conejoazul, will get this sorted ASAP .

Oh my my :( thats really awful, I am terribly sorry. Let me investigate and get this sorted ASAP .

On a side note – If anyone can spot a reason for this then kindly drop me a message here. I thank you in advance!



I have released a Template with almost the same name ( REFINED ) 3 weeks before you. I do not know if it is fair to launch it with the same name as it might cause confusion. What do you intend to do about this info?

Hi bitpub,

Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of this and neither did themeforest tell us anything. I don’t mean to be rude or anything but if you have a problem then kindly ask the Envato guys and I will respect whatever they have to say on this.



Just letting you know on Firefox 8.0.1 no css is loading.

Theme looks pretty cool in the preview though ;)


Hi Justin,

Thanks for letting me know, could you kindly let me know which OS you’re on?

I am using the same firefox version on Vista, XP, Mac and Ubuntu but don’t see any issues. I am tring my best to spot the precise reason but have had no luck so far :(

Same problem for me : Windows Vista, Firefox (latest version) > doesn’t work.

Works fine on Safari.

Thanks JeromeL, we are still working on it, the trouble is none of our PCs show the error, even one uses the exact same settings you have.

Hi JeromeL,

It should work now, kindly check?

It works fine now ;-)

Added to my bookmarks

BEWtemplates, I hope you get rip this problems you having with the theme I wish you luck on sells too. Im new author and I was looking your theme, I like it. Im working on my first theme and I hope get good sells…

Hi Darcia, Thanks for your support and compliments! I think I have spotted the issue and hopefully the theme should now work fine.

I look fwd to your new theme, do let me know when you release it. All the best!

I have done some changes to the template path name etc, this should hopefully resolve the issue.

Is anyone else still having the same problem?

kindly refresh your browsers before testing.

Thanks everyone!

No problems @ win7 + chrome

Thanks dekciw

Broken CSS issue has been resolved, it was due to a folder name being ‘advertising’ getting blocked by Ad-filters as pointed out by TF user ShanOw

We got there in the end….

Thanks ShanOw


Just a quick one. Your ‘back to top’ image is not being loaded: http://bewtemplates.com/refined/wp-content/themes/Advertising/images/backtotop.png

Hi RedHenry,

The theme folder name was changed from ‘Advertising’ to ‘refined’ so you’ve got the old link there. Follow the live preview link from here again http://themeforest.net/item/refined-business-portfolio-theme/844244

I have also updated the JS so the ‘backtotop.png’ is no longer being called.

I hope it clarfied your question?

I was the first to buy the template and I have to say this is one of the easiest themes I have used! I had some trouble getting everything to work, but I sent a support e-mail and they worked with me for 3 hours to get everything how I wanted it. Support is great and the theme is terrific! Thank you so much!

Thanks tekizero,

I am glad you like it. I built it to be extremely user friendly.

I appreciate your comment!


New theme buyers are requested to contact us using the form on our profile to receive bug fixes and updates.

Bought and installed the theme within 30-min, I am not word press expert but support was great, Highly recommended.

Thanks razza,

I truly appreciate your kind words about our theme. We do our best to keep our customers happy.

All the best!


hi! just one question: is this theme multilanguage ready? thanks!

Hi Dobleclic,

Unfortunately it does not support multi language feature for now.

Thanks for your interest.

i mean if it is WPML plugin compatible, i mean wrapped in a GetText Echo call like: <?php _e(‘Links’,’theme-text-domain’); ?> thanks!

Hi dobleclic,

I can do a test run later today and let you know if you’re interested?


Yes, please! Just to know it is language getcall. I you can test it, i will buy it in 1 hour… :) thanks!

Hello Great theme, bought it earlier today. Is it possible to make the icon or title/text in the Homepage Services Boxes clickable to link to other pages? Thanks

Hi dgicibi,

Thanks for liking the theme :)

Unfortunately the icons are not linkable, but you can use standard HTML in the service box text input boxes.

Try it:

Theme Panel>Home Page Service Boxes>then insert somthing like:

The theme was designed to be easy on the eye while employing latest technologies to create that pixel perfect visual experience .

Let me know if this helps?